Anti Aging Theories/Technology

Kryon: Age Reversal with Applied Dynamic Magnetic Fields

I have listened to Kryon on and off for about 20 years. I have utilized some of the concepts in the development of my technology and use of the mind. I have thought for a long time that it was possible to actually fully reverse the Aging process rather than just slow down or delay the aging process. In this video Kryon, talks about the extended lives of the Prophets in the bible, who lived in excess of 600 years; right after the fall from the garden of Eden. The key point of this video is that Kryon touches upon the spontaneous remission cases in terminal illness. Kryon claims there is a blueprint for the complete regeneration of the physical body contained not within the body itself, but in the aura of the individual or the Merkaba field. The youthing template, can be activated with enhanced magnetic fields and pure intent. Quantum phenomena is a function of high level magnetic fields generated by an open heart and a bi-cameral mind. This is the miracle making power that Christ was talking about was possible for all humans. The planetary fields back in the time of the prophets was much higher that currently today. The Xcalibur machine acts as a substitution for the lack of magnetic energy, necessary to activate and run the Youthing template.
This is still theoretically at this point, but I have seen the potential at times, with the continual use of the Xcalibur machine. The hardest part is overcoming the belief in death, since this is a fear carried by the collective consciousness of Man.

Mono Atomic Gold Cellular Super Conductor

Monoatomic Gold elixir is designed to interact directly with your energy body. As such, the effect is immediate; as can be demonstrated by the instant change of brain wave patterns once the elixir is taken. This product is for experienced meditators or occult practitioners; it is pricey. If you are a beginner, I would suggest bypassing until you understand the value of Monotamic Gold.
It is a tool to reach expanded and sublime states of consciousness easily and effortlessly. Gold is a super-conductor, it vastly increases the processing power of the nervous system, allows for the smooth integration of the Merkaba (light body) with the physical.
In Alchemy, we see gold as the representative of the sun, which rules the fourth seal or chakra of the human energy body and rules the heart and the arteries, as well as the skeletal structure of the human body. Based upon this knowledge, it is not surprising that we can observe the following effects of gold: On a physical level, monoatomic gold increases stamina and hormone production while balancing the endocrine system; thus it is useful for the purpose of physical rejuvenation. Monoatomic gold also strengthens the heart, and increases the growth of red blood cells and semen. In general it serves as an aphrodisaic for both genders.
Monoatomic Gold starts out as 99.99% pure Gold it is then converted into Monoatomic Gold utilizing a traditional method of Western Alchemy to produce elixirs as practiced by the Cathars and the Dutch School. Paracelsus suggests to ‘obtain the virtues of gold’ in cases of “Paralysis, Fevers, Palpitation of the Heart, complaints of the Matrix, Peri-pneumonia, and in acute diseases generally.” The ancient Ayurvedic text ‘Rasa-Jala-Nidhi’ states about gold: “Gold is soothing, pure, nutritive, curer of poison, phthisis, insanity and other diseases. Gold increases vitality, fortune, beauty, intelligence and memory. It destroys all sorts of diseases, pacifies the evil influences exerted on human beings by ghosts, is an aphrodisiac and gives rise to happiness and nutrition. It also prevents senility, memory loss, removes thinness and develops the mind.”– Where miracles are a daily occurence.

Infrared Led Light Therapy for Skin Regeneration

According to NASA wound healing studies, Near Infra-Red LED infra-light therapy increases mitochondrial activity 600%. There are also reports that claim that infra-red light has reduced Brain Cancer tumors, especially Glioma (Ted Kennedy’s cancer by 50%. There is a prototype Infrared Helmet designed to treat brain cancer and alzheimer’s. It may be that Infra-red Led light breaks down the amyloid plaque in the body through the increase in mitochondrial activity. Essentially Near Infra-Red LED light is adding energy back into the cells free of charge without the harmful effects of the sun associated with the ultra-violet spectrum. The Red Light Spectrum runs from 620-750nm. This device is 660nm within the range of the NASA studies.
Studies are nice, but I like hands on experience since I like to see the results firsthand. There are infrared devices on the market designed for skincare to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and promote collagen growth. All of these Infrared laser light or LED machines are way over-priced; they sell from $300 on the low end to $3000 on the high end for the Infrared lasers.
There has been a lot of interest and money in low laser light therapy (LLLT) for healing, but there is no reason to believe that the coherent light from a laser is any better than LEDs, sunlight, or halogen lights. Laser light does not penetrate more deeply and cells do not know the difference: all photons are the same and the benefits are based on the action of each individual photon, not on bulk properties such as all the photons having the same polarity and coherency. The word “laser” has a superior marketing appeal for companies because it sounds interesting and mysterious. It also costs a lot which means patients can’t do it on their own. These are the reasons there has been much more research in LLLT for healing than LEDs and halogens: companies and researchers have expected more profit. Now on to vibration, the application that I am interested in is for promoting bone growth as I am going through palate expansion with a device called the Homeoblock created by a Dr. Belfor. Originally, when I had braces they pulled teeth to deal with crowding. Afterwards, they closed the gaps in the mouth by narrowing the palate. This is incredibly destructive to the person creating all sorts of health problems ranging from Insomnia, chronic fatigue to sleep apnea and poor self esteem. There are a whole cadre of emotional and mental problems that go along with the narrowing of the palate, basically one is in for a miserable life. Now this particular Near Infra-Red light has a sonic part or vibration aspect. Back to another NASA study; this time dealing with bone and muscle loss for astronauts that work in space. Muscles and bones atrophy very quickly in space without the support of Earth’s gravitational fields. NASA scientists came up with a simple solution like that duct tape idea in Apollo 13, a vibration pad to stimulate bone and muscle growth. There is also another study that uses ultrasound to stimulate regrowth of teeth and bone by a Jie Chen. Chen’s device is a the ultrasound machine that gently massages gums and stimulates tooth growth from the root once inserted into a person’s mouth, mounted on braces or a removable plastic crown. The wireless device, smaller than a pea, must be activated for 20 minutes each day for four months to stimulate growth, he said. It can also stimulate jawbone growth to fix a person’s crooked smile and may eventually allow people to grow taller by stimulating bone growth,
I thought finding an LED light source would be relatively easy to find but much to my chagrin; it took me well over two years to locate a LED light that was affordable. The device I have found is a simple; it has 20 LEDs, 20 red (660 nm) The LED array size is 1.8 x 1.8 inches. This is a simple device is comparable to the expensive LED devices on the market. Application time for each treatment area is 30 minutes 2 x per day.

Conditions that LED Infra-Red Light therapy may help are:

sports injuries such as knee, ankle, shoulder, etc
burns, scrapes, and pain relief from cuts
macular degeneration
laser burns to the retina
fibromyalgia pains
preventing bruising and inflammation if it’s fresh injury
bunion pain
diabetic neuropathy
myofascial pain
minimize recent nerve injury
wound healing, especially in diabetics
bone healing
bruises and inflammation
back pains
poison ivy
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Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator- Age Reversal Device

I finally got the elusive mythical machine.On Wed afternoon, June 15th 30 minutes before the full lunar eclipse, I heard a knock on the door and a clump outside the door as boxes were being dumped on the floor, like a scene out of the matrix, the Xcalibur machine had arrived. It is an Odyssey that has taken 5 years, a bunch of dead ends and three engineers in total, not to mention many cold hard De-facto debt notes created out of thin air. The Xcalibur Magnetic field Generator is based on the Dotto Ring technology that was developed in the 1970’s by Giovanni Dotto as an Age Reversal Device. It mimics and amplifies the frequencies found in the Hunza valley in Northern Pakistan, where the inhabitants as opposed to the citizens live up to 150 years according to more legends. The original Dotto Ring was a big bulky Thermo-couple that generated a magnetic field with both heat and cold at the same time on a copper-nickel ring that would move vertically up and down. The magnetic field would increase the replication rate of cells and also re-grow the telomeres the aging clock of the bodies cells.

On Wed afternoon, June 15th 30 minutes before the full lunar eclipse, I heard a knock on the door and a clump outside the door as boxes were being dumped on the floor. It was like a scene out of the matrix, the Xcalibur machine had arrived

The Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator has more flexibility than the original Dotto Ring and is much smaller and more portable.This is the second generation device, the first one I had briefly in the summer of 2007 for six months. That device could only be run for about 15 minutes at a time before it would over-heat. Even with the limitations of the original device, I noticed during that brief period that both my eye color and hair color changed from hazel to blue and auburn to a brighter red. Eventually, I left the first Dotto Ring prototype on in my apartment for 6 hours and fried the circuit board. This unit however can be used virtually around the clock, although I reccomend shutting it off when you go to bed. I think that it is unnecessary to have on 24/7 from the little that I have used it which is now a mere 4 days.

The Xcalibur Magnetic Field generator has three settings, the Dotto Ring frequencies 1.9-2.1Mhz, the Schumann resonance 7.83hz which is the planetary field and a external music subliminal function, where there is a microphone that will pick up either external music or a IPOD or a MP3 player. The Music/Subliminal function then converts the music into a magnetic field. Russian studies have shown that DNA can be re-programmed with common language. This is the best device on the market that I am aware of for DNA activation and can be used re-motely as a radionics device. I have added it to the and it is being included in the price of a general subscription. I will have the Xcalibur Magnetic field generator for sale shortly, but it will not be cheap, this has taken 5 years and a bit of coin to develop, not to mention the hundreds of hours that I have spent on the project. You could say it is a sum total of all my experiences over the last 21 years, starting with my relationship to Preston Nichols of the Montauk Project fame. I will be doing extensive testing of the unit over the next few weeks to see what I actually have on my hands. We are in un-charted territory here and if you are looking for something, that has a lot of research behind it, then check back with me in three years. Dave the current engineer is one of the best engineers in the game and I was lucky to find him, via a craigslist posting about 2 years ago. The few experiences that people have had with the machine so far are a sense of timelessness and a return to innocence. There is a feeling that life is again unlimited in potential similar to one had in youth. The Xcalibur magnetic field generator is the beginning of a new world.

It is ideal for Spa’s or a Yoga center, Night club or Sports team. Based on my experiences with the other energy devices at the, this device will boost your business significantly, higher energy equals more traffic and sales. It is fairly elemental, not to mention the possible benefits for Age Reversal and enhanced energy levels. It will take about 3-4 months to build the production models and I will make deals with people who are willing to make down payments and wait for delivery.

Frolov Breathing Device Report#1 One Component for Age Reversal

I read the book about 4 years ago, it made some wild claims regarding people that were reducing their intake of oxygen to one breath per several minutes. There were also some claims of people being able to stay under water for over 30 minutes plus. The core premise of the technology; is that the Frolov device generates oxygen intracellular through the aneroebic mechanism within the body. Oxygen created within the cell does not oxidize the tissues. It is the type of Oxygen that sharks and whales generate. Cell energetics are raised according to Dr. Frolov 5-10 their normal levels. Without the oxidation effects from external breathing the body begins to re-new itself. Dr. Frolov also has a dim view on aerobic exercise, that over-oxygenating the body through excessive exercise actually accelerates the aging of the body. Being a life long sports addict and a long distance runner, I rejected this information. I used the frolov device for a few months and was getting some results, but did not want to accept the implications of what Dr. Frolov was stating about the aging process.
If is one of the few times that I was not open enough to accept a theory without prejudice. I eventually stopped using the device after a few months, ignoring the positive benefits that is was creating and instead focusing on the fact that I could not hold my breath for 30 minutes under water. I threw the baby out with the bath water so to speak. Today, I can tell you that I was flat out wrong. Two events occurred that happened this year within a week caused me to take a second look at the Frolov device. The first one was the Death of Greta Waitz on April 19th who had struggled with Cancer for over 6 years, she was only 57. I remember watching Greta Waitz win the NYC marathon virtually every year when I was a kid. My father was a marathon runner at the time and I would watch the race live and see Greta methodically win year in and year out, nine time in total. She was a fixture in my psyche, sort of like the color of the sky being blue.
How is it that this magnificent athlete could be taken out by cancer at such a young age? Professional athletes are genetic freaks bordering on being super-human, it does not make logical sense that they would die younger than the general population. Frolov explains this quite easily as a result of over-use of external oxygen consumption cause a massive increase in free radical oxidation. The Frolov device causes the person to reduce his external oxygen consumption and increase the anaerobic production of oxygen intra-cellular. This process of generating oxygen internally apparently is a latent ability similar to how Whales, Sharks and Dolphins breathe. Now of course theory is great, but I wanted to see someone that had accomplished the miraculous feats that Frolov was claiming in his book. The fact that all his studies were done in Russia and that there was no study done in the west that could confirm his theories left me firm in my skepticism. During the same week that Greta died, I saw a video on Stan Lee’s Superhumans where a man called a deep sea diver.

In this video the man descends to over 800 feet and comes up on one breath! When the man break through the surface of the water, he smiled and was not breathing hard at all! I said shit, the Frolov device works! It was at that point that I cracked open the book again and saw the information in a new light without the previous ingrained prejudice. I followed the instructions to the letter of the law and was getting the results that Frolov was talking about. For the past 6 weeks, I have been religiously using the device 2x a day and increasing the duration only according to the protocols that Frolov has laid out. What has happened has been a complete elimination of any food allergies and hay fever. There have been some rashes appear and then disappear. By far though the most miraculous effect for me has been the reduction of my chronic insomnia which has plagued me my whole life. The longer term effects that Frolov talks about in his book is a correction of scoliosis, which again I thought was impossible, but now I am starting to entertain some of the more outrageous claims that frolov makes. The body correction and rehabilitation of tissue functioning is a slow incremental process as the cell energetics are maintained in high energy states from the continually use of the Frolov breath. He goes on to say that you will reverse your age, one year for every year that you use the device correctly!
If you are 50, you will become functionally 49, then 48 ect. There are of course some limits to Age Reversal with just the breathing device, but it is not inconcievable that you can functionally reverse your age over 10 years with just the breathing device, this will take some time, but we are adding time here after-all. I will be talking about one of the other keys for Age Reversal in another post in regards to Dr. Volkov work with Acid water. Yes, I said Acid water and not alkaline water. Another myth that needs to be broken by yet another russian scientist..