As a kid I had braces when I was about 17. My problem was that I had a small palate and crowded teeth, my lower jaw was underdeveloped. As a teenager, I simply trusted my orthodontist, his kid went to school with me. The braces were a right of passage, I thought when my braces came off that I would look like the other kids with a great smile. My orthodontist name was Dr. Gatoff, he had me get three teeth pulled, then he closed the gaps in my mouth by narrowing my palate even further. When my braces came off, I was devastated, I did not look like the other kids, although my orthodontist was proud of the savagery that he wreaked on my mouth and my psyche.
A few years later, I had all my wisdom teeth extracted that led to physical complications that were not resolved for another year and a half. During the 1980’s was I was an adolescent, Orthodontists regularly pulled teeth. It was perceived as being natural and good. Having your wisdom teeth extracted were a sign that Man was evolving according to the theory prevalent at that time. Dr. Weston Price in the 1930’s linked skeletal and dental degeneration to diet. When Western Man went off his natural caveman diet and became to consume grains and carbohydrates in bulk. Dental and skeletal degeneration commenced, this degeneration would continue from one generation to the next. In a study of Cats by Pottinger, Cats were given two different diets, live raw food and cooked food in cans. What happened over 7 generations is that Cats on the live raw food diet, grew larger and started to resemble their cousins in the wild. The Cats on the cooked food diet, saw their skeletons over 7 generations turn into Jello pudding. The degenerative effects were reversed when the diet was changed to a live raw food diet. Price surmised that the same thing was happening in humans. By studying indigenous cultures, he noted that there was no need for dental work. Indigenous people have big broad heads and a full complement of teeth without crowding as a result there was no mental and emotional illness. Robust physical and emotional health was seen in tribes around the globe.
I did not know about Weston Price’s work as a 17 year old, I was unaware of the extreme physical, mental and emotional stressors that are associated with Dental extractions, recessive jaws and narrow palates. The typical approach for emotional and mental trauma was to see a shrink. I did this quite unsuccessfully for 7-8 years. They would say it is all in your head, I would later find out that they were correct, when I met Dr. Howell who created NCR- Nuero-Cranial Restructuring. Dr. Howell expanded the cranial through by using an advanced form of endo-nasal therapy that releases contracted connective tissue within the sphenoid bone. Connective tissue tightening is a byproduct of a cooked food and high grain diet. The connective tissue tightens as a response to the trauma created by the food. The bones alter their shape over time due to the incredible tension created by the connective tissue. Chiropractic attempts to correct postural imbalances by moving the bones back into place. It is symptomatic because the changes are only temporary, I know I work for a chiropractor for 4 years and saw no postural changes. As a result of working and receiving treatments with Dr. Howell, I have recovered 2.5 inches in my spine as my scoliosis has disappeared. My head has also widened as my hat size is now two sizes larger. As the head shape moves in the direction of being normal which is a nice round broad head, my pysche has changed; I have become more assertive and outgoing. My relationships with women are getting better, not only because I am getting better looking, but because the hydraulics of the physical body and the cerebro-spinal fluid are working better. The Greeks believe that Divinity is a function of symmetry. My dental extractions and narrow palate led me to look for a orthodontist that could do palatial expansion. My caveat though was that I wanted to do palatial expansion without braces. I knew from NCR, that palatial expansion combined with NCR could get the changes at about 6X the rate. In fact NCR combined with palatial expansion could get changes up to 15mm of expansion, enough widening to put in implants for my missing teeth and correct the geometries of the body that have created chronic insomina and mild sleep apnea. I found that solution after plowing through 6 orthodontists with Dr. Belfour and the creator of the homeoblock.