QoinPro.com: Free Bitcoins every 24 hours

My Masterplan, you start by opening up the multi-currency wallet above Qoinpro. They pay you 11 different crypto currencies everyday, including Bitcoin and Litecoin, just for opening the wallet. They have a huge 7 level referral program, that overtime should generate some real income by itself.

CoinPot.co is a multi-currency wallet and payment portal for the Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge cryptos below. You sign up with coinpot first, then the other programs they all feed into coinpot. You can use coinpot as a wallet by itself. You can also convert directly on coinpot into bitcoin, Litecoin or Doge. It is a nice function within the wallet.
The Bitcoin faucets below all feed into Coinpot, they can generate some nice earnings from making claims immediately with free Bitcoin from your phone in a matter of minutes. I make about 3 withdrawals a week of Bitcoin and Litecoin just from making my own claims. The withdrawal minimums are low.
The faucets allows you to accumulate free Bitcoin’s with just a click a button every five minutes. You can do these programs while at home or work, they take up very little time and effort. Your phone can become a crypto currency ATM, with very little effort!
1) Moon Bitcoin Faucet- Earn free Bitcoin satoshis from this easy faucet, with 25% on referrals. They have a daily bonus that increases, 1% percent per day.

2) Bit Fun Faucet: This is the fastest Bitcoin faucet that I have come across with 50% on referrals.

3) BONUSBITCOIN You can make claims every 15 minutes with claims up to 100 satoshis, the name for units of Bitcoins. 50% on referrals.

4) MOONLITE 25% for referrals on all lite coin claims. Litecoin I believe will go to $1000 per coin and will be the daily coin that people use for purchases on the internet. The moon programs have a daily bonus that goes up 1% per day, if you claim at least once per day. It is possible to get 100% on your own claims forever.

5) MOONDOGE 25% commission on referrals. I am not a big fan of Dogecoin, there is not much use for it, but on Coinpot you can convert to either Litecoin or Bitcoin and the conversion rates are high! Moondoge is a very good faucet when you convert to Bitcoin.
Signing up for any of these affiliate programs will help support Orgoneproducts.org in defending against the globalist attacks from weather warfare that is currently taking place with non-stop Chemtrails and Hurricanes that are beseiging our Country..