The main purpose of this page is to collate the Top paying programs with the soundest long-term model to produce consistent residual income from Bitcoin faucets and paid to click sites. There will be no HYIP sites on this page. I will include other crypto currencies sites if the model is sound. Any program that requires you to be a computer expert will not be here. The biggest problem with any affiliate program is that they eventually stop paying and all the time and money invested goes to waste. So, diversifying programs is essential to make money long term through residual income sources. Unlike the old crop of affiliate programs such as Clix sense that are dollar-based, with Bitcoin you are dealing with a currency that will most likely grow at an exponential rate. Currently, Bitcoin has been doubling every 9 months since its inception. There are many forecasts that Bitcoin could go over $10,000 by the beginning of next year and over $100,000 within 2-3 years. A few satoshis from an affiliate program today, could well add up into substantial wealth later.
Now that you have a Jaxx Multi-currency wallet or another crypto wallet. To earn money from the best free Bitcoin programs on the web, you first need to sign up for Coinpot.
CoinPot is the payment hub that interfaces with 5 free crypto currency programs. You need to add email address to Coinpot and confirm the link. After signing up for coinpot, you will sign up for the crypto currencies programs below that all pay out through Coinpot. You will need your wallet addresses for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge coin found in your Jaxx wallet.

1) BitFun is a Bitcoin Faucet that generates perhaps the highest amount of satoshi’s per minute. A faucet accumulates like water dripping into a sink and eventually fills up. All of the faucets start out fast and slow down over time. The great thing about a faucet is that you can leave the window open on your phone or computer and come back later to claim the accumulated satoshis. I will leave the window open overnight and claim in the morning. During the day, I usually go to the coffee shop for several hours and claim several programs on my phone in a cycle every 5-10 minutes. Bitfun earnings are paid by Coinpot. There are 5 programs that are paid out by Coinpot and I will have this listed in order first. Bitfun and the other coinpots programs are the easiest faucets to use, they are virtually idiot proof. I have been paid out several times from Coinpot within 48 hours and seems like it is here to last. 50% referral fee, 1 level.

2) Bonus Bitcoin: This is another faucet that you can click every 15 minutes, the payouts range from about 25 satoshi’s to 95. There is a 5% bonus that accumulates per day as well, hence where it get’s the name bonus.
There is a 50% referral fee on one level. This is another faucet that feeds into Coinpot. The minimum withdrawal from Coinpot is 10,000 satoshi. I was able to make this in about 2 days without a referral.

3) Moon Bitcoin is another Bitcoin faucet that feeds into Coinpot. You can make claim every 5 mins, you get a mystery bonus on every claim that can be up to a 100%. There is also a daily bonus that goes up 1% if you make claims every day, that can go also up to 100%, essentially doubling your earnings. The referral fee is 25%.
10,000 Satoshi minimum for withdrawals to a private wallet.

4) Moon Litecoin- Is a litecoin faucet that feeds into Coinpot. Litecoin is going to be the coin that people will use for daily transactions. 25% referral fee.