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The Shoes Have It.. Starecta/Bite Block Changes: Shoe size jumps from 11-13.5


Apparently there really is a connection to the foot and the mouth. The Starecta is basic dental appliance that is modified every two weeks with a dental Acrylic to build up the height of the back molars. The head is balanced by three points of contact; the cervical vertebrae and the back molars forming a pyramidal base. As the teeth grind down overtime the base collapses and the head tips. Compensation by the connective tissue and muscular system commences to keep the head upright. Spinal curvatures, twisting of the torso, pelvis, knees and contraction of the feet.
The starecta/bite block begins the reversal of the compensation process and the body unwinds and regains it’s natural symmetry. After three months on the Starecta, I was having almost daily headaches. I thought this was part of the correction process, but little did I know it was from shoes that were way too tight. I had naturally high arches the story goes, one day I got the epiphany that maybe I needed bigger shoes! I hobbled down to my favorite shoe store on St. Marks and First; the name escapes me, but it is my favorite. A small selection, but all the shoes are well thought out at this nameless shoe store that be my favorite of all-time. I got a new pair of sneakers size 12; I had jumped a full shoe size. Guess what? I won the lottery the same day; not the literal lottery, but the pain free no headache lottery.
I started to ponder the meaning of the foot in mouth syndrome. Feet, palate, top of the head. I had high arches and a high palate and the top of my head was pinched most likely from the hammock that hit me square on the head and knocked me out cold at 12 years of age. About a month later, the headaches started up again, but this time I was wise and made a pre-emptive strike and ran to my favorite nameless shoe store to buy the next installment in this shoe saga. The headaches again subsided, there was peace in the land and all was well. This time I started to look more closely at my feet, I speculated based on the size of my arches, I was not quite done with the shoe expansion. Low and behold, another month had passed and it was time for a new pair of addidas green suede sneakers.
At this point, I had avoided the need to get the headache first to tell me, I needed a new pair of shoes. I was becoming in tune with my body, I was starting to listen to what it was telling me rather than needing the fire alarm to go off. It is here where the story turns bittersweet on the next upgrade of shoes, my favorite nameless shoe store on St. Marks seized to be my friend. They no longer had my Size! I had outgrown them, 13.5 apparently was too much of a man for them. I turned my back on them, kicked the dirt off my shoes mounted my blue metal stallion and rode off into the internet…
As the head re-positions correctly and as the arch widened and flattened there was a corresponding change in the arch of the feet to support the new weight distribution. At the same time the spinal curves were being corrected, the position of the pelvis was changing as well as my knees, even my bow legs were straightening out. After 13 months with the starecta, it appears that my feet may have reached their manifest destiny. Only time with tell…

Facial Restructuring- The Path Back To Re-claiming Original Design

I grew up with a high carbo-hydrate diet lacking raw foods, specifically raw milk with the healthy bacteria necessary for assimilation of nutrients and lived in a high stress home environment where every day was like a fire drill. The fruit was a narrow palate, under-developed jaw-line with a narrow forehead and a nice case of scoliosis. I was the poster-boy for ecto-morph body type; with all the negative symptoms of insomnia, chronic fatique and perpetual pessimism. What ever could go wrong did, the master of disaster; a day late and a dollar short. The guy that ends up holding the bag and never gets the girl. Rejection and ridicule both at home and school were a daily experience. I learned to deal with it; by adopting the I don’t care attitude. It was an avoidance pattern, that led me to never giving my best effort and always holding back a bit to have a ready-made excuse for failing.
I stopped taking emotional risks and succumed to my fears, well almost but not completely. The anger fueled a drive, but I did not know where I was heading. All, I knew was I was immensely unhappy and wanted some pleasure. I may not have finished anything; but I never did settle and continue to search for answers.
It was the birthing of my inner Beta-Male, the guy that appeased people to avoid conflict at all costs. I did this with both Men and Women, hence I never got what I wanted and the anger began to build which was repressed into depression and apathy. Rationalizations were created to buffer the expanding resume of rejection letters; from women, teachers and mostly my father. In my Mother’s eyes, I could do no wrong; there was no standard for behavior. In my father’s eyes, I could do no right. Success was punished and failure was rewarded. I was essentially wired in reverse for life.
Fast forward a few years, more than a few years and that kid that never quit; well he never quit and began to find some answers that really worked. I learned over the years that running ahead really fast without a plan; just got you tired and you ended up in the exact same place. Real change, not spare change need a vertical rise to a new level. In life I have had moments in life where there were some peak experiences, like 6th grade little league where I was the star for once in my life; moments of success where I felt on top of the world. How did I get there? I don’t know it just happened magically? What is the source of that Magic? Today, I know it to be hormones most specifically testosterone. Peak experiences are generated by high hormones. In adolescence, if I did not have the negative feedback from my parents and the in-correct diet; I would have grew into my original design as a Meso-morph more Tom Brady and less computer geek-nerd. I would have looked the part and gotten the girl. Symmetrical looks however are a symptom of high hormones; it is the hormone levels themselves that generate the magical experiences. Without the hormones, happiness does not exist. To the degree that we are hormonally de-ficient is the degree that we are out of tune with existence and misery ensues.