I live in Manhattan and happen to run into the high level models that you see in all the Magazines and on runway shows. Most of the models seem to have that aloof vacant stare, and the emaciated 3rd world starvation look. The fundamental control that the elite have on the planet; is via regulation of the food supply through starvation and devaluation of food sources, which leads to starvation. Models are an extreme example, where they are made to look like adolescence boys with rail thin bodies and non-existent breasts. Models habits and looks are of course copied by teenage girls everywhere, who aspire to look like models. What they do not understand is the misery that comes with the chronic low amino acid intake.
The ultimate control is through restriction of food intake; as a species it is our biggest fear. Models have been conditioned to not eat and exist on a “Apple a day” as one former model told me. The end result is massive cannibalization of body tissue to self-sustain. Naturally what happens is the body goes into conservation mode, like a computer that goes to sleep in order to conserve battery life. The key is amino acid deficiency on a massive scale, the brain and the will do not function with amino acid deficiencies. Words are hard to get out and thoughts near impossible to complete. Actions on the physical plane are left half finished like leaving the cap off the toothpaste or failing to put the top back on the ketchup bottle.
The Center for the disease control is of course part of the control system so there protein requirements are ridiculously low. Here is an example:

Recommended Dietary Allowance for Protein

Grams of protein
needed each day

Children ages 1 – 3

Children ages 4 – 8


Children ages 9 – 13


Girls ages 14 – 18


Boys ages 14 – 18


Women ages 19 – 70+

Men ages 19 – 70+

A non-functioning brain leads to an incapacitation of the decision-making process. Others begin to make decisions for you that most likely are not in your best interest. The disconnection to the heart center or emotional body also occurs with low protein intake. You think models get all the guys; that may be true but what is the actual experience in bed? How can one have an Orgasm; not to mention multiple ones with out amino acids and high levels of hormones. The Sex drive is not a primary consideration for a body that is starving itself. Positive emotions and intuition function on a nutritionally saturated body, not a chronically depleted one. A car does not have the ability to cannibalize itself like the body does, so when it runs out of gas it stops working. We know that we need to fill up the car if it is going to function again. While there is not much harm done to a car that is on empty, that is not true of the human body. The body will pull nutrition from everywhere to perserve the life of the body. Bulimia has been described as an inverted Orgasm. Systemic auto-immune diseases and allergies occur on the longterm, while the short-term consequences are apathy, indifference and sadness. The cycle of chronic low nutrition leads to every increasing feelings of despair, loneliness and isolation. You can be drop-dead gorgeous on the outside and riddled with chronic low self esteem and hopelessness on the inside.
I learned this right after college when I met the girl of my dreams Andrea; who was the most beautiful girl in school and also happened to be a model in Japan. She came into my bar and struck up a friendship with me since her boyfriend lived around the corner. One day she had a fight with her man and came into the bar to talk to me and she asked me if I thought she was pretty. My jaw dropped to the floor and I realized in that moment, that her internal state was completely incongruent with the actual reality; at the time I did not know why she felt ugly but the memory has always stuck with me.
What is the quickest way to solve this amino acid deficiency? MAP, short for Master Amino Acid Pattern. MAP was originally designed to solve starvation in 3rd world countries, it has been taken up by the body- building crowd as a food supplement to provide the 9 essential aminos that the body needs. What are the real protein needs of the body? About one gram per body weight; so if you are 110lbs dripping wet, you need 110 grams of protein to function at a high level. There will be a more expansive newsletter which will tackle in-depth what high amino acid intake can do for you. The beauty of MAP is that it is 99% utilized and only produces 1% waste. MAP is pre-digested so the body does not need to break it down into it’s components; it goes right to work without the need of digestion in 23 minutes. MAP will not cause protein toxicity that is associated with high protein intake from conventional food sources, that problem will be addressed in the next newsletter.