There is an RF version of the that Dotto Ring HTTP:// claims triggers DNA replication. Anyone interested in this device, I urge them to read up on Dotto.
The Reader’s Digest is that Gravity=Life. More gravity=More Life or Negative Entropy or Anti-aging. Dotto studied an area in Northern Pakistan called the Hunza valley where the average lifespan was over 120 years old. Most people attribute the longevity of the Hunza’s to the food and the water found in that particular area. Dotto discounted this as the reason for the long lifespans. Dotto said the region contained magnetic anomalies not found anywhere else in the world. The Hunza valley has a unique juxtaposition of a mountainous glacier area next to a hot valley. Dotto states that it is the thermal unbalance of the region that creates a magnetic field stronger than the surrounding area.
The original Dotto Ring is a Thermo-couple that creates a hot and cold magnetic field equivalent to 5X the field strength of the Hunza valley. According to the legend, Dotto reversed people’s age over 20 years. The premise is that the device created magnetic induction or energy transfer directly into the DNA. The DNA is a spiraling coil like a caduceus, as you age the coil shortens and tightens as a function of conservation of energy.
The DNA bases are proteins that hold magnetic charge like a battery. The proteins convert the magnetic energy into electrical energy to run the processes of the cells. This is known as pre-natal chi by the Chinese. The Chinese system believes you have a limited amount of pre-natal Chi and that once it is exhausted you die.
The RNA is on both ends of a DNA base, as the cells replicate pieces of the RNA are lost. The RNA strands shorten until they are too short to communicate to the DNA to split.
This essentially is also death from a western scientific point of view. In addition as the DNA coil shortens and tightens electrical impedance increases. Electricity is harder to run through the DNA coil. The replication process slows down as impedance increases. As you age you notice, you do not have as much energy and you need to sleep more. The feeling that people are growing younger around you and that you are growing older is another function of loss of energy within your genetics. The Bible has stories of people living for close to 1000 years old. We live for approximately 120, why the difference?

GRAVITY… and the use of Nuclear weapons. The garden of Eden was a heavier gravitational environment. Nuclear radiation has degraded our DNA through unhealthy mutations. Essentially genetics is a function of consciousness, higher evolved beings have longer DNA strands. There are functions within the junk DNA, that when rearranged will lead to much extended lifespans. My contention is that this can be achieved in this lifetime with the use of Bridge technologies such as the Heavy Gravity machine.
Now for the test results since I have received the machine on Feb 19th. For now all experiences are anecdotal and not the result of any medical tests. While the device is on after about 10 minutes, it triggers a response from the parasympathetic nervous system. That is relaxation, it nothing else happens it is a great meditation machine. The connective tissue in the body starts to soften and relaxation flows everywhere. Bowels movements are heavy, who needs colonics. The first two treatments my eyes were hurting while the machine was on. I am now noticing a month later, I am not squinting nearly as much. The most remarkable improvement has been my hearing, I can hear out of my right ear as well as my left now. There is surprisingly little wax buildup either even though I am a habitual cellphone user.
Over the last month I have had a tremendous amount of stress, tax troubles, family members dying and possible harassment from my new landlord due to condo conversion, yet I have held together and accomplished more in the last month than at any previous time in my life. This I attribute to the machine. Emotional detox, wow! The machine seems to work on different areas of the body almost like it is alive, quite strange. On two separate occasions, my liver was moving like a heartbeat and the rage that was coming off it was intense. I would say probably limit treatments to 30 minutes per day to start and not the 2 hours or more that I do. I have lost weight from my midsection, this may be due to bowel movements or perhaps there is a switch in the type of hormones being released into my bloodstream. I don’t need as much sleep and definitely have more energy. For now I am much more emotionally reactive, moving from vulnerable states to angry and vengeful. These moods pass quickly and are akin to the Reichian therapy sessions I use to go through. Organ pulsation is a sign of body armoring dissolving and the person becoming whole.
I am a lot less self-conscious and more spontaneous in the last month, I seem to just do things without thinking. One of the thought forms that I have been focusing on generating on the last few years is unlimited abundance, the irony of the recent problems with my landlord may lead to a buyout of my apartment, an interesting way to create abundance. What I am beginning to see is that this device creates compression, everything seems to speed up.