Orgoneproducts Newsletter: Mass Animal Die-offs, Frequency control, Uprising in Egypt and Coherence

The biggest news story of the year, is not anything to do with the economy or the state of the Nation; but the die-off of wildlife around the world. I was unaware of the magnitude until I read this article which has collated all the known animal die-offs over the last year and a half. Since November 6th 2009, there have been over 60 mass die-offs of fish, birds and mammals. Some of the most dramatic examples of die-off are: 1000’s of octopuses wash up on a beach in Portugal, 1/3/11, Thousands of Redwing blackbirds fall from the sky in Beebee, Arkansas, 1/2/11, 10,000 dead birds in Manitoba, Canada, 1/4/11, 8000 turtledoves fall from the sky in Faenza, Italy on 1/8/11, Millions of crickets wiped out in Port Allen, Louisiana, 1/12/11, 10,000 Cattle and Buffalo die in Vietnam, 1/21/11, hundreds of Penguins dying in New Zealand, 1/22/11, and 12,000 dead antelope in Kazakhstan, 5/28/10.
Now most of these deaths are in the U.S. and a great deal are in the southeast part co-inciding with the Gulf Oil Spill. Are they a result of the use of Corexit dispersal agent, still being used in the Gulf? That might explain some of the mass fish die-offs; but how do you explain birds dropping from the sky en masse, with organs that are imploded from the inside? That sounds like the HAARP project; the immense micro-wave antennae array in Alaska. It has been alleged that specific species or individuals can be targeted with HAARP frequencies similar to a radio receiving a signal from a radio station. Each human being or animal species emits a specific frequency that can be tuned into, if that signal strength is strong enough; it can interact with aluminum particles in the body to heat the tissue to the point where it implodes.
Now in the United States, Aluminum is put in most processed foods and in skin care products such as deodorant. There is no good reason why Aluminum is in food, unless it was being used in conjunction with Micro-wave technology as a form of modification of human consciousness. The HAARP project is a mind control device on a grand scale. Blanketing the world with Chemtrails on a daily basis with Aluminum and barium creates a grid in the ionosphere that allows for microwave transmissions to bounce off the ionosphere and blanket the world. All Organisms that contain large amounts of aluminum will react to tranmissions in the microwave range. In this respect wireless communications become a part of the matrix that controls human consciousness. In the cafe that I am currently sitting in, there are over 30 wireless signals that are running through my body and of course there is my cellphone that I seem to be always jabbering away on, much ado about nothing…
Now, Why am I not sick? I live in an urban environment with no connection to nature and am immersed in a sea of discordant frequencies from the crazy thoughts of 6 million people to all these wireless microwave transmissions. The principle of Alchemy is turning dark into light or negative into positive. As one progresses on the spiritual path, they become coherent; that is they begin to harmonize all discordant frequencies. Energy is just energy, if you have a lot of it; even negative energy it can be used as a source of power. Coherence is the organization of energy into a unified pattern. Unity consciousness is a sign of an evolved consciousness. We become balls of energy that emit frequencies as well as absorb. It is possible to turn all of these discordant frequencies that are meant to limit and control your life into a fuel source to free oneself from the very thing that is limiting you. In the film the matrix, Morpheus tells Neo that when he is ready, not only will he not have to run from the agents that they will be under his dominion and rule.
Orgone is one of those tools to turn dark into light, create coherence in discordant energy patterns including all forms of microwave transmissions. How do I know that this is actually happening? Little tests have shown me over the years that Orgone creates coherence. One is the cellphone test that has shown that orgone attached to a cellphone can actually increase the growth rate of plants. So what do I do? Rather than changing my habits of talking on the cellphone for 3-4 hrs a day; I add a Orgone cellphone chip to my phone and a Matrix neutralizer as a form of overkill. I use technology to help advance my consciousness and increase my health at the same time. I could go live in the mountains and eat berries wear a loincloth, pound my chest above the evils of modern society or I can adapt to my environment and modify to my advantage. Another experiment that shows that Orgone creates coherence is the one with razor blades. I place my razors on an Orgone disc in my bathroom that extends the life of my razor blades up to 90 days of use without replacement. This of course saves me a bit of coin, but it also re-in forces the idea that Orgone creates coherence. The orgone electricity experiment that I was running a few years ago has shown that there can be savings of over 25% on average with some as high as 50%.
I currently have a pumpkin from the beginning of October that is still kicking that sits under my Christmas tree that is still young and virile. My apartment is immersed in a sea of orgone so the pumpkin will most likely stick around to the spring again. The Christmas tree will go with the snow, life cut short, tis the way of things. The re-enforcement creates a positive feedback loop that increases the effectiveness of the Orgone; because at the end of the day; Orgone really is a mind amplification device. The more I believe I can walk on water, the greater the likelihood that I create miracles or quantum effects in my life. The process of creating coherence has continued with the introduction of the Unified Energy technologies of the Ascensionenergyprogram, where one thing ends and another begins, I know not. It has all become just one big energy signature.
The Mayan Calendar predicts big happenings this year. Johan Calleman even claims the calendar ends on November 28th, 2011 rather than the December date of 2012. The time acceleration phenomena anticipates many major changes in the world this year such as a return to Sovereign political systems and and a Sound money system backed by precious metals. It does not seem possible that so many changes can take place in such a short time frame, but who would have predicted the fall of the Egyptian dictatorship in a weekend that has been running for over 30 years. As we speak, protesters sit side by side on top on tanks calling for the removal of Mubarak. The typical repressive response of NWO order countries has not happened and the military has stepped back for a moment and sided with the people. A new event perhaps in the annals of governments. Egypt of course is the cradle of civilization and now it has changed to something new, overnight. Iraq appears to be on the verge of a similar renaissance as the collapse of the de facto government in the United States may occur by the spring right along with the predictions of the Mayan calendar. Over the summer, I would go up to Cairo, New York and hang out with Preston Nichols of the Montauk Project fame and use his sound system that creates quantum effects. His property sits atop a under-ground pyramid complex in Greene county in upstate New York. Co-incidence or an act of creation? Freedom is a thought-form, like anything else and when the frequency hits a certain amplitude the manifestation becomes visible in the external world. If you have not tried the Ascensionenergyprogram, I urge you to give it a try at least until the end of the spring, we are in momentous times and these technologies are their to aid you in the spiritual awakening process and the road to happiness.
On a more mundane note, I am discontinuing the line of Alchemia Nova products, because of the disappearance of the Alchemist Raoul Tollman for three months now. I am offering a discount of 25% on his gem elixirs. There are some items, that I am out of, you can call me or email me, if you would like to know what I have left. I am also running a special on Orgone cellguards, buy two get one free. I am raising the last of the money needed for the elusive dotto ring, the RF Magnetic frequency device designed for Age Reversal and the re-growth of the telomeres. This has been a project that has been on-going now for the last 5 years. I have reached the final hurdle, I have a new engineering company and we have made excellent modifications to the original prototype that I had running two years ago. I will be adding the dotto ring to the Ascensionenergyprogram.com, it will be included in the price of a regular subscription, so if you are already on the program, there is nothing you need to do. The device is designed to be used in person, but it can also be used remotely. It makes a very large dynamic magnetic field that is similar to an enhanced gravity field.

Over and Out- Kevin