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The CEM TECH Biofeedback device is essentially an Electronic Homeopathic device. It is the ultimate diagnostic and treatment tool. Anyone can use this device effectively with zero knowledge of homeopathy. Any new technology that I sell, I first buy and self-treat on myself extensively before I consider including in my product line. Jennifer, my stunning 19 year old assistant had a series of allergies before I treated her with the CEM TECH. She was allergic to peanuts and strawberries, so she could really not eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If she touched peanut butter, the beautiful model would turn into the elephant woman,.. well not exactly that bad, maybe an 8 instead of a 10. One treatment for both strawberries and one for peanuts and now she has cleaned me out of my trader joes crunchy peanut and the delicious jam.

I had another client who was looking to quit smoking; he had one treatment as well and he dropped to 5 cigarettes a day from a pack and a half. He did not come back for a second treatment, I guess he did not really want to quit. Typically, it takes 4-6 treatments to eliminate the urge to smoke. The main problem with cigarettes anyway is that the nicotine gets into the brain to create the addiction. This is a function of the manipulation of the cigarette paper; the combination of chemicals reduces the size of the nicotine molecule to get past the blood-brain barrier, normally the nicotine molecule is too large to get in the brain. When they say it is all in your head, with the case of cigarettes; it really is.
Function 2 on the device is where the real magic is; You can record anything and eliminate any allergic response. Today, I was outside recording the grass outside my apartment to eliminate any response from hay fever. I played the frequencies back into my body and relieved about 75% of the sinus congestion that was building up. I am a believer in multiple forms of therapies from traditional food therapies to supplementation to homeopathy and of course the use of electro-medicine and magnetic technologies. This device in my mind eliminates the need for most homeopathic remedies. To eliminate my allergic to dairy, what did I do? I recorded the frequency of the milk for my coffee at the coffee house and played it back into my body for an hour. You can systematically go through you fridge and eliminate any allergic responses. You don’t even need to know if you have any allergies! Just treat yourself as if you do. If you want to saturate yourself with Sodium Ascorbate for instance, just record a sample of the vitamin C and tape it on a vein and go to sleep. Normally, your bowel tolerance would limit the amount of Buffered C that you could ingest. There are no side effects of buffered Vitamin C in people that have taken IV drips as high as 3 million milligrams in a day! With high dosages of C, you can use it for as a basis of not only detoxification, but physical regeneration.

Fluoride is a “corruption of our precious bodily fluids”, as Jack T. Ripper says in Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece Dr. Strangelove. Fluoride weakens the will, hardens the arteries and blocks the receptors sites within the endocrine system. It ages you at a vastly accelerated rate and blocks the awakening of the third eye. It is one of the agents meant to prevent the Ascension of Man into higher consciousness. Iodine will typically remove the halogen Fluoride from the body and unblock the endocrine receptor sites. With the CEM TECH machine, you can do it 2 ways, record fluoride directly such as in Crest toothpaste; hopefully you do not have any and you are borrowing from your neighbor. You can also record an iodine supplement such as ludol’s. I think you are getting the drift here. Now Anti-aging or Age reversal is a function of a virus-free body, with the CEM TECH device you can eliminate all viruses systematically over time as the body begins to shed dis-harmonic frequencies. As the body stops fighting sub-clinical infections, it can utilize it’s energy resources for tissue renewal and growth. The typical person could have 30-40 disease frequencies that are being played internally that they have accumulated over the course of their life. Remember those vaccines as a kid? What a vaccine is, is an intentional infection to create a response from the immune system. The body is still fighting that original infection; it is like one of those useless programs that you download on the computer that is now just taking up memory and operating power. It is functionally impairing the functioning of your computer and your body. The CEM TECH device can systematically clear all of these sub clinical disease frequencies that are hogging up your processing power. Free up your RAM! Now as a healer, you have the ultimate treatment tool. You could literally start a healing practice with a CEM TECH machine.

How does the CEM TECH Work?
There are two modalities at work in the CEM-TECH. The first, and the one that distinguishes the CEM-TECH from every other biofeedback device on the market, is its ability to record and re-emit information from any source which resonates frequencies. Cem-Tech produces an electromagnetic spectrum identical to the electromagnetic spectrum of the affected area, which then performs the role of an antibody. In other words, when electromagnetic frequencies exactly the same as those of a pathogen, or infectious agent, are emitted back into the body at the point where they were just recorded, an effect of a vaccination, or therapeutic result is achieved.

In the middle of 1990 Russian physicists made an important discovery: semiconductor materials which are able “to remember” high-frequency signals. It is a technology, which has been used exclusively in the defensive industry, and for years only the most “profound” world research groups have managed to master it.

Using the properties of semi-conductor structures which have this memory ability (gallium arsenide), a “photo” of the electromagnetic frequencies of a pathogen (an agent that causes disease), is recorded into a special emitter (which acts like a flash drive on a computer). Then, once the emitter is disconnected from the device it begins to re-emit the same frequencies back into the person in the form of ultra low amplitude radio waves (called millimeter waves). Since the frequencies of the pathogen coincides with the frequencies that were recorded by the emitter, the influence on the human organism is absolutely exact, and the emitted frequencies begin to resonate with the frequencies of the pathogen. This resonance increases the amplitude of the harmonic oscillations, thus raising the energy level of the pathogen to a point where it cannot survive, and thus it dies. Since only the pathogen with the exact recorded frequencies is affected and dies, the human organism does not suffer and therefore there are no contra-indications, or side affects, for use of this device.

Now Iodine is the forgotten Naturopathic remedy. My friend Plato turned me onto the liberal use of iodine with the remarkable changes I have witnessed in him. Plato has been going through dental expansion work the same as me. Plato has used Iodine in conjunction with Sodium Ascorbate to regenerate his glandular system. Youth is a functioning of the proper functioning of your glands. Iodine removes the fluoride and mercury that blocks the receptor site of the glandular system. The iodine will also remove Bromide which is in all processed bread products. Bromide poisoning causes psychosis. When Iodine has saturated the thyroid, it functions as a blood cleanser killing all sorts of pathogens. Iodine is also used as a basis for Regeneration as see by the story of the Civil War soldier that was shredded with Shrapnel. On the advice of his doctor, his wife applied Iodine topically 300 times per day. A dose that would cause a massive toxic reaction in a healthy person, but was able to stop the infections from the open wounds of the soldier and eventually re-grow the dermis of the skin. ***NOTE, you can overdose on Iodine, and have severe side effects including death, but Iodine is also needed as an essential nutrient within the entire system of the body. Iodized salt does not provide the necessary iodine needed for true health. Lugol’s is a great source of Iodine. I am using a device called the homeoblock in conjunction with NCR; short for Neuro-Cranial Restructuring. Achieving Age Regression or some sort of Physical perfection is as much a function of proper proportions; the greek ideal along the golden mean sections. When you have these proper symmetries in effect within your body; magic happens as a result of resonance and magnetism. I witnessed this recently with an NCR patient from London who has been going through Palate expansion. He used to come to New York for NCR and go right back to bed from Chronic fatique that he had for 7 years since high school. In High School he was a very good golfer; about a 5 handicap. He had all his wisdom teeth removed and he spiraled down into chronic fatique and depression. Through the work of Dr. Amir in London and Dr. Howell, Ian is not only is over his chronic fatigue but back to playing Golf part-time. The interesting part is that he is now a 3 handicap with very little practice under his belt. His symmetry in his face and body is becoming so good that when I took him out to three different clubs in New York over a three day period; a different girl picked him up within ten minutes of walking in the bar. It was amazing to watch this kid that could not look you in the eye a year ago; walking around with all this confidence; just because he was now more symetrically.
Now, I had all my wisdom teeth removed at 19 and did spiral into depression as well as lose my perfect vision. It was only after seeing Ian in New York last month, did I realize that I have been experiencing the same consequences from having my teeth pulled that he did. Since August of last year, I have been using the homeoblock; I now see changes from week to week as my palate expands and my jaw literally grows. Iodine, potassium and magnesium will produce bone growth even in Adults. Dr. Weston Price made the connection between Happiness and proper palate. A narrow palate leads to a life of misery that no self-help technique or group can cure. The myth that you cannot grow after a certain age is completely erroneous, you need intermittant force and super nutrition. If you are interested in the physical restructuring, I can definetly point you in the right direction. Please do not hesitate to call.

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