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Radioactive Iodine 1600% Above EPA Limits Found in Milk in Arizona

But, don’t worry they are now below the newly raised FDA limits for radiation. Of course Milk is the domain of the FDA rather than the EPA, so you can ignore the EPA estimates they do not apply to you, only irradiated water. Of course the EPA is not testing the water, because they only do that once per year and conveniently that has happened before the nuclear meltdown in Japan. The water mostly likely is safe, don’t you think? The government would tell us? Correct?

The Arizona Department of Agriculture and the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency routinely monitor Arizona milk
supplies. Following the nuclear incident in Japan, trace amounts of Iodine 131 have been found in different
samples. These types of findings are to be expected in the coming days and are far below levels of public health
concern, including for infants and children. Please note that all findings at this point are far below the FDA
Derived Intervention Level of 4,600 pCi/L. Iodine-131 has a very short half-life of approximately eight days, and
the level detected in milk and milk products is, therefore, expected to drop relatively quickly. State officials will
continue to test and closely monitor for radiation levels.

Collected Iodine-131/pCi/L Error range Lower Limit of Detection
3/21/2011 1.8 +/-0.21 0.66
3/23/2011 7.1 +/-0.36 0.66
3/25/2011 12 +/-0.50 0.66
3/25/2011 2.6 +/-0.21 0.48
3/29/2011 iodine in stock. It may become even more valuable than Silver, if the US government decides to seize all iodine supplies in case of a environmental disaster.

Orgone Energy… Properties of Orgone.

Going back to the source as Reich decribed the nature of Orgone Energy.

Properties of Orgone -Energy

Orgone energy, the creative force in nature, is not a form of electromagnetism nor of matter but is fundamental to both. It is the specific life energy, but life is only one particular manifestation of it. Our knowledge about it is partial and fragmentary in major respects, and is no doubt in some measure erroneous. Nevertheless, a clear and consistent picture of what orgone energy is and how it functions arises from Reich’s work. The following ten properties of orgone energy were deduced by Reich.

1. It is mass free. Orgone energy itself has no inertia or weight; i. e., it is mass free. This is one of the reasons it is difficult to measure using conventional techniques. Mass is, however, intimately dependent on the characteristics of the mass-free orgone energy field with which all matter is surrounded. Measurements of weight or inertia reflect the characteristics of this field as well as of the object contained in it.

2. It is present everywhere. Orgone energy fills all space. It is present in differing degrees or concentrations (or “charges”) but is nowhere absent. It is present in vacua, whether within the atmosphere or in outer space. It is in this respect like the ether of pre-20th century physics.

3. It is the medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena. Again, like the ether., orgone energy is the substratum of the most fundamental natural phenomena. It is the medium in which light moves and electromagnetic and gravitational fields exert force. One of the major tasks of orgonomy is to integrate our knowledge of orgone energy with the facts about those phenomena known to orthodox physics.
4. It is in constant motion. The continual motion of orgone energy can be observed under appropriate conditions. There are at least two characteristic types of motion, a pulsation or alternating expansion and contraction, and a flow, normally along a curving path.

5. It “contradicts” the law of entropy. Orgone energy is attracted to concentrations of orgone energy. Unlike heat or electricity, which always show a direction from higher to lower potential, orgone energy flows from lower orgonotic potential to higher. In a thermal system in which outside energy is neither added nor subtracted, heat is lost by hot objects or materials and absorbed by cool until everything within the system is the same temperature. “Entropy increases” as the heat is distributed more and more uniformly. Heat, after all, leaves the sun and goes out into space; it does not collect from space and flow into the sun. In the same way, a heater radiates heat into the room;

#5 is an interesting definition. The dotto ring is based on the combination of heat and cold merging into the same space. The side effects of the clash of thermal variance of the dotto ring is an increase in magnetism. Is the loss of magnetism the main cause of ageing?

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