Hurricane Sandy: New York City Haarp and Cloudbusting

I live in the Big Apple in the area I have coined the dark zone, below 39th street. I was out walking around during the height of Sandy smoking a cigar and placing in the neighborhood. I have no access to place an Orgone chembuster out in my apartment complex so, I used some Orgone cones and small pyramids. I was on 23rd street and 2nd ave when the 14th st Con Ed plant blew up. I saw a large flash of light followed by the power outage at the VA hospital on 23rd street. The power below 23rd street went out a few minutes later. The water began to rush up to my apartment building shortly after the explosion. The light in the sky was an orange color similar to what I have seen on videos related to HAARP weather related events. The wind would whip up in gusts and then go silent.
About 20 minutes after the explosion of the CON ED plant the storm essentially stopped and the winds dropped drastically. In Manhattan we did not get much rain, it drizzled with the total rainfall accumulation was less than an inch. The surrounding areas jersey and long island got much stronger rainfall, just like in Irene. Other than the plant blowing up, there was not much damage with all things considered; some felled trees and some cars that were a bit water logged by the river, nothing on the level of wall street area and the surrounding boroughs.
Living without power in Manhattan is bizarre, the most radical difference is the nature of time is completely different. The day moves really slowly in the dark zone, like country time as opposed to city time. A local coffee shop is the only business in the neighborhood that has a generator and it has become a gathering place for the neighborhood to charge cellphones. We as a society are addicted to electronics, the buzz is like a caffeine addiction that creates a low grade anxiety from the attack on the nervous system. The second day without power; I noticed that people in the dark zone were becoming more authentic in their interactions. Strangers started to talk to each other, without all the posturing that is normal for NY.
I slept better than I ever had in NYC without the effect of Wi-Fi signals and the buzz of the street lamps. I woke up in a drug-induced melatonin state from sleeping in complete darkness. I later migrated to the light zone above 39th street, which is really the dark universe. Another bizarre experience is crossing the mason-dixon line and seeing the NY that is business as usual, where everyone stares straight ahead or right at the sidewalk if you are a smoking hot chick. I felt a pressure in my head when I crossed 39th street and started to feel that low-grade anxiety and sense of fatigue from the electronic grid system. I really understood, why New Yorkers are emotionally dead in Manhattan; it has everything to do with the intensity of the electrification of the environment from all the technology.
Was Hurricane Sandy another attempt to create a Marshall law scenario on the east coast; I can see that as a distinct possibility, however the damage was not great enough to trigger that kind of response. It seems that HAARP may not be that strong and that there are other forces out there counter-acting the powers that were or to be. We are stronger than we think and more in control than we imagine to be. There is more that can be said, but some things are better left un-said if you catch the drift.

Chemtrail Free Skies New York City

It is Easter weekend here in the big apple, and yet again there are no chemtrails over the isle of Manhattan. This has been fairly consistent theme this year. If I do see chemtrails being sprayed invariably about 30 mins later they are gone. I attribute this to the use of Orgone, but also the use of other types of radionics which is generating a dimensional shift. Everything is vibration the difference between a poison and a food is the rate of the spin of electrons. Change the spin rate you can nuetralize toxins fairly easily. Change the vibration rate systemically and you are in an alternate reality bubble where all things are possible.
Take control of the terrain and the game is over before it begins. I do not have any large orgone chembusters in Manhattan simply because of lack of access to a rooftop, I have been forced to treat with much smaller types of orgone generators. With continual amplification of the environment in New York city, it is becoming a feel good city again for no damn good reason other than the fact that vibrationally it is shifting. The world is literally changing below one’s feet and as this happens the rules of the game change. Good things happen in 5D space where there is unification of people as well as ideas, formerly contradictory forms are joined in a way that brings harmony. The process is driven by chaos so, the process may appear to be a destruction rather than a creation. Depends on your point of view. One man’s divorce may be another guy’s marriage. If you are on the vertical path vibrationally, you world will begin to come together rather than fall apart. Any separations will need to more fruitful joinings in the near future.
This has been the goal of the energy enhancement technologies of the ascensionenergyprogram and we are getting those results across the board. Life becomes win-win and maybe win a little more. Failure becomes the fulcrum for massive success as blocks can be utilized for further advantage..