I normally do not get much synchronicity when I am in Manhattan. It may have something to do with the density of the city, but occasionally it does happen and recently the frequency has been increasing. I was leaving my apartment building a few days back and was walking out of the lobby. A woman was trying to open her mailbox and was having trouble. She asked me, if I was having trouble with my mailbox? I said No, I next said you have two problems; one you are wearing a boston Red Sox cap, (I was wearing a Yankee cap) and two, you are in the wrong building because that is my mailbox. The humor escaped her, even in NY, maybe it’s the food chemicals.
Later in the day, I was transversing over to my local gym to do some weight-lifting. I was going to stop in for a wheat grass juice, but the health food store had just closed. A block later, a guy was handing out free 5 hour energy drinks on the street, normally I would pass because of the food chemicals, but felt today why not, I will run with it. I walked into the Gym after another two blocks and the first thing I saw was a commercial on TV for the 5hr energy drink.
After the Gym I was looking for a place to eat and watch the Yankee game. I did not want to go to a bar, I ran into a deli that I have never been in before and found one of my favorite sushi dishes and an upstairs lounge with the Yankee game on the Telly. Normally outside the city, I have an abundance of synchronicity, but within the confines of the borough of Manhattan the experiences have been few and far between. Maybe Gotham is making a turn for the better…