I now know where my soulmate is; sleeping in a sarcophagus in Russia from over 800 million years ago. Well, that mystery is solved let’s move onto the next one. What is this mysterious liquid that has preserved a body that seems virtually alive. This is way beyond the bodies that were found in a peet bog preserved whole. Those bodies tissues were preserved intact, but no one would mistake them for being alive. In the case of the sleeping beauty, she was perfectly preserved in the prime of youth.
Whether she died as a youth and was preserved or died as an older person and age regressed while immersed in the liquid is unknown. What is known is when the body was taken out of the liquid the body began to turn black, but when the body was re-immersed in the liquid she returned to the prime youth state. Two of the components of the liquid were identified as? drum roll……, garlic and onion juice.
Of course the main active component of garlic and onions is sulfur. Sulfur deficiency is one of the main causes of diseases and now the aging process in general. This gives me some ideas of the application of sulfur in regards to age reversal.