What I have learned after a year of face pulling to correct collapsed facial structure from wisdom teeth extractions is that less is more. There are limits to how face bone will respond to applied force. We have found that 30-40 mins a day is the amount necessary to promote optimum growth. For some individuals, 10 mins a day to start is the maximum time that their nervous system can handle before it’s hits the point of exhaustion. Face pulling will cause the release of neuro-toxins and heavy metals from the connective tissue.
The procedure which entails the creation of a modified static dental retainer with hooks on the front and a lip built up on the back with consistent daily use will cause the growth of bone in the maxilla and pull out the cheekbones. There is a website that details the procedure more in-depth here, . It is possible to move to fast by over-pulling which may create symptoms such as headaches and temporary asymmetries in the face. Face pulling feels real good, often there is a release of a massive amount of endorphins that makes you want to continue the procedure beyond the 4o min limit. This can be counter-productive if continued on a regular basis because you will begin to create fissures in the bone rather than stimulate actual bone growth which only requires a minimal amount of force applied for a short duration not to exceed 40 mins. What will happen is that over time the changes from face pulling will stop as a result of a lack of true bone growth from excessive pulling. This phenomena can also be seen with palate expansion where one can open the palate up faster than the body responds with actual bone growth. I have made that mistake and it set my progress back 6 months, because I did not follow directions and relied on how I felt rather than sticking to the suggested protocols. The tortoise definitely beats the hare in the race for facial re-modeling.
If you can surrender to the process and get over the urge to constantly look for daily changes, you will be presently surprised in the results in 6 months. Ideally to maximize the changes for facial remodeling, you will need three procedures to a greater or lesser degree, Face pulling, NCR and dental expansion removable dental appliances. The variable is NCR, short for Neuro-cranial Re-structuring created by Dr. Dean Howell. NCR releases connective tissue patterns within the sphenoid bone combined with Face pulling and dental expansion if needed, you can begin to obtain the type of facial development and symmetry that God intended for you or that can only be found in Japanese anime cartoons. I suspect that super-natural abilities are a function of outrageous symmetrical features that are fully developed on levels that are not seen in today’s contaminated environment. Food chemicals and heavy metals not to mention generations of high grain diets have led to massive skeletal deformities in the cranial and spinal structures. Scoliosis which was a rare condition 100 years ago, is now seen in virtual the whole population.
Physical beauty is supposed to be a birth right of the human species is now becoming a treasured commodity in this degenerate culture. Degenerate physical forms leads to degenerate human beings with gross personalities rather than sensitive warm loving and strong personalities. As you open up the physical structure and begin to correct the asymmetries and build bone, the personality will begin to change and fall in line with traditional Alpha Male and Female types. Courage, honesty, strength and kindness are a function of great physical structure. We struggle to become better people because we are off in our structure and we have to compensate for the lack of a proper functioning nervous system and emotional body. Release the chronic tension in the head and body and watch how you begin to relax and enjoy life. Today we attack symptoms with medication rather than treat cause, everything we do is all backwards hence we make no progress get frustrated and give up eventually. The good news is that with these three procedures there are no limits to the type of body and symmetry that can be created. The bad news is that it will take time and money; the payoff along the way is enormous and you will see you life begin to expand on many levels from emotional, physical to increased intelligence and creativity. Spontaneity will become the driving force in life and fearlessly will be the dominant emotional state. That is a goal that is worth striving for… We can help you with various options for physical restructuring; feel free to contact me, orgoneproducts1@gmail.com

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