I am going through a palate expansion to correct bite and jaw problems as a result of God awful orthodontic care from my teen years. I had three extractions, cross-bite. The homeoblock is an invention by a Dr. Belfour, it is a light wire removable expansion appliance that only needs to be worn at night. The benefits of the Homeoblock are better facial symmetry, more prominent cheekbones, straighter teeth, decreased lines and wrinkles, reduction of sleep disorders such as sleep apnea.
I am also doing Nuero-Cranial Restructuring through a Dr. Dean Howell. NCR for short also creates facial symmetry, more prominent cheekbones in addition to cranial expansion. The two treatments are in fact, completely complementary. I have been getting NCR treatments for over 5 years now, the results have been astounding. 2.5 inches in height gain as a result in a massive reduction of a scoliosis condition. My head size has expanded where my fitted baseball caps no longer are wearable. I started with the homeoblock on August 21st. The homeoblock is a self expanding device, the patient is in control. I was told to expand it one turn each week. As Dr. Howell’s assistant, I am aware that Dental expansion increases at the rate of 6x faster than without NCR.
Dr. Belfour is unaware of the impact of NCR in conjunction with dental expansion. I am also using sound vibration to move the palate and jaw line quicker as well as Tachyon Energy.
There is a device in Canada that uses ultra-sound to regenerate teeth and correct asymmetrical jaw line. While I do not have access to the exact technology, I do have a device that converts sound into vibration. I use the DNA repair frequency of 528 hz or otherwise known as the miracle frequency from the original latin scale called the Solfeggio. Tachyon Energy a technology that can be found at Ascensionenergyprogram.com is pure zero point energy, it literally recharges the sub-atomic parts of the DNA. Tachyon energy may be one of the vital keys for age reversal. My nutritional support for the dental expansion is Omega 3-6-9 Oils and Sodium Ascorbate of atleast 30,000mg per day. After the first day, I experienced mild soreness, by day two that disappeared. I intended to follow Dr. Belfour’s advice of one turn per week, but I could not resist turning the key by the 3rd day. By day 8 I had turned the key 7 times for roughly a 6x increase in expansion. In fact, I probably could have turned it more since I have not experienced any soreness or discomfort since the first day. My running has dramatically improved in a week, that is my fluidity and grace. I seem to be gliding rather than powering my way through the run, which is supposed to be a byproduct of bite improvement.