Cellphone usage may lead to Male Sterility

By Rita Rubin, USA TODAY
Are men speed-dialing infertility by talking for hours a day on their cellphones?

A new study suggests that might be the case, but before potential papas ditch the devices, they should know that lead author Ashok Agarwal says the data are “quite preliminary.”

Cellphones emit radio frequency electromagnetic waves. Scientists have reported potential adverse effects of the waves on the brain, heart, endocrine system and DNA, Agarwal, director of the andrology lab at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and his co-authors write in the journal Fertility and Sterility.

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Agarwal’s team studied 361 men under 40 who were being evaluated for infertility; men whose personal or family history might explain a low count or other sperm abnormalities were excluded.
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The scientists divided the patients into four groups, based on how long they said they talked on a cellphone each day. Then they analyzed the men’s semen and found a strong association between length of time spent on a cellphone and sperm count and quality. Those who talked more than four hours a day had lower counts and more poor “swimmers” and abnormally formed sperm. Cont’

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NASA Studies Zero Gravity and Aging

Is Aging linked to Gravity? The NASA study below links zero gravity to accelerated Aging. Could the opposite corollary be true as well? Could more Gravity=more life? Is a heavier gravity environment lead to vastly extended lifespan? At Orgoneproducts.org, I hope to answer this question with the development of technologies to extend the lifespan and reverse the Aging process, yes reverse like Mork from Ork, who aged backwards. Like one of the legends of Merlin who also aged backwards. I will explore the various aging theories and delve into all sorts of possible solutions from ancient Biblical and Alchemical sources to modern New Age myths, Science Fiction to current scientific research. There will be nothing all limits, everything will be explored, including the source of the darker legends of Vampires and Werewolves, there is truth in code everywhere. It is just a question of finding the keys with an open heart and an inquisitive mind, enjoy the ride.

In 1963, the U.S. population included 17 million people who were 65 years old or older — today there are twice as many. Meanwhile, the number of Americans 85 years or older is projected to grow from 3.3 million today to 18.9 million by 2050. Gerontologists — scientists who study the aging process — say that more research into diseases that afflict older people could help to reduce the number of individuals who require expensive full-time medical care in their later years.
Studies of age-related health problems have shown that the process of physiological adaptation to the low gravity of space induces symptoms also seen in aging (some effects of aging appear to be due to inactivity rather than the aging process itself). Hence, gerontologists and space life scientists are collaborating to determine how people adapt to aging and to the virtual absence of gravity in space and to develop countermeasures where possible. Space biomedical research could improve understanding of the basic mechanisms of aging, and aging research could contribute to a better understanding of physiological deconditioning in space.
Astronauts: Simulating the Aging Process
Life on Earth evolved in the presence of gravity. For this reason, gravity plays a role in all life processes, and exposure to the microgravity environment of space affects living things significantly. Certain physiological changes that occur in space also occur with aging: for instance, cardiovascular deconditioning, balance disorders, weakening bones and muscles, disturbed sleep, and depressed immune response. An important difference, however, is that these changes are reversible in astronauts.
Research has shown that insufficient exercise — due to aging, paralysis, weakness, injury, or prolonged bedrest, for example — can cause a downward spiral in an individual’s health over time, increasing susceptibility to bone fractures and slowing recovery from injures and other ailments. What researchers learn about the physiological effects of the inactivity that accompanies space flight may yield ways of limiting the deconditioning symptoms of the inactivity that comes with aging.
Are these changes inevitable? Do they result from the same processes? Can people take steps to lessen, prevent, or reverse them? With the understanding that similar results may be due to different mechanisms and processes, biomedical researchers are attempting to gain insights into the aging process by studying physiological adaptation to space, and vice versa.
A primary goal of NASA’s Life and Biomedical Sciences and Applications Program is to understand the mechanisms underlying these physiological changes and to find ways of preventing them in astronauts. The National Institute on Aging’s high-priority research interests reflect a similar focus, encompassing nervous system function, frailty, osteoporosis, and the effects of physical exercise on bone and muscle in the elderly….NASA cont’
The main technology that NASA developed out of the Aging studies was the development of a vibration pad to increase bone and muscle mass. The vibration was a way of stimulating artificial gravity, it led to a piezo-electric effect with the body responding to growing more bone density and muscle mass, sometimes up to 45-55%, just with the vibration. You can purchase a comparable commericial version of the NASA equipment at Soloflex.Soloflex vibration pad