I have finally put the Xcalibur machine up for sale from the AscensionEnergyProgram.com I have been working with the Xcalibur radio-frequency device for over 7 years now both remotely through the program and in person with direct exposure. I have discovered that Aging is a complex topic where, belief cannot be separated from effect. We are constantly bombarded with obstacles that drain us of energy; the most prominent factor is other people. If we become embroiled with low energy people, they just end up draining us like a battery with no payoff energetically in positive emotional and mental states. The main benefit that I have discovered with the Xcalibur machine is that is creates an environment that mimics the conditions that were similar from an energetic point of view, before the fall of Man. The net effect on people is that the process of trauma removal is accelerated; we are in essence moving back through time via our bloodlines. Our blood contains the record of ancestors, as the blood is purified from the high frequency fields over time, we begin to regress back to earlier states of man.
This actually increases our life force energy as the trauma is purged. The process is not a straight line but cyclical, we encounter all the feelings and the emotions of a past traumatic event as if we are re-living the experience, but the trauma is actually leaving our consciousness and our body. The net result is more life force energy and subtle youthing effects. Most of the youthing effects will first be found in your attitude and aura; you act and feel younger than you appear; this leads over time to the slowing of the aging process and perhaps the halting of aging. The aging process has many complex factors so there is no magic pill; the resistance found in the collective unconscious is perhaps our biggest hurdle. The beauty of the Xcalibur machine is that there is no limit to how many people you can treat at one time; in fact the more people you treat the better that you will do yourself. Low energy people always drain energy from high energy individuals since they are in a state of energy depletion. This of course is an enormous problem in a big city like New York, where there are many vampires walking around looking for a meal. I even believe that as more machines get in circulation the process of age regression will get easier.
The general population will begin to accept the idea that life can be extended beyond the current limits of approximately 100 years or so. We are of course looking for quality functional years, not simply extending the bed ridden ones. The Xcalibur machine was based on an anti-aging device from the 1980’s called the Dotto Ring. The Dotto Ring was a thermo-couple that replicated the magnetic field effects found in the Hunza valley of Northern Pakistan where there are reported to live up to 150 years functioning as if there were in there 40’s or 50’s. The Dotto Ring disappeared after the FDA destroyed all the machines while cancer studies were being performed at sloan-kettering hospital here in New York City.
Our biology runs on electro-magnetic energy; at conception we have the strongest energy values that we will ever have; it is all downhill from there… Conception is basically an electro-magnetic event that opens the heavens (a wormhole) to allow the soul to download into the egg. The etheric blueprint in the soul begins to unwind and build the body. The mother’s womb functions as an cave that feeds the child with nutrients and also energy. The vitality of the child is a byproduct of the strength of the bloodlines of the two parents and the intensity of the coupling. There are also other factors such as astrological influences from the heavens.
The initial spark of conception begins to dissipate like a cellphone battery. We do have the ability to re-charge to a certain degree by living a wholesome lifestyle; but inevitably sin or trauma catches up with us and ends our existence. Sin is a tether to a real force in the demonic realm that drains us of energy. We die because there is a trojan horse in our genetic code called original sin that we have not been able to remove due to the nature of the intensity of the original event. That event was the mating with the fallen angels or with the human females. There is not much information on the Nephilim in the bible other than a few lines in Genesis 6:4 “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.” Now this is a real sanitized version of the event, which was actually a horror show with beings that ranged in height from 16 feet tall to over 35 feet. There was no love involved in this process (obviously) and is the reason why pain is intertwined with pleasure. The whole purpose of creating the messiah was to remove original sin in women. A divine being with the love of God was needed to remove the deeply embedded imprint in human females. Normal Men were simply not strong enough to deal with the seductive nature of women, they lacked the power to remove the sexual imprint. To truly Age Regress we need to rout out Original sin in human females.
The relationship between Men and Women is a feedback loop that is supposed to feed the man with pure feminine energy so that he grows stronger. The Man then delivers the seed back to the woman with enhanced energetic values. Prior to the fall this energetic relationship sustained our bodies in a permanent youthful state. The concept of Aging did not exist, each sexual coupling created a deeper more intimate bond. Life always renewed itself and never got boring. Intimacy is the coin of the realm in heaven; intimacy is innocence. Heaven on Earth is a byproduct of this positive feedback loop which currently does not yet exist here on Earth. Sex with love is the basis of heaven,sex is not the cause of Sin. The problem was the sexual mating of two different species angels and humans. The power differential between Angels and Humans was simply too great; the experiences caused a split in the personalities of the women. We know this split to be the Madonna/Prostitute complex. Sex is evil in the fallen world simply because people hearts are not sufficiently open to project the love that is needed to sustain the frequencies of heaven. To rephrase sin is a deficiency of Love as a result of a closed heart. As the hearts of humankind have opened, our actions have become less sinful in nature, which has created a quandry for religion since it still uses an external standard to determine moral behavior.
We are on a path since the fall of Man to become like Gods; the solution is to create the exact opposite experience of the trauma produced by the mating of the fallen angels with the human females. In other words intensely intimate pleasurable experiences that can be sustained over a period of time. This is the true purpose of the Christ that has almost been erased from history. Each time we go into these states we end up dumping more trauma out of our aura, we essentially are on a path to becoming whole or sinless. Of course, Catholicism has turned Christ into a sexless God with a sexless conception. As I said before the,The vitality of the child is a byproduct of the strength of the bloodlines of the two parents and the intensity of the coupling. This is why I don’t believe in the Virgin conception of Christ, you would need the opposite of a fallen Angel to remove a demonic imprint. The Christ needs to be as strong as possible. Who was the one that Announced to Mary that she was to conceive? Archangel Gabriel? Do you think that would make more sense? There is now symmetry in the story. Catholicism has replaced Magdalene with his mother, bringing new meaning to the term Mamma’s boy. The male version of the split is the good guy/bad boy complex. The good guy never gets the girl and ends up holding the bag; where as the bad boy always gets the girl, but does not love the woman. The bad boy has a closed heart and is not subject to seduction. He is incapable of removing sin and corrupts the woman further. Both sides end up heart broken in the long run, which is why most people settle for the middle to avoid dealing with intense emotional pain. Since of all Christianity is derived from Catholicism; this infection of the worship of the mother rather than honoring the wife has kept Christianity in an adolescence state where boys never become Men. The church of course, did this to keep control over it’s members by removing the key of sacred sex as the anti-dote to original sin. The key for the man is that he needs to be strong enough to resist seduction to penetrate beyond the mask that the woman projects into the world. Typically he folds, too soon and is entrapped by the woman. True love is aborted and the reversal of the sexual dynamic between Men and Women is never achieved. We become trapped in an emotional roller coaster subject to eternal forces. This generates the cyclical nature of life, which we consider natural that always ends in decay and death. The ultimate victory will be achieved when the man is willing to risk losing his beloved until her desire becomes greater than her need to control the male. The truth is that a woman sexual capacity is at least 3x greater than the male. True surrender of the female in eros is the event that will change the world. I used to believe that we could extend the lifespan, with a magic elixir or the fountain of youth; but those approaches are limited in nature, the approach to extending the lifespan needs to be more broad-based treatment of the collective rather than solely treating the individual. We are attempting to change a fundamental belief in human nature that is so deeply embedded in us from thousands of years of intense traumatic experiences.

Why did I talk so much about the connection to the bible? The false Archetypes created by religion have to be destroyed and re-created according to how we actual behave in the natural world. Sex has a beautiful purpose in our lives that extends beyond simply procreation, it has a real creative function that drives all aspects of our lives and is the basis of what we know as economy. Abundance is a byproduct of proper sexual functioning that adds energy into our lives and the world at large. This was the basis of Wilhelm Reich’s research into Orgone therapy, how to restore proper sexual functioning in individuals which led to people leading productive and happy lives. Did he solve the problem? No, but that is a work in progress that I believe is achievable with the help of modern technology and real science. We have entered an age where the splits in the psyche of both men and women, will be integrated into the new man and the new woman where the sinner and the saint both reside together as a singular identity as a result of the heart opening into a permanent fixed position. The key is the matter of degree, the stronger the man becomes the greater capacity to love. Courage is the main attribute that a Man needs to develop. The difference between Men and women are the male hormone levels, the higher the male hormone levels the greater stability and peace is generated in the Man. You can see this especially in high level athletes, the top echelon athlete preforms better under pressure, he converts the pressure into increased focus and actual pleasure.
The weekend warrior most likely would be a nervous wreck worrying more about avoiding get hit by the 95 MPH fastball rather than getting the big hit. If you add in chemical enhancements, you can see what we consider super-human performance level. This is the where the problems begin; the gap between the average person and the hero becomes too great and the masses tend to want to see the hero fall rather than break through to the next level of consciousness. There is a fear reaction in the little man that is projected at the hero which eventually leads to their demise. The trick here is how do we begin to bring up the bottom of humanity, where they will actually want to achieve true freedom rather than stick with the known prison.. The unknown state of consciousness operates on different principals mainly instant intuitive responses that are a function of the heart rather than the head. The key is the ability to withstand pain, all consciousness breakthroughs are a function of increased pain tolerance, whether they be emotional in nature or physical via record breaking athletic performances. The Xcalibur machine is one way to increase pleasurable states that keep the heart open, when used in large groups such as a live music show. The crowd after a number of hours, reverts to a childlike state where the human interactions are more authentic rather than pre-planned with the mind. Self-consciousness or guilt begins to drop out. I have noticed in myself that I am no longer have much background noise in my head, there is a new freedom to act in the moment and meet opportunities this is what we experience as magical moments, rather than hesitating which leads to self-criticism and a drop in energy. The more magical moments that we can generate the more energy we accumulate and is the starting point for physical regeneration.
If you are interested in the Xcalibur machine, there is more technical information on the webpage on the orgone site. The machines are custom made by my engineer, I currently have ten in production that should be ready in about 60 days. The retail price is $12,000, but since I am just starting to sell the machines, I am open to creative financing options and discounts. The best bet is to read the webpage and then contact me and we can have a phone conversation.

Kevin Courtois