Winter claims specifically that recent new physics for how coherent EKG
changes DNA (coherent emotion / love?)- and how BLISS and ECSTASY are
measured using GOLDEN RATIO in brainwaves – actually confirm his theory
about the GRAIL (and gravity making) in blood.
It started when Dan noticed that the electrical geometry Einstein and
Poincare used to model gravity was a nested DODECAHEDRON. Dan’s first book “One Crystals
Dance” -30 years ago- had shown that when you extend the edges of a
dodecahedron (all 5 sided faces) outward you get icosa then dodeca then
icosa infinitely- an ancient Theosophic model called the GREATER MAZE.
The point Winter made was that this infinite nest was composed of vertex
or nodes ALL of which had x,y,z values in a simple whole multiple of

Later Winter claimed this was THE ONLY POSSIBLE 3 DIMENSIONAL FRACTAL.
Now – Einstein knew that INFINITE COLLAPSE was the (Holy Grail) key to
connecting ELECTRICITY to GRAVITY. Phyisics is now clear that FRACTALITY
is key to infinite compression. The problem was – Einstein never knew
what a fractal was! So how could he know that charge in a fractal was
his solution (infinite constructive wave collapse). This is such a
revelation to physics – with Winter claiming that CHARGE in a FRACTAL
based on GOLDEN MEAN – MAKES GRAVITY – that a few serious physicists
(Elizabeth Rauscher)- have taken on the challenge.

They realized that not only was the Golden Ratio based nested pent
Dodeca – the shape Einstein used for Gravity geometry – but it is also
the shape of Palladium ( and Platinum Group / PGM – Gold Powder) – key
to cold fusion. So proving that this nest is the only possible 3D
fractal – may be the actual KEY to physics HOLY GRAIL!

Winter has begun a simple experiment series to PROVE that charge in a
fractal is the CAUSE of gravity.
– and an international team of physicists (including one of Europes
leading fusion physicists) have joined him.
Source Applied Physics of the Unified Field Theory of Burkhard Heim.