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Algae as Biofuel- New process yields 10,000 gallons per acre

High Density Vertical Bioreactor yields 10,000 gallons per acre as opposed to Palm oil 635 gallons and Soybean 48 gallons per acre. Now you know why we subsidize Soybean Oil.
The Holy Grail in the renewable energy sector has been to create a clean, green process which uses only light, water and air to create fuel. Valcent’s HDVB algae-to-biofuel technology mass produces algae, vegetable oil which is suitable for refining into a cost-effective, non-polluting biodiesel. The algae derived fuel will be an energy efficient replacement for fossil fuels and can be used in any diesel powered vehicle or machinery. In addition, 90% by weight of the algae is captured carbon dioxide, which is “sequestered” by this process and so contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases. Valcent has commissioned the world’s first commercial-scale bioreactor pilot project at its test facility in El Paso, Texas.

Current data projects high yields of algae biomass, which will be harvested and processed into algal oil for biofuel feedstock and ingredients in food, pharmaceutical, and health and beauty products at a significantly lower cost than comparable oil-producing crops such as palm and soyabean (soybean).

The HDVB technology was developed by Valcent in recognition and response to a huge unsatisfied demand for vegetable oil feedstock by Biodiesel refiners and marketers. Biodiesel, in 2000, was the only alternative fuel in the United States to have successfully completed the Environmental Protection Agency required Tier I and Tier II health effects testing under the Clean Air Act. These tests conclusively demonstrated Biodiesel’s significant reduction of virtually all regulated emissions. A U.S. Department of Energy study has shown that the production and use of Biodiesel, compared to petroleum diesel, resulted in a 78.5% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Algae, like all plants, require carbon dioxide, water with nutrients and sunlight for growth. The HDVB bioreactor technology is ideal for location adjacent to heavy producers of carbon dioxide such as coal fired power plants, refineries or manufacturing facilities, as the absorption of CO2 by the algae significantly reduces greenhouse gases. These reductions represent value in the form of Certified Emission Reduction credits, so-called carbon credits, in jurisdictions that are signatories to the Kyoto Protocol. Although the carbon credit market is still small, it is growing fast, valued in 2005 at $6.6 Billion in the European Union and projected to increase to $77 Billion if the United States accepts a similar national cap-and-trade program.

Valcent’s HDVB bioreactor system can be deployed on non-arable land, requires very little water due to its closed circuit process, does not incur significant labor costs and does not employ fossil fuel burning equipment, unlike traditional food/biofuel crops, like soy and palm oil. They require large agricultural acreage, huge volumes of water and chemicals, and traditional farm equipment and labor. They are also much less productive than the HDVB process: soybean, palm oil and conventional pond-grown algae typically yield 48 gallons, 635 gallons and 10,000 gallons per acre per year respectively.


Improve Gas Mileage with Baking Soda?

By Melica Johnson and KATU Web Staff

MILLERSBURG, Ore. – According to a Linn County man, some water, baking soda and $200 worth of instructions and supplies will outfit you with technology that will cut your fuel bill in half.
Ray Warren said he installed a hydrogen generation system in his pickup using instructions he purchased off the Internet and that he has doubled his gas mileage from 15 miles per gallon in town to 30 miles per gallon.
Warren claims this is no lie and that you can do it too. “If you can read a book, you can do it,” he said.
Warren said after seeing for himself that the system works, he has a lot of questions for the auto industry and wonders why they don’t install this type of technology in every car.

528 Hz Miracle Frequency Solfeggio Latin Scale

I am developing a radionically enhanced gas additive called Miracle Miles utilizing the 528 Hz frequency, which is known as the Miracle frequency according to Len Horowitz author of the Biological Apocalypse.
The Miracle Miles product has in trials been getting an increase of up to 25% improvement of gas mileage. Below is a video of the 528 Hz frequency.

CellPhone Hazards and Prevention

I an on the cell 3-4 hours a day. What to do? Pro-active prevention. Cellphone neutralizer and Orgone cell guard.

According to research presented in 2007 by the American Academy of Otolaryngology, cell phone radiation incrementally damages the inner ear, causing high frequency hearing loss. Those who talk an hour a day or more, sustain the most damage.(11) Youthful cell phone habituates will suffer major and irreversible hearing damage by the time they reach young adulthood.

Microwaves cause eye lens opacity similar to cataracts. In the 1970s, researcher Milton Zaret demonstrated that weak microwave fields cause debilitating subcapsular eye lesions, sometimes years after exposure.(12) Israeli researchers have confirmed that microwaves at cell phone intensities cause macro and micro damage to the entire visual system, including tiny bubbles that can form on the eye lens.(13) Dr. Om Gandhi at the University of Utah reported that the eye lens of a 10 year old child will absorb five times more cell phone radiation than an adult eye.(14) Metal-rimmed eyeglasses can absorb microwaves, then re-emit that radiation onto the eye surface.(15)

Brain scans show that microwave phone radiation penetrates deeply into a child’s brain.(16) Within minutes, cell phone microwaves can open the blood brain barrier, allowing albumin and other chemicals from tiny blood vessels to leak into sensitive brain tissues. This leakage causes irreversible oxidative stress and nerve tissue damage.(17) Brain hormones, including melatonin, dopamine, norepinephrine and thyroid stimulating hormone are disrupted by phone microwaves.(18) [Also serotonin; ergo, depression, etc. — PH]

In late 2007, Israeli experts announced that talking as little as 10 minutes on a cell phone triggers changes in brain tissues linked to abnormal cell division and cancer.(19) Phone microwaves are implicated in both eye and salivary gland tumors.(20) In 2006, studies by three European research groups reported an increased incidence of brain tumors in people who have used mobile phones for ten years or more. After 2000 hours of microwave phone exposure, kids face a 240 percent increased risk of developing brain malignancy.(21) If the 1.75 million 8 and 9 year olds who now use cell phones average only half an hour a day, they will be at high risk for radiation cancer in their teen years. Cancer is the number two cause of death for American children.
The public health catastrophe being unleashed by indiscriminate use of wireless phones is further brought into focus by a double-blind medical study completed in India in 2005 and published in the Indian Journal of Human Genetics.(23)

The study analyzed micronucleated cell damage in blood and buccal (mouth) tissues of people who use their cell phone one to 15 hours a day. The control group had never used cell phones at any time. DNA samples were coded and scored blind in strict protocol.

The test results of the “Indian study” are as stunning as the REFLEX work. The non cell phone users had an average of only four percent of their cells with DNA damage. The human body has a chance of meeting this moderate cellular reconstruction challenge, although every DNA repair operation carries with it a chance of error.

A whopping average of 39.75 percent of cells taken from mobile phone users showed DNA damage. The blood of one 24-year-old male revealed 63 percent micro-nucleated cells. He had used a cell phone for 1-2 hours per day for two years, the norm for millions of kids.
Within two minutes of microwave phone exposure, the electrical activity of a child’s brain is abnormally altered for up to one hour.(39) British radiation expert Dr. Gerald Hyland reported that cell phones which use repetitive, pulsing 2 Hz and 8.34 Hz frequencies can badly disrupt the delta and alpha stabilization process in a child’s developing brain.(40)

Dr. Hyland confirmed that cell phone energy can cause radical changes in human mood and behavior.(41) This is the case because microwaves at cell phone levels can unleash a cornucopia of radical damage to all parts of the brain, including the cortex, the hippocampus (memory center) and the basal ganglia. To wit:

• Scientists have demonstrated that cell phone radiation causes immediate blood flow changes in the brain, and also deregulates calcium efflux from brain cells, causing cell membranes to weaken and leak.(42)

• Researchers in Finland have shown that one hour of cell phone radiation causes brain cells to shrink, indicating permanent damage to cell structure as confirmed by REFLEX studies.(43)

• The Max Planck Institute in Germany reported that cell phones can blast heat spikes into the brain which may flash burn cell membranes to the boiling point of water. (44)

• British researchers have shown that weak microwave radiation can change the shape of brain proteins into formations resembling pathological fibrils associated with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Disease. (45)

• Swedish scientists demonstrated that cell phone radiation makes holes (lesions) in rat brains and they predict a wave of early-onset Alzheimer’s in young cell phone users. (46)

Could the past two decades of mass brain damage from wireless radiation be among the roots of our nation’s mental health crisis? ….. The Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection says that we may expect kids who use cell phones to suffer not only brain tumors and dementia, but also increased epileptic readiness and depressive mental illness.(47)

Tuning the DNA through Sound, The Key to Healing Disease

The next wave of medicine is through using sound. This article describes Disease as a state of disharmony. The song of the DNA is out of tune. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1 King James Bible.

With the Tower of Babel, the Word of God was confused and the song lost. Man falls from the Garden because he can no longer hear the Word of God. God is a frequency, he is sound. Interference patterns, disharmonic sounds disrupt the proper replication of DNA. The keys for Age Reversal or Physical Immortality will be found when the proper tones of God are increased in magnitude.
When set to music, colon cancer sounds kind of eerie. That’s the finding of Gil Alterovitz, a research fellow at Harvard Medical School who is developing a computer program that translates protein and gene expression into music. In his acoustic translation, harmony represents good health, and discord indicates disease.

At any given time in each of our cells, thousands of genes are churning out their molecular products while thousands more lie senescent. The profile of which genes are on versus off is constantly changing–with specific diseases such as cancer, for example.

Searching for a more simplified way to represent the complex library of information inherent in gene expression, Alterovitz decided to represent those changes with music. He hopes that doctors will one day be able to use his music to detect health-related changes in gene expression early via a musical slip into discord, potentially improving a patient’s outcome.

The first step in the gene-to-sound conversion was to pare down multiple measurements to a few fundamental signals, each of which could be represented by a different note. Together, the notes would form a harmonic chord in normal, healthy states and become increasingly out of tune as key physiological signs go awry, signaling disease.

Alterovitz employed mathematical modeling to determine relationships between physiological signals. Much like the various systems in an automobile, many physiological signs work in synchrony to keep a body healthy. “These signals [are] not isolated parts,” says Alterovitz. “Like in a car, one gear is working with other gears to control, for example, power steering. Similarly, there are lots of correlations between physiological variables. If heart rate is higher, other variables will move together in response, and you can simplify that redundancy and information.”
Using data collected from a study of protein expression in colon cancer, Alterovitz analyzed more than three thousand related proteins involved in the disease. He whittled down the thousands of proteins to four key networks, using various genetic databases that catalog relationships between genes and proteins. He then assigned a note to each network, and together, these notes formed a harmonic chord. He compared the “music” of normal, healthy human data sets to that of the colon-cancer samples and found that, according to his model, colon cancer sounded “inharmonious.”

Researchers may be able to translate other diseases into music by “tuning” the system that Alterovitz has developed. For example, researchers can identify protein networks related to the disorder of interest and then assign notes that, in combination, form inharmonious chords, compared with their healthy counterparts.

He adds that the technique may have applications outside medicine, such as for simplifying information for air-traffic controllers, and in any other industry that requires analysis of large data sets. There is also an opportunity to use protein music purely for music’s sake: a DJ in the Boston area has expressed interest in playing Alterovitz’s “music” in local bars–a potential revenue stream for musician and mathematician alike. Source

Man Claims that Car gets 463 MPG and runs on fumes

John Weston’s 1992 Geo Storm doesn’t look like much on the outside. But there are some people that say it’s what’s under a car’s hood that matters. “Since I changed the fuel system unit, it’s drastically different. I disconnected the fuel line from the injector so no liquid goes to the engine,” said Weston. Weston showed NBC2 a version of his air vapor flow system where instead of liquid fuel, only vapors go to the engine. “They used to say, ‘Hey I’m running on empty. I’m running on fumes.’ Well, this is actually running on fumes,” he said. Weston says the system burns cleaner and also made a bold claim about fuel efficiency from a one-time test. “It came up to 463 miles a gallon if we had driven in the same manner – a gallon,” said Weston. “I drove from here to Fort Myers, and I’m up there keeping up with traffic running 80 mph.” Now, the backyard mechanic is looking for investors so he can eventually take his invention public. In the meantime, he says you might see his car on the highway. Source

Reverse Dementia and Possibly Aging with InfraRed Helmut

Viewing Aging as a Disease, I am most intrigued by potential technologies that reverse conditions without the aid of nutrients. I have never seen eliminating nutritional deficiencies as a means to reverse aging symptoms. It may slow down aging but never reverse. Of course proper nutrition is a pre-requisite for Age Reversal but not the answer in itself.
It appears to me that Aging is a program that kicks in at certain points in life. All of a sudden someone gets old rapidly, the cause may be a trauma-like event such as a failed relationship, death or a lost dream. There is a rush of feelings that one is getting old or that life is passing you by. You look in the mirror and see new wrinkles a grey hair or two, a slight paunch and an overall decline in the level of enthusiasm for the future. Is this real? Or is it a symptom of a program kicking in? We all know about the baby program for women, one day bam their hips start to gyrate and they look at babies with swooning looks usually reserved for Rock Stars and Meatheads.
Is it possible to turn off this program or even reverse it like the new Brad Pitt movie called Benjamin Button based on a short story by F. Scot Fitzgerald; where a man is born Old and Ages in Reverse, just like Mork from Ork! Some of the keys to Age Reversal may be found in the application of Infrared light.

Two months ago Clem Fennell was fading fast.The victim of an aggressive type of dementia, the 57-year-old businessmen was unable to answer the phone, order a meal or string more than a couple of words together.In desperation, his family agreed to try a revolutionary new treatment – a bizarre-looking, experimental helmet devised by a British GP that bathes the brain in infra-red light twice a day.
To their astonishment, Mr Fennel began to make an astonishing recovery in just three weeks. “My husband, Clem, was fading away. It is as if he is back” said his wife Vickey Fennell, 55. “His personality has started to show again. We are absolutely thrilled.”

While the helmet has yet to be proven in clinical trials, the family say the effects of the 10 minute sessions are incredible. Mr Fennell can now hold conversations and go shopping unaccompanied.
The treatment is the brainchild of Dr Gordon Dougal, a County Durham GP. He believes the device could eventually help thousands of dementia patients.
“Potentially, this is hugely significant,” said Dr Dougal, who is based in Easington, County Durham and is a director of Virulite, a medical research company.

Developed with Sunderland University, the helmet has 700 LED lights that penetrate the skull. They are thought to be the right wavelength to stimulate the growth of brain cells, slowing down the decline in memory and brain function and reversing symptoms of dementia.
Clem Fennell – the head of a family engineering firm in Cincinnati, Ohio – travelled to the UK after neurologists told him nothing could stop the decline of his dementia. The family’s friends had seen a report about the helmet on CBS.
“Honestly I can tell you that within ten days, the deterioration was stopped, then we started to see improvements,” said Mrs Fennell, from North Kentucky. “He started to respond to people more quickly when they talked to him.”
Three weeks later, the father of two is still making gradual improvements. His daughter, 22-year-old Maggie said: “When we go to the restaurant we usually have to order his meals for him, now he can order for himself.” “Dr Dougal has been a godsend to our family. There was nothing anyone could do to help Clem until now.”
It is too soon to say whether Dr Dougal’s invention could help other sufferers. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can vary from day to day – and relapses are not unusual. And not all patients may benefit from the treatment.
Dr Dougal stressed that a full, clinically controlled trial would be needed before his anti-dementia helmet could be licensed for public use. A trial of 100 patients is expected to start later this year.

“I made it clear to the Fennells that I didn’t know for a fact whether it would work or not, but the results are good,” said Dr Dougal. “He was monosyllabic when I first saw him, but if I ring up now he will answer the phone. He didn’t have the verbal skills to do that three weeks ago.”
The Fennells have been told they can take the prototype helmet back to the US with them so they can continue the treatment at home.
Commercial versions of the helmet will include 700 LEDs and cost around £10,000.
The Alzheimer’s Society said: “’A treatment that reverses the effects of dementia rather than just temporarily halting its symptoms could change the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people who live with this devastating condition.
‘Non-thermal near infra-red treatment for people with dementia is a potentially interesting technique. We look forward to further research to determine whether it could help improve cognition in humans. Only then can we begin to investigate whether near infra-red could benefit people with dementia.’

Orgone and The End of the Mayan Calendar 2012

What is Orgone? Life-force energy according to Wilhelm Reich. Essentially Life-force energy is derived from the concept of Super Imposition, that is the merging of two energy streams to create a third force. On a human level we call in Sex, on a Cosmic level we call it Super Imposition. Super imposition in Nature in the extreme would be a tornado, Hurricane or cyclone. Men are electric and Women are magnetic. When we come together it is an electro-magnetic storm. We open up the portal to the fifth dimension and birth new life.
Conception is a massive energy implosion. We are at our strongest at the moment of conception. The Chinese call this pre-natal Chi. This is our energy bank account that we are born with, it varies from individual to individual based on the astrological conditions of our conception, the strength of the genetic code of the breeding partners and the actual intensity of the experience in which the conception occurred. Contrary to the political correct environment that we live in, good breeding is a function of our genes. There are of course variables, but our memories and our abilities are found in our genetic code. What is DNA, it is an electro-magnetic coil with capacitance. It can store energy as a battery as well as act as a wire or filament. DNA functions similar to computers, it has programs that need commands to run on as well as passwords. It can be infected with worms and viruses.
How does Orgone effect DNA? Orgone consists of Metal and resin/plant matter with the updated version of Orgone containing Quartz/Silica. Metal comes from the Telluric realm, or the second dimension; it belongs in the ground. There are entities attached to every mineral, plant or substance that is generated by Mother Earth. Making Orgone puts these entities back in their proper place, there energy is now harnessed for positive outcomes. Metal out of the ground breeds wild and chaotic energies that cause havoc and destruction in the emotional nature of Man. By supplying a consistent stream of Life force energy to human biology, DNA can actually utilize as an energy source.
We age and die primarily because we lack energy. Our DNA is designed to run as a Ferrari or a Jet engine, not as a Scooter. Junk DNA is High Energy programs that cannot run in Low energy environments. Malfunctions within the genetic code are ultimately the result of lack of power. We get that power from two places, Heaven and Earth. The Earth’s core consists of Iron, it is magnetic. The Sun is electric. The Earth is cold relative to the Sun. The Earth draws the Suns rays through magnetism. The interplay and exchange between the Sun and the Earth is an electro-magnetic event. The garden of Eden had more gravity not less. Gravity feeds the DNA with Energy and information, data. Death is a function of a lack of light and love.
The Mayan Calendar talks about an Time acceleration taking place at the end of the Mayan calendar on Dec. 21st, 2012. This time acceleration is massive, it is like going from 0-Mach 40 in ten seconds. The last 15 seconds of the time line is equal to all the knowledge accumulated over the last 10,000 years, it is in-conceivable to our little tiny brains at this time. photons are a type of energy that does not have a charge, they are like Switzerland neutral. Photons cause integration or unity of conciousness, duality is being fused into a singularity. This is a function of an information overload, knowledge is energy, massive knowledge leads to an implosion of love. Enlightenment, is the ability to make sense of the data, to go from linear to non-linear consciousness. Christ and the Buddha were non-linear beings. Non-linear beings are immortal, they are self-sustaining energy systems, like the sun, they operate on the principle of fusion rather the fission.
Orgone taps into 5th dimensional conciousness, it creates a vent or bridge from 3D to 5D. When Orgone clears out Chemtrails, it does so by drawing in 5th Dimensional Conciousness. Chemtrails main prupose is to block access to higher dimensional communication. The Haarp project jams human conciousness at 400-450MHZ attempting to block access, that is why Chemtrails contain Aluminum and Barium.Aluminum according to Wilhelm Reich creates DOR or Negative life-force energy, it draws down the astral plane and raises up the demons contained in the 2D telluric realm. The best antidote to DOR and the HAARP project is the Orgone Chembuster.

Why General Motors is Going Bankrupt. 40 MPG Mini-Car Unveiled

Based on talks with actual engineers that work at Ford and GM. These two companies have actively discouraged any improvements in fuel efficiencies. Engineers would be threatened if they were caught tinkering with the computer systems or searching for ways to make the car engines run more efficiently. It is common knowledge among amateur car fanatics that the car computer systems are programmed to deliver 15% less fuel efficiency than is possible by enriching the gas mixture beyond what is actually needed.
Now the big three are about to go the way of the dinosaurs with huge pension fund obligations that will never be met from a failing U.S. economy.
GM\'s 40 MPG wonder car
M may bring the production version of the Chevrolet Beat to the U.S., people familiar with the plan said. The car, which would normally be reserved for markets such as Asia and Latin America, gets as much as 40 miles a gallon, a fuel efficiency topped in the U.S. only by hybrids.

The possible American introduction of the Beat would be one step in a fleet downsizing and shift away from fossil fuel-based vehicles that the people said is already under way at Detroit- based GM. Resigned to $4-a-gallon gasoline and stricter pollution rules, the largest U.S. automaker has recognized that its response must go beyond the mothballing of large truck plants, the people said.

“This is a very big change for GM,” said John Wolkonowicz, an analyst at Global Insight Inc. in Lexington, Massachusetts. “They have no choice. There’s never been as rapid a shift in consumer demand in the history of the auto industry.”

GM, turning 100 this year, has few options to re-inventing itself. The company reported its largest annual loss in 2007, $38.7 billion, after a tax accounting change, and hasn’t had a profitable year since 2004. The carmaker’s U.S. market share hovers at the lowest level since 1925, and last year GM was 3,000 cars away from being dethroned by Toyota Motor Corp. as the world’s largest automaker.

Smaller Than Mattel

The company’s current market value is smaller than that of Mattel Inc., maker of Matchbox cars, and a 10th of what it was in 2000. A Merrill Lynch analyst said yesterday that a GM “bankruptcy is not impossible if the market continues to deteriorate.”

GM rose 14 cents, or 1.4 percent, to $10.12 at 1:15 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading that was shortened by the July 4 U.S. holiday. Yesterday, GM fell 15 percent after Merrill downgraded the stock to “underperform” from “buy.” The price was the lowest since 1954 adjusted for splits, according to Global Financial Data in Los Angeles. source

Volkswagen unveils a 282 MPG Car, from 2002

So you think there are no conspiracies? All the major car companies are now coming out with hybrids, fuel cells, conventional cars with super-light bodies all at once, but none are going into any sort of mass production. Most of these technologies have been bouncing around for 10-20 years.VW 282 MPG

By Georg Kacher

Green news

30 June 2008 15:52

Remember Volkswagen’s ‘one-litre’ car, capable of one litre per 100km, or a scarcely credible 282mpg? Well VW has approved top-secret plans to build the limited-edition fuel miser in 2010, CAR Online can reveal. The tiny, grey cigar-shaped curiosity was a triumphal hit at the 2002 annual meeting in Hamburg and now – finally – it’s heading for production.

At the time the chairman of VW’s supervisory board predicted that the super-economical two-seater would go into production as soon as the cost of the carbonfibre monocoque dropped from €35,000 (£28,000) to €5000 (£4000), which he estimated would happen in 2012. Now the VW 1L will hit the market two years ahead of schedule, in 2010.

A VW that does 282mpg! What will she cost?

The asking price? That’s a game of political posturing. Volumes will be restricted to keep costs under control and, according to one well placed insider CAR spoke to, anything from €20,000 (£16,000) to €30,000 (£24,000) is possible. Expect a large amount of subsidies from VW, which hopes to reap a bonanza of positive press.