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Super Model Cheekbones and Super-Consciousness with Face Pulling

This is another update on the innovative face pulling technique created originally by Dr. Amir and Dr. Dean Howell. God originally intended me to be a smoking hot Alpha male that may have been able to play MLB. Barbaric Modern Dentistry decided another course of action by ripping 7 teeth out of my mouth, four wisdom and three others that shall remain anonymous under the guise of creating a correct bite and a smile without gaps.
A horrendous 4 hour surgery to remove my wisdom teeth left me in a state of chronic sleep deprivation, dark circles under my eyes, chronic fatigue, massive depression, poor appetite and reduced vision. The worst part is that I did not understand that these were symptoms of the wisdom teeth extractions. It took me well over 20 years to understand that the enormous emotional and psychological devastation was wrought by the teeth extractions. Instead of narrowing my palate to close the gaps, my jerk off orthodontist should have widened the arch and created bridges and implants. Compressing the palate and removing the wisdom teeth drastically altered the facial symmetry where my eyes were much more deep set and my cheekbones were not as pronounced.
The nervous system and the emotions also collapsed in conjunction with the collapse of the physical structure. I wasted years on a several shrink’s couches thinking the problems were all in my head and they were…literally! It is all about the structure and the alteration of the structure causing irrational behavior. Is this really too complex to understand Shrinks? You shove all those stupid drugs down your clients throats when all you really are doing is creating drug dependent clients. You are licensed drug dealers; wow you understand emotional and psychological dynamics but you have no clue how to Cure people because all you do is treat? Trick or Treat, you have tricked us into believing your professional actually has any value. The one man that did; you crucified Wilhelm Reich, who was leading you down a path where the psychological and emotional states were connected to the structure of the physical body.
Here is what is happening to me with 10 months of face pulling under my belt, 7 years of NCR and two years of Dental Expansion. I am functionally 3 inches taller, 6 foot 5inches now, chiropractors are you listening. I am a lean 192lbs, developing a V shape build with a narrowing waist and an expanding rib cage. My jacket size is two sizes larger, my hat size is also 2 sizes larger. I am starting to like my smile, I am no longer self conscious of my self as my facial and body symmetry moves towards the greek god like body ideal. Emotionally and psychologically, I take heads rather than pills. And the women want the seed because of the increase in testosterone levels and the change in attitude from Beta to Alpha.
My deep set eyes are softening as my cheekbones are popping out and becoming like razors. As the connective tissue has released there has been new bone growth, balance of symmetry between the left and right halves of the face. My supposed one leg shorter than the other has disappeared as my hips have rotated forward and evened out. I am nowhere nears down, as I plan to continue using all of these treatments, as long as the changes continue to improve.– weather modification and the quest for immortality

Time, Time, Time is on my side Yes it is… The Divine Mate Completion

My my, time flies when the crows nest at sunrise. We are near the end of the Mayan Calender according to the will of Calleman, Oct 28th 2011. I will probably switch to the promoting the 2012 version after the October 28th end date for search engine purposes… I learned something from Harold Camping who has coopted Calleman’s date for his end of the world predictions. He has now switched to October 21st. The good news for Camping is that he has several more shots to cry wolf, like Oct, 28th 2011. He can then switched to the 2012 timeline, manufacture a date in the spring, summer and fall and end with the grand finale around the winter solstice 2012. There is also a 2013 date generated by the Montauk Project people of March 21st, 2013, where they state they cannot read anything beyond this wall of energy.
It’s all about the links, who cares if its true, do you want to buy something, the end is near anyway why not dump the rest of that $60 credit card balance limit on an Orgone Pyramid. As I write this I am in battle with my power cord that has caught on my shoe. Entanglement theory is best demonstrated by rubber bands and power cords. Why is it that when you put a power cord in a bag that it inevitably gets tangled up with everything else? Is there a team of tanglers like elves in Santa’s workshop that tangle things up when you close the bag.
It also works great with pockets, they must have a subsidiary for pockets. Can we sell off the pocket team and get some cash to pay the debt down to create cash flow to buy inventory? Would it not be easier to burn the banks down and call a debt Jubilee. What is so bad with Lynch Mobs anyway? I will stop there and move on… Entanglement theory is a function of resonance, we become entangled as a function of thought and proximity. Everything generates frequency, the world will begin to harmonize together if placed in the same location or it will self-destruct as a result of a certain part of the enegy spectrum that refuses to harmonize. In our world this is the elite, they separate themselves from the rest of mankind thinking that they are superior when in reality they are identical to everyone else.
America has been called the great melting pot; all of these different races have been plopped down together causing massive chaos. What is happening is forced entanglement, the energies now are beginning to harmonize as the differences in cultures are becoming less significant as we find the cause of the disease of separation which is the elitist mentality. The 1% are causing 99% of the problems. What will happen? What do you think will happen? The energy of the 99% is moving at a very fast rate towards unification, it is unstoppable at this point. It is a Tsunami size energy ball that continually sweeps the planet like the famous waves a few years back at sporting events.
Time is speeding up as a result of energy compression similar to a file that has been compressed. Our genetic code is being compressed with ever increasing high frequency energy to stimulate an awakening of all the cool DNA programs like Immortality, mental telepathy, bi-location, invisibility. Everything that you have read in a comic book is about to become real as we shift the hologram into a baseline 5th dimensional experience. Ascension is a process of overlapping holograms, we are creating a new world where reality is no longer so solid and changes within matrix are lightening quick. The 1% are losing control because the joystick for the matrix are now in the hands of the 99%. The 99% still are now aware that they have the power so they march on wall street and occupy the world thinking that the bankers need to surrender when all they really need to do is change the matrix with focused thought, will and emotion. The chicken head has been cut off and we are waiting for the realization that the wicked witch is dead. Ding Dong the wicked witch the wicked witch is dead.
The one great test that we have not conquered is the separation from the creator or creation. This immense emotional pain of abandonment is what Mankind as a whole has been avoiding feeling to close the circuit and bring completion. In women the split manifests as the Madonna/Whore personality, there is also a male version in the priest/gangster dichotomy. We usually live in one or the other but never both at the same time. We think it is bad for a woman to be whores, but men will sell their souls for a night with a high class hooker. We think that this is bad, but is it really? The man is chasing after an ideal, a woman that can bring him to divinity through sex that his safe wife is unable to do so; because she is trapped in the Virgin Mary archetype. She has a secret side that she will either act out by having an affair on her safe boring Beta-male husband or create a fantasy world in her mind where she cheats on her husband mentally and emotionally. This Nicole Kidman demonstrated brilliantly in Kubricks last film Eyes Wide Shut. Kidman told her husband about a man that she briefly encountered as being able to deliver the ultimate sensual experience. You are left in doubt whether she actually had an affair or just wanted to have the affair. Tom Cruise was driven crazy and went off the deep-end exploring his own shadow side. Men primarily cheat on their spouses because they do not have a whore in the bedroom, a woman that they would kill for. In the extreme split you can have a man or a woman that has a secret active dark side, like Dexter. We love Dexter because we need a venue to vent these tremendous built-up electro-magnetic frequencies that are seeking completely.
In a perfected Divine mate relationship, the man and woman contain both archetypes active modulated by the Spirit. When this occurs we will see the rippling or true coupling around the world as we find our Divine mates en mass. We need to complete the circuit and experience love that en-compasses the whole energy frequency from Lust to Unconditional Love. A true mating includes Lust, you will want to kill for your partner or perhaps kill them if they wrong you. It is the volitility in relationships that needs to be balanced by enlightenment. Light balances power, light without power leaves one sterile and powerless. You bring your cock and pussy up to the 5th dimension, you don’t leave it behind they are the source of your power and are god-given and absolutely essential to becoming an Ascended Master.
Becoming Ascended is about coupling, it is not the lies propagated by religion that we need to do this on our own. We can’t that is what I have found. A man and a woman come together to create something greater than themselves which can be a child but it can also be high Magick or reality creation. The separation of the male and female is the source of all the conflict in the world. In an Ascended world Rick Blaine gets Ilsa Lund and Victor Laslow is left holding the bag, because the world is healed by lustful Divine mate couplings not false matings based on logic. If there is no happiness only obligations then there is no love and that causes more destruction than George Bush on a bender with unlocked Nuke codes. In the sub-atomic world every electron has a paired opposite, what happens below happens above. The micro and the macro are interwoven. The only thing that can save the world of the coupling of true divine mates, we stand at the precipice and we able to entangle enough from the feminine to fuse with the masculine. Unity is a fusion of oppositions, the joining of polarities to trigger the evolution of the human condition beyond the limitations of the 3rd dimension.
We are in the end battle to find true love and everlasting happiness, may every tear be wiped away.