Tachyon Energy

Palate Expansion Update with the homeoblock

It is now almost three weeks since I have started the Homeoblock orthodontic treatments with Dr. Belfour. My rate of expansion is currently the equivalent of 15 weeks of orthodontic treatments. Homeoblock allows for palate expansion in adults without the use of braces. I am utilizing roughly 30,000mg per day of sodium ascorbate in addition to using Tachyon energy and a homeopathic water product.
The use of massive nutritional support and time-reversed Tachyon Energy has enabled me to expand my dental arch at a rate faster than a child under 6. What we define as impossible for adults are simply energy and nutritional defieciencies. If the deficiencies are eliminated the body can revert to a state of Youth. There are no limits to what can be accomplished with super-saturation of nutrition and energy as delivered from the Unified field.