This will probably offend a few guys and maybe a few women, but life is short and a bit boring at the moment. It is from an email dialogue with someone that will remain nameless for the moment and perhaps all of eternity.
There was one more thing I forgot to ask. If you remember from the movie Limitless a Russian guy also finds out about the main character’s designer drug which made its users basically perfect when on it, because it allowed them to access the entirety of their brains––so it made them decisive, intuitive, highly highly intelligent, successful, alpha. In the end though the Russian was using his enhanced functioning for evil, I guess––to fuck over the other guy.

Is the energy analogous to the designer pill in that movie?
The number one thing I said to myself in my poverty consciousness daze when I first saw what you were offering was, ‘why the fuck would this guy share this with anyone?’ I already know that’s a low-grade thought/emotion. But doesn’t the competition/alpha dominance as epitomized by elite Maasai warriors, alpha male athletes like the baseball players you were talking about in 2011 with awesome structure, etc. play into a win-lose scenario? I suspect it doesn’t, but I don’t know why. I don’t know how to reconcile spiritual laws with a Maasai warrior trying to beat out the other guy so he can fuck the girl. Kobe doesn’t want there to be other alpha males in basketball, right? He wants to win win win. So why would Kobe share NCR / face pulling with anyone else? Would Kobe share your energy program (if he knew about it), with Lebron James? Fuck no, right? He would want to keep it a secret so he can win a few more rings and stay physiologically youthful.
I have been really struggling inside me to reconcile spiritual ascension with the alpha male mentality and in my mind I fail every time. Where does karma tie into this? As I reflect on it, I think this is one of my biggest programming blocks.
Doesn’t someone have to lose? Maybe that’s bullshit, but I keep on reverting to that program. Imagine a scenario where everyone in the world was alpha, had awesome structure, etc. The entire measurement scale would just shift up right? Or do variability and relational disparities go away in a new world?

Actually that is beta male programming that you are talking about. Alpha males are not threatened by other males and like to face the best of the best to improve their skills. They are not afraid of failing, beta’s are afraid of everything, losing their girl, face, ego, whatever. Alpha’s do not steal women, beta’s lose them because they are beta’s. Beta’s do not seek to better themselves, but rather would take from others. They believe in theft and magical thinking that attempts to short-circuit the process to become a man which requires courage. Women get wet when Men display courage… The next step in consciouness exploration…