The world is changing at a vastly accelerated rate. I do not really need to tell you that, simply stating a fact. March 9th was the beginning of the 9th wave of the Mayan Calender or the Unity Wave. It is an acceleration of 20x the previous cycle. All 8 previous waves are merged into the 9th wave. The end of the Calendar according to Johan Calleman is Oct 28th, 2011. The 9th wave lasts only 234 days it is a series of 18 day cycles, with alternating days and nights. The night periods are resistance points or consolidation of energy. On March 11th was the massive Japanese earthquake which triggered the Tsunami that is causing massive radiation leakage and perhaps a meltdown of the core at the Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Now there are many reports as to who caused the Nuclear accident, whether it was a Haarp attack by the U.S. Military or a nuclear bomb that was dropped into the trenches off the coast of Japan triggering the quake. Benjamin Fulford on his paid subscription blog reported about 6 months ago that David Rockefeller was threatening to create an earthquake under a nuclear power plant in Japan. Fulford has also claimed that the leaks of massive radiation fallout are grossly exaggerated. Most of the media reports both mainstream and alternative media are reporting radiation showing up here in the food and water supply. The FdA is also raising their levels for radiation more than 2400% than the EPA. There is nothing to worry about though; you can ignore the EPA limits when applied to milk, they have no jurisdiction over milk, just the water supply. Of course the EPA has already tested the water supply for radiation levels and they are fine, the testing was done in Februrary. You can also ignore the fact that milk is mostly made of water, the water in milk in under the FDA rather than the EPA. Now, I bet that you feel safe and trust the government implicitly without question.
When I was witnessing 9-11 from my rooftop, the first thing I said after the first building dropped was it was a demolition job. My sister who was living with me at the time said I was crazy conspiracy theorist. When she went down to volunteer at ground zero, I advised her that she should not go because of the asbestos and other potential hazardous chemicals. She ignored my advice and promptly got chronic asthma. The official reports from the government and the media were that there was no danger. With fires burning for well over a month, any idiot could understand there was a massive danger from inhalations of carcinogens. I did not need any evidence, the smell told all. It was horrible for well over a month and is was the smell that made 9-11 terror attack seem real.

The point here is what do you do to protect yourself after a catastophe has already happened? Iodine and potassium iodate are the most important items in a radiation event. When the Japanese earthquake happened, my iodine supplies sold out in 4 days. When I went to re-order, the price had tripled and I was not able to secure any real quantity. I realized I needed to prepare ahead of time, if there was going to be a nuclear type event here in the US. My understanding of the importance of iodine has deepened over the last year. You read things and think you understand, but often it takes time of playing with concepts, thinking about them abstractly as if they were a piece of art that the real knowledge begins to seep in and the Ah hah! effect happens and now the importance is self evident. Iodine is one of those things that has moved it from the back of my supplement cabinet to my bedside table. Today, I remember to take iodine every day.

The Puridine formula is proprietary formula created by my friend Nonnie. She has created the most pure bio-available iodine 95%+ on the face of mother earth. It is unknown if the inner earth people have a superior product, commerce between the two societies does not currently exist; till we get rid of the Federal Reserve and the Corporate De-facto Government. What does that mean? This iodine formula has superior uptake to the traditional lugols formula or (I2) iodine or (KI) potassium Iodide, less is more. The Bio-active Iodine is then radionically enhanced with the bio-resonance machine of the We are now combining the latest from the world of Unified field technologies with traditional supplementation. If we do get an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line, FEMA will be able to use all those plastic coffins they have lined up on the side of the road down south and Iodine will disappear overnight and rise in price faster than Silver. It will be the new black gold with 15 nuclear reactors sitting along the new Madrid fault line. Iodine will be the most trade-able item this side of water in a natural disaster.

I tend to think that the future is so bright that you may have to wear shades, rather than plan on buying one of those new fangled bunkers that is all the rage these days. If I had only knew, I would have bought stock in one of those bunker companies…

Orgone has applications for the nuetralization of Radiation and should be considered a part of a plan to counteract and block the effects of Radiation exposure. A found a great definition of Orgone recently that is in Wilhelm Reich’s own words.

Orgone energy, the creative force in nature, is not a form of electromagnetism nor of matter but is fundamental to both.
1. It is mass free.
2. It is present everywhere. Orgone energy fills all space.
3. It is the medium for electromagnetic and gravitational phenomena.
4. It is in constant motion.
5. It “contradicts” the law of entropy.

Orgone energy is attracted to concentrations of orgone energy. Unlike heat or electricity, which always show a direction from higher to lower potential, orgone energy flows from lower orgonotic potential to higher. In a thermal system in which outside energy is neither added nor subtracted, heat is lost by hot objects or materials and absorbed by cool until everything within the system is the same temperature. “Entropy increases” as the heat is distributed more and more uniformly. Heat, after all, leaves the sun and goes out into space; it does not collect from space and flow into the sun. In the same way, a heater radiates heat into the room.

The 5th definition is the most interesting one. Negative entropy is an increase in life force energy and is anti-time. It is a vertical movement out of time, where one becomes timeless. Monks and sages have been known to be able to do feats that are supernatural, that is outside of time. The capacity to nuetralize poison is a function of alchemy or the art of moving vertically in frequency. We vibrate beyond the effects of the radiation, either we change the nature of the substance to one of a harmless state or we move beyond it’s effects on a frequency level. At the extreme end we would leave this dimension and dissappear to those that are still operating within the 3rd dimensional realm. We of course with still be in the same space, but not in the same time relationship. When energy rises in frequency it can appear to be moving in opposition to time. The quantity and of course Quality of the Orgone will determine how much it will reduce the effects of radiation. Large quantities of Orgone are one of the ways to reduce radiation exposure, it is the life-force energy that raises the vibration of the location within time and space.

Having an Orgone Chembuster on the property will offer energetic protection against natural and un-natural, man-made disasters; because you are energetically taking control of what happens within your reality construct. You can raise the vibration of your home or an area to the point that disaster passes you by. Hurricanes move out of the way and that tornado just happens to hit to miss you or dies prematurely. I don’t know how many times that I have walked a Chembuster over to UPS, and seen the Chembuster clear the skies of chemtrails; it is not even remarkable anymore. I would love to see a few Orgone chembusters peppered along the new madrid fault line. On the extreme end the potential for an man-made earthquake would be stopped, because the frequency of that area, would longer contain the energetic need to experience the event. This is essentially reality creation, through intention. That is the ultimate power of Orgone as a radionic device. Orgone inside the home, reduces electrical consumption about 25% conservatively, the same negative entropic forces that wipe out chemtrails and radiation are creating the electrical savings.

Now onto the Magic Pumpkin that I have in my living room. I bought the Pumpkin last September in the middle of the month. The picture of the pumpkin is from about a week ago. As you can see there is not rot on the pumpkin, it is the same since the day that I bought it. Before it was just around the Orgone, since about March I noticed that the thing was still going strong, I decided to put it on top of an Orgone disc and sit atop of the Orgone Radionic machine from the Ascensionenergyprogram. The Pumpkin has been alive and kicking now for 6 and half months! It is directly absorbing the energy from the heightened Orgone field to the point that it is extending it’s lifespan. If I work to make pumpkin pie from this pumpkin the taste would be exquisite. Food treated with Orgone discs over a period of time in my refridgerator tastes similar to what happens to vintage wine that is aging. The harshness drops out and the taste seems to last forever. This is a sign of heightened energetic properties of the food. This phenomena also happens when food is treated with the Etheric water link code, it is a different process but similar effects.

The consistent dramatic results that I am getting treating food and plants with orgone has led me to begin to sleep with an Orgone disc to absorb the life force energy, I am applying the Orgone more directly for life extension possibilities. The mass of the Orgone definetly has an impact, larger has definetly been better, I don’t know if there are any limits to how much Orgone you can use. The Dotto Ring prototype is almost done, i have included a rough image of the box, we are making color changes to the prototype. The prototype of the dotto ring now called Xcalibur will be used radionically in the, it will be a part of the general subscription, one price gets 5 technologies now; Bio-resonance machine, Etheric Water, Tachyon Mirror machine, Orgone radionic machine and now the Xcalibur Magnetic field generator.