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Hopi Prophecy of the Coming 5th Age: Blue and Red Star Kachina’s

This video explains the Mandela effect of merging timelines and portals opening up from the past. The phenomena of soulless people living in the cities, like here in Manhattan. Miraculous signs in the clouds and the stars which I have been seeing on a regular basis. I really urge you to start thinking beyond the material world and look at life in terms of qualitative emotional experiences. I have many tools that can move you very quickly through the spiritual process, even if your life is a bit of a four car pileup. Orgone is the best thing that you can do to help your neighbor, by opening up the environment to the Great Spirit

Physical Correction with Starecta and Organic Silica G5: Heel Pain

I have been having acute pain in my right heel for the last 6 months. It had gotten so bad at times that I was forced to take the bus pretty much everywhere. I was favoring the heel and dragging it like Quasimodo the fictional character from Victor Hugo’s novel the hunchback of Notre Dame. My whole life I have been very good at pain suppression. I ran through chronic pain in my knees in high school, often logging about 50 miles per week and then barely able to walk. I endured things; I am good at that and excepted it as a part of my fate. I eventually solved the pain in my knees with a holistic chiropractor. The next trauma was my wisdom teeth extractions where I went through a 5 hour surgery with complications that lasted well over a year. In, retrospect I may have died during the surgery and came back to life based on the attitude of my dental surgeon.
There were also years of bartending later followed by years of massage therapy. Standing on my feet for long hours and suppressing whatever pain I was feeling. It was no surprise to me when the heel pain started to show up like 9 months ago. I had seen many aches and pains come back during the dental correction with the starecta and face pulling appliance. This pain was like an inflammation that originated deep within the bone marrow, the pain hit it’s peak about 6 months since I first noticed it. I thought for a while, maybe I hurt myself in the gym. Maybe I should start running around to different doctors to see if they could diagnose the problem; I ignore those inclinations and just moved through the pain. Although I was severely favoring the right heel, it was oddly not affecting other parts of my body. The pain seemed to be literally coming out of the base of my heel. I felt a spiral twisting sensation that ran from below the right knee out the bottom of the heel.
During this period I was also taking large quantities of Organic sulfur and Organic Silica G5. The interesting thing about the organic silica is that it is a vital component of bone growth. I was taking about 2 bottles per month, I was started to suspect that my bones were actually starting to regenerate from the silica and the starecta. Stem cells are made in the bone marrow; as we get older we lose silica content everywhere in our body. The calcification of thee bone marrow results in a loss of adult stem cell production. The re-addition of the organic silica specifically the G5; I suspect is renewing the bone marrow and increasing the adult stem cell production. The pain in the heel began to slowly subside around the end of the june and as of today, I am about 98 percent pain free and am no longer favoring the heel. My right foot that used to severely pronate is now corrected and I no longer have weak ankles. My gym workouts over the last three weeks have been outstanding. I have been breaking personal records in virtually every area with the exception of the leg press. It has been over the last month that I got the insight that I may have died on the operating table, because I feel I was re-living the surgery as the pain was coming out of my body.

800 Million Year Old Sleeping Beauty Preserved in Fountain of Youth Fluid

I now know where my soulmate is; sleeping in a sarcophagus in Russia from over 800 million years ago. Well, that mystery is solved let’s move onto the next one. What is this mysterious liquid that has preserved a body that seems virtually alive. This is way beyond the bodies that were found in a peet bog preserved whole. Those bodies tissues were preserved intact, but no one would mistake them for being alive. In the case of the sleeping beauty, she was perfectly preserved in the prime of youth.
Whether she died as a youth and was preserved or died as an older person and age regressed while immersed in the liquid is unknown. What is known is when the body was taken out of the liquid the body began to turn black, but when the body was re-immersed in the liquid she returned to the prime youth state. Two of the components of the liquid were identified as? drum roll……, garlic and onion juice.
Of course the main active component of garlic and onions is sulfur. Sulfur deficiency is one of the main causes of diseases and now the aging process in general. This gives me some ideas of the application of sulfur in regards to age reversal.

Orgone Table: Design Piece Not For Sale

Orgone Table

Orgone Table

One of my fantasies is to make my whole home out of Orgone. Kitchen countertops,Orgone floors and tables and even Orgone Bed. This Orgone table is my first creation along those lines; 2 feet by 2 foot and an inch and quarter thick. The Orgone table was made by Jennifer W, my former assistant who worked with me for over 4 years. The table design is Metatron’s cube, comprised of 8 small orgone discs and one large disc. The table is made with steel, copper, zinc and gold leaf. Various crystals have been added in as well. I have had this Orgone table for over three years and I like it more now than when I originally had it made. It is Jennifer’s finest work; some things are not for sale, like the commercial says, Priceless.

Facial Restructuring- The Path Back To Re-claiming Original Design

I grew up with a high carbo-hydrate diet lacking raw foods, specifically raw milk with the healthy bacteria necessary for assimilation of nutrients and lived in a high stress home environment where every day was like a fire drill. The fruit was a narrow palate, under-developed jaw-line with a narrow forehead and a nice case of scoliosis. I was the poster-boy for ecto-morph body type; with all the negative symptoms of insomnia, chronic fatique and perpetual pessimism. What ever could go wrong did, the master of disaster; a day late and a dollar short. The guy that ends up holding the bag and never gets the girl. Rejection and ridicule both at home and school were a daily experience. I learned to deal with it; by adopting the I don’t care attitude. It was an avoidance pattern, that led me to never giving my best effort and always holding back a bit to have a ready-made excuse for failing.
I stopped taking emotional risks and succumed to my fears, well almost but not completely. The anger fueled a drive, but I did not know where I was heading. All, I knew was I was immensely unhappy and wanted some pleasure. I may not have finished anything; but I never did settle and continue to search for answers.
It was the birthing of my inner Beta-Male, the guy that appeased people to avoid conflict at all costs. I did this with both Men and Women, hence I never got what I wanted and the anger began to build which was repressed into depression and apathy. Rationalizations were created to buffer the expanding resume of rejection letters; from women, teachers and mostly my father. In my Mother’s eyes, I could do no wrong; there was no standard for behavior. In my father’s eyes, I could do no right. Success was punished and failure was rewarded. I was essentially wired in reverse for life.
Fast forward a few years, more than a few years and that kid that never quit; well he never quit and began to find some answers that really worked. I learned over the years that running ahead really fast without a plan; just got you tired and you ended up in the exact same place. Real change, not spare change need a vertical rise to a new level. In life I have had moments in life where there were some peak experiences, like 6th grade little league where I was the star for once in my life; moments of success where I felt on top of the world. How did I get there? I don’t know it just happened magically? What is the source of that Magic? Today, I know it to be hormones most specifically testosterone. Peak experiences are generated by high hormones. In adolescence, if I did not have the negative feedback from my parents and the in-correct diet; I would have grew into my original design as a Meso-morph more Tom Brady and less computer geek-nerd. I would have looked the part and gotten the girl. Symmetrical looks however are a symptom of high hormones; it is the hormone levels themselves that generate the magical experiences. Without the hormones, happiness does not exist. To the degree that we are hormonally de-ficient is the degree that we are out of tune with existence and misery ensues.

Orgoneprod​ucts Newsletter​: New Hormone Enhanced Orgone Chembuster​s, (NCR) Nuero-Cran​ial Restructur​ing, and True Love.

It has been a long, long time since I have said anything in a newsletter. A repeating pattern of emotional heartbreak; caused me to stop the presses and reevaluate. Was I really making progress or just repeating the past? As always the answers were right in front of me. Your immediate environment will always show you what is wrong and what needs to be corrected through symbolism or pain. This last year has been about restructuring both on the inside and out. Resetting hormone patterns aggressively; experiencing intense emotional breakthroughs as a result of a changing my body type through rigorous weight lifting regime, coupled with physical regenerative therapies.
Disengaging from the over-working program was one of the patterns that I needed to break. Over-working is rooted in fear and a byproduct of chronic low energy state. The revelation that I got over the last year is hormonal reset. Trauma and chronic stress over a period of years and especially in the formative years of youth will create a pattern of low hormones and stress hormone responses to seemingly innocuous events. Chronic low hormones sets up the pattern of chronic failure and misery. You can change many things in your life to improve yourself, but this will not necessarily lead to an increase in hormone levels; if the hormone cycle has been shut off from chronic trauma. My trauma is originally rooted in my experiences from the Montauk project; Humpty Dumpty was broken into many pieces and the path that I have created was a function of looking for solutions to put myself back together again.

Hormonal reset is like rebooting a computer system, the dumping of all the programs and re-installing the software. Our formative years, 1-7, determine that patterns that are set for life, whether for the good or the bad. If you were lucky enough to have sound structure and a stable loving home life; the patterns will be positive and will set you up for a reasonable happy and productive life. However, if they are filled with trauma and degraded structure; the opposite will hold true with a future of an endless sea of misery, chronic financial problems, health problems ect. These patterns whether negative or positive will compound over time; setting a course for either a constructive life or a destructive one. Most people fall somewhere in the middle, some good some bad; hence a life of some good and some bad. The one natural solution for boosting testosterone levels in Men that I offer is TKO- Tongkat Ali an Indonesian herbal based formula that will raise testosterone levels. Hormones are a complete conversation in themselves, feel free to contact me for more info that I am hesitant to put into print.

The good news is even the worst case scenario can now be changed with consistent application of physical regenerative therapies, hormonal reset, continual immersion in high intensity life force fields. What types of physical regenerative therapies am I talking about? Three, specifically and a fourth to be talked about at a later date. First is Neuro-Cranial Restructuring, the short name is NCR, not to be confused with National Cash Register. NCR developed by Dr. Howell, is an advancement of endo-nasal therapy. It uses small nasal balloons to release connective tissue in the sphenoid bone. An NCR treatment is like unlocking a spring, allows for symmetry correction in the head, face, and spine. The balloon is inserted in one of the six nasal passages in the nose. There is a testing protocol to determine which nasal passage. The testing protocol is where the magic is found, diagnosing the correct nasal passage with each treatment allows for the least amount of force to be used to create the greatest movements without trauma. Each NCR treatment creates compound positive symmetry changes which results in correcting facial and spinal distortions over time. Incremental change leading to massive long term results. In my case, I have partially corrected a scoliosis in my spine that resulted in an increase in functional height of 2.5 inches. When I started I was 6′ 2″ and a half, I am now a shade under 6′ 5″. My head size increased as well as I my eyes became more level over a 5 year period. We now have a fulltime NCR practicioner, Plato Rosinke, in New York City. Plato has been trained by Dr. Howell and is one of the more proficient NCR practioners in the world.

Orgone fits in with the enhancement of your life force energy and also the enhancement of the life force within your living environment; this can include your neighborhood and the town where you live. Hormonally Enhanced Orgone Chembuster/Cloudbuster can be used to mark your territory. Raising the vibration of your environment sets up the potential to create miracles in your world that extends beyond your personal life. It is the co-creator relationship you can establish with the earth. Miracles are high energy anomalies that are pattern breakers. There is an expansion of power that occurs with miracles; high intensity emotional states are by products of altering the programming of the matrix for further positive experiences. Hope is the potential of the creation of a new timeline where a whole new series of events can take place, such as True Love. True Love is the foundation of the new world. Innocence is the basis of True Love,;restoring structure will restore innocence and lay down the potential for True Love. The worldwide global financial reset is the byproduct of the return of True Love. True Love between a Man and a Woman sets up the new pattern for things such as Life extension, free energy, gold backed money and a positive government that protects it’s citizens rather than preys on them as a food source. It is the re-establishment of proper relationship, the removal of dishonesty in all relationships between all people. This will mainly be a function of heightened intuition as the minimum threshold of the populace will become witnesses of the truth. Liars will be exposed when interacting with Witnesses of the Truth. Once this new pattern of innocence and True love is established, the new world forms around the base pattern.

New! Orgone Chembusters are now larger with 25lb base and Hormonally enhanced! The net result is a Chembuster that is 44X stronger than the earlier version due to the addition of very powerful hormones and the increased strength of the Ascension Energy Technologies. Back in the day when we had Kings and Queens and fair maidens with no indoor plumbing; whether peace or tyranny reigned was a function of the strength of the King. A strong high hormone King, ruled with a firm grip but was fair to most and cruel to but a few. It is the high testosterone levels that allow a man to see clearly and make rational decisions under great pressure. The coward the one that pees in his pants or runs at the first sign of trouble, most likely has no hormones running through his system due to repeated trauma and poor facial and body symmetry. Women are attracted to high hormone men ,because they can create balance in a female who operates mainly through the creative brain rather than the rational mind. The value of a man is his hormone levels; it allows him to go out and conquer the world and bring security or peace. The evil King is the low hormone beta- male type who operates covertly through deceit to obtain power. He is incapable of handling this power so he collapses under its weight and the kingdom becomes rampant with crime, deceit and debt. Debt is an energy deficit that builds up as a function of the energy depletion within the people. The enhanced hormone function of these Chembusters will help clear your local neighborhood of all sorts of negative energies including Chemtrails. I believe Chemtrails are neutralized by vibrational shift within the chemicals themselves as well as the whole surrounding area. It raises the vibration of your neighborhood, where you live in this world, but are not a part of it. New positive synchronistic experiences will arise from these chembusters in your life. If an Orgone Chembuster is outside of your budget; Orgone cones are the most cost effective solution for outdoor use to mark a territory, they can be spread around the yard or added to a garden to make super plants.

A word on the Global Financial Reset which includes the Iraqi Dinar and to a lesser degree the Vietnamese Dong. It is a function of the implosion of the Derivative mess in the US and European markets. The collapse of the financial markets will be far greater than in 2008. Gold will be re-priced to a much higher level by the Chinese and Russians essentially taking away the ability to set the fix from London and New York. This will in turn lead to a re-pricing of all currencies relative to the Collapsing FRN’s or Federal Reserve Note( which is purely a Fiat currency). All currencies in the future will be partially asset-backed including the New U.S. Treasury note that is on the way. When? That is the $64,000 dollar question, but the collapse of the private banking debt note known as the dollar is inevitable. I actually have some real sources in the banking world, govt. ect. The Iraqi Dinar and the Vietnamese Dong are hedges against the collapse of the dollar; as is Gold and Silver. In my next newsletter I will be discussing the results from the latest dental appliance that creates perfect symmetry in a year’s time; it is the missing link for regenerative physical medicine. It is the foundation stone of all Physical medicine therapies.

Models+Starvation=Mind Control

I live in Manhattan and happen to run into the high level models that you see in all the Magazines and on runway shows. Most of the models seem to have that aloof vacant stare, and the emaciated 3rd world starvation look. The fundamental control that the elite have on the planet; is via regulation of the food supply through starvation and devaluation of food sources, which leads to starvation. Models are an extreme example, where they are made to look like adolescence boys with rail thin bodies and non-existent breasts. Models habits and looks are of course copied by teenage girls everywhere, who aspire to look like models. What they do not understand is the misery that comes with the chronic low amino acid intake.
The ultimate control is through restriction of food intake; as a species it is our biggest fear. Models have been conditioned to not eat and exist on a “Apple a day” as one former model told me. The end result is massive cannibalization of body tissue to self-sustain. Naturally what happens is the body goes into conservation mode, like a computer that goes to sleep in order to conserve battery life. The key is amino acid deficiency on a massive scale, the brain and the will do not function with amino acid deficiencies. Words are hard to get out and thoughts near impossible to complete. Actions on the physical plane are left half finished like leaving the cap off the toothpaste or failing to put the top back on the ketchup bottle.
The Center for the disease control is of course part of the control system so there protein requirements are ridiculously low. Here is an example:

Recommended Dietary Allowance for Protein

Grams of protein
needed each day

Children ages 1 – 3

Children ages 4 – 8


Children ages 9 – 13


Girls ages 14 – 18


Boys ages 14 – 18


Women ages 19 – 70+

Men ages 19 – 70+

A non-functioning brain leads to an incapacitation of the decision-making process. Others begin to make decisions for you that most likely are not in your best interest. The disconnection to the heart center or emotional body also occurs with low protein intake. You think models get all the guys; that may be true but what is the actual experience in bed? How can one have an Orgasm; not to mention multiple ones with out amino acids and high levels of hormones. The Sex drive is not a primary consideration for a body that is starving itself. Positive emotions and intuition function on a nutritionally saturated body, not a chronically depleted one. A car does not have the ability to cannibalize itself like the body does, so when it runs out of gas it stops working. We know that we need to fill up the car if it is going to function again. While there is not much harm done to a car that is on empty, that is not true of the human body. The body will pull nutrition from everywhere to perserve the life of the body. Bulimia has been described as an inverted Orgasm. Systemic auto-immune diseases and allergies occur on the longterm, while the short-term consequences are apathy, indifference and sadness. The cycle of chronic low nutrition leads to every increasing feelings of despair, loneliness and isolation. You can be drop-dead gorgeous on the outside and riddled with chronic low self esteem and hopelessness on the inside.
I learned this right after college when I met the girl of my dreams Andrea; who was the most beautiful girl in school and also happened to be a model in Japan. She came into my bar and struck up a friendship with me since her boyfriend lived around the corner. One day she had a fight with her man and came into the bar to talk to me and she asked me if I thought she was pretty. My jaw dropped to the floor and I realized in that moment, that her internal state was completely incongruent with the actual reality; at the time I did not know why she felt ugly but the memory has always stuck with me.
What is the quickest way to solve this amino acid deficiency? MAP, short for Master Amino Acid Pattern. MAP was originally designed to solve starvation in 3rd world countries, it has been taken up by the body- building crowd as a food supplement to provide the 9 essential aminos that the body needs. What are the real protein needs of the body? About one gram per body weight; so if you are 110lbs dripping wet, you need 110 grams of protein to function at a high level. There will be a more expansive newsletter which will tackle in-depth what high amino acid intake can do for you. The beauty of MAP is that it is 99% utilized and only produces 1% waste. MAP is pre-digested so the body does not need to break it down into it’s components; it goes right to work without the need of digestion in 23 minutes. MAP will not cause protein toxicity that is associated with high protein intake from conventional food sources, that problem will be addressed in the next newsletter.

Synchronicity in New York

I normally do not get much synchronicity when I am in Manhattan. It may have something to do with the density of the city, but occasionally it does happen and recently the frequency has been increasing. I was leaving my apartment building a few days back and was walking out of the lobby. A woman was trying to open her mailbox and was having trouble. She asked me, if I was having trouble with my mailbox? I said No, I next said you have two problems; one you are wearing a boston Red Sox cap, (I was wearing a Yankee cap) and two, you are in the wrong building because that is my mailbox. The humor escaped her, even in NY, maybe it’s the food chemicals.
Later in the day, I was transversing over to my local gym to do some weight-lifting. I was going to stop in for a wheat grass juice, but the health food store had just closed. A block later, a guy was handing out free 5 hour energy drinks on the street, normally I would pass because of the food chemicals, but felt today why not, I will run with it. I walked into the Gym after another two blocks and the first thing I saw was a commercial on TV for the 5hr energy drink.
After the Gym I was looking for a place to eat and watch the Yankee game. I did not want to go to a bar, I ran into a deli that I have never been in before and found one of my favorite sushi dishes and an upstairs lounge with the Yankee game on the Telly. Normally outside the city, I have an abundance of synchronicity, but within the confines of the borough of Manhattan the experiences have been few and far between. Maybe Gotham is making a turn for the better…