Chemtrail Free Skies New York City

It is Easter weekend here in the big apple, and yet again there are no chemtrails over the isle of Manhattan. This has been fairly consistent theme this year. If I do see chemtrails being sprayed invariably about 30 mins later they are gone. I attribute this to the use of Orgone, but also the use of other types of radionics which is generating a dimensional shift. Everything is vibration the difference between a poison and a food is the rate of the spin of electrons. Change the spin rate you can nuetralize toxins fairly easily. Change the vibration rate systemically and you are in an alternate reality bubble where all things are possible.
Take control of the terrain and the game is over before it begins. I do not have any large orgone chembusters in Manhattan simply because of lack of access to a rooftop, I have been forced to treat with much smaller types of orgone generators. With continual amplification of the environment in New York city, it is becoming a feel good city again for no damn good reason other than the fact that vibrationally it is shifting. The world is literally changing below one’s feet and as this happens the rules of the game change. Good things happen in 5D space where there is unification of people as well as ideas, formerly contradictory forms are joined in a way that brings harmony. The process is driven by chaos so, the process may appear to be a destruction rather than a creation. Depends on your point of view. One man’s divorce may be another guy’s marriage. If you are on the vertical path vibrationally, you world will begin to come together rather than fall apart. Any separations will need to more fruitful joinings in the near future.
This has been the goal of the energy enhancement technologies of the ascensionenergyprogram and we are getting those results across the board. Life becomes win-win and maybe win a little more. Failure becomes the fulcrum for massive success as blocks can be utilized for further advantage..

Mono Atomic Gold Cellular Super Conductor

Monoatomic Gold elixir is designed to interact directly with your energy body. As such, the effect is immediate; as can be demonstrated by the instant change of brain wave patterns once the elixir is taken. This product is for experienced meditators or occult practitioners; it is pricey. If you are a beginner, I would suggest bypassing until you understand the value of Monotamic Gold.
It is a tool to reach expanded and sublime states of consciousness easily and effortlessly. Gold is a super-conductor, it vastly increases the processing power of the nervous system, allows for the smooth integration of the Merkaba (light body) with the physical.
In Alchemy, we see gold as the representative of the sun, which rules the fourth seal or chakra of the human energy body and rules the heart and the arteries, as well as the skeletal structure of the human body. Based upon this knowledge, it is not surprising that we can observe the following effects of gold: On a physical level, monoatomic gold increases stamina and hormone production while balancing the endocrine system; thus it is useful for the purpose of physical rejuvenation. Monoatomic gold also strengthens the heart, and increases the growth of red blood cells and semen. In general it serves as an aphrodisaic for both genders.
Monoatomic Gold starts out as 99.99% pure Gold it is then converted into Monoatomic Gold utilizing a traditional method of Western Alchemy to produce elixirs as practiced by the Cathars and the Dutch School. Paracelsus suggests to ‘obtain the virtues of gold’ in cases of “Paralysis, Fevers, Palpitation of the Heart, complaints of the Matrix, Peri-pneumonia, and in acute diseases generally.” The ancient Ayurvedic text ‘Rasa-Jala-Nidhi’ states about gold: “Gold is soothing, pure, nutritive, curer of poison, phthisis, insanity and other diseases. Gold increases vitality, fortune, beauty, intelligence and memory. It destroys all sorts of diseases, pacifies the evil influences exerted on human beings by ghosts, is an aphrodisiac and gives rise to happiness and nutrition. It also prevents senility, memory loss, removes thinness and develops the mind.”– Where miracles are a daily occurence.

Infrared Led Light Therapy for Skin Regeneration

According to NASA wound healing studies, Near Infra-Red LED infra-light therapy increases mitochondrial activity 600%. There are also reports that claim that infra-red light has reduced Brain Cancer tumors, especially Glioma (Ted Kennedy’s cancer by 50%. There is a prototype Infrared Helmet designed to treat brain cancer and alzheimer’s. It may be that Infra-red Led light breaks down the amyloid plaque in the body through the increase in mitochondrial activity. Essentially Near Infra-Red LED light is adding energy back into the cells free of charge without the harmful effects of the sun associated with the ultra-violet spectrum. The Red Light Spectrum runs from 620-750nm. This device is 660nm within the range of the NASA studies.
Studies are nice, but I like hands on experience since I like to see the results firsthand. There are infrared devices on the market designed for skincare to reduce wrinkles, improve skin tone and promote collagen growth. All of these Infrared laser light or LED machines are way over-priced; they sell from $300 on the low end to $3000 on the high end for the Infrared lasers.
There has been a lot of interest and money in low laser light therapy (LLLT) for healing, but there is no reason to believe that the coherent light from a laser is any better than LEDs, sunlight, or halogen lights. Laser light does not penetrate more deeply and cells do not know the difference: all photons are the same and the benefits are based on the action of each individual photon, not on bulk properties such as all the photons having the same polarity and coherency. The word “laser” has a superior marketing appeal for companies because it sounds interesting and mysterious. It also costs a lot which means patients can’t do it on their own. These are the reasons there has been much more research in LLLT for healing than LEDs and halogens: companies and researchers have expected more profit. Now on to vibration, the application that I am interested in is for promoting bone growth as I am going through palate expansion with a device called the Homeoblock created by a Dr. Belfor. Originally, when I had braces they pulled teeth to deal with crowding. Afterwards, they closed the gaps in the mouth by narrowing the palate. This is incredibly destructive to the person creating all sorts of health problems ranging from Insomnia, chronic fatigue to sleep apnea and poor self esteem. There are a whole cadre of emotional and mental problems that go along with the narrowing of the palate, basically one is in for a miserable life. Now this particular Near Infra-Red light has a sonic part or vibration aspect. Back to another NASA study; this time dealing with bone and muscle loss for astronauts that work in space. Muscles and bones atrophy very quickly in space without the support of Earth’s gravitational fields. NASA scientists came up with a simple solution like that duct tape idea in Apollo 13, a vibration pad to stimulate bone and muscle growth. There is also another study that uses ultrasound to stimulate regrowth of teeth and bone by a Jie Chen. Chen’s device is a the ultrasound machine that gently massages gums and stimulates tooth growth from the root once inserted into a person’s mouth, mounted on braces or a removable plastic crown. The wireless device, smaller than a pea, must be activated for 20 minutes each day for four months to stimulate growth, he said. It can also stimulate jawbone growth to fix a person’s crooked smile and may eventually allow people to grow taller by stimulating bone growth,
I thought finding an LED light source would be relatively easy to find but much to my chagrin; it took me well over two years to locate a LED light that was affordable. The device I have found is a simple; it has 20 LEDs, 20 red (660 nm) The LED array size is 1.8 x 1.8 inches. This is a simple device is comparable to the expensive LED devices on the market. Application time for each treatment area is 30 minutes 2 x per day.

Conditions that LED Infra-Red Light therapy may help are:

sports injuries such as knee, ankle, shoulder, etc
burns, scrapes, and pain relief from cuts
macular degeneration
laser burns to the retina
fibromyalgia pains
preventing bruising and inflammation if it’s fresh injury
bunion pain
diabetic neuropathy
myofascial pain
minimize recent nerve injury
wound healing, especially in diabetics
bone healing
bruises and inflammation
back pains
poison ivy
Source Home to the Xcalibur Age Reversal Device

Super Model Cheekbones and Super-Consciousness with Face Pulling

This is another update on the innovative face pulling technique created originally by Dr. Amir and Dr. Dean Howell. God originally intended me to be a smoking hot Alpha male that may have been able to play MLB. Barbaric Modern Dentistry decided another course of action by ripping 7 teeth out of my mouth, four wisdom and three others that shall remain anonymous under the guise of creating a correct bite and a smile without gaps.
A horrendous 4 hour surgery to remove my wisdom teeth left me in a state of chronic sleep deprivation, dark circles under my eyes, chronic fatigue, massive depression, poor appetite and reduced vision. The worst part is that I did not understand that these were symptoms of the wisdom teeth extractions. It took me well over 20 years to understand that the enormous emotional and psychological devastation was wrought by the teeth extractions. Instead of narrowing my palate to close the gaps, my jerk off orthodontist should have widened the arch and created bridges and implants. Compressing the palate and removing the wisdom teeth drastically altered the facial symmetry where my eyes were much more deep set and my cheekbones were not as pronounced.
The nervous system and the emotions also collapsed in conjunction with the collapse of the physical structure. I wasted years on a several shrink’s couches thinking the problems were all in my head and they were…literally! It is all about the structure and the alteration of the structure causing irrational behavior. Is this really too complex to understand Shrinks? You shove all those stupid drugs down your clients throats when all you really are doing is creating drug dependent clients. You are licensed drug dealers; wow you understand emotional and psychological dynamics but you have no clue how to Cure people because all you do is treat? Trick or Treat, you have tricked us into believing your professional actually has any value. The one man that did; you crucified Wilhelm Reich, who was leading you down a path where the psychological and emotional states were connected to the structure of the physical body.
Here is what is happening to me with 10 months of face pulling under my belt, 7 years of NCR and two years of Dental Expansion. I am functionally 3 inches taller, 6 foot 5inches now, chiropractors are you listening. I am a lean 192lbs, developing a V shape build with a narrowing waist and an expanding rib cage. My jacket size is two sizes larger, my hat size is also 2 sizes larger. I am starting to like my smile, I am no longer self conscious of my self as my facial and body symmetry moves towards the greek god like body ideal. Emotionally and psychologically, I take heads rather than pills. And the women want the seed because of the increase in testosterone levels and the change in attitude from Beta to Alpha.
My deep set eyes are softening as my cheekbones are popping out and becoming like razors. As the connective tissue has released there has been new bone growth, balance of symmetry between the left and right halves of the face. My supposed one leg shorter than the other has disappeared as my hips have rotated forward and evened out. I am nowhere nears down, as I plan to continue using all of these treatments, as long as the changes continue to improve.– weather modification and the quest for immortality

Time, Time, Time is on my side Yes it is… The Divine Mate Completion

My my, time flies when the crows nest at sunrise. We are near the end of the Mayan Calender according to the will of Calleman, Oct 28th 2011. I will probably switch to the promoting the 2012 version after the October 28th end date for search engine purposes… I learned something from Harold Camping who has coopted Calleman’s date for his end of the world predictions. He has now switched to October 21st. The good news for Camping is that he has several more shots to cry wolf, like Oct, 28th 2011. He can then switched to the 2012 timeline, manufacture a date in the spring, summer and fall and end with the grand finale around the winter solstice 2012. There is also a 2013 date generated by the Montauk Project people of March 21st, 2013, where they state they cannot read anything beyond this wall of energy.
It’s all about the links, who cares if its true, do you want to buy something, the end is near anyway why not dump the rest of that $60 credit card balance limit on an Orgone Pyramid. As I write this I am in battle with my power cord that has caught on my shoe. Entanglement theory is best demonstrated by rubber bands and power cords. Why is it that when you put a power cord in a bag that it inevitably gets tangled up with everything else? Is there a team of tanglers like elves in Santa’s workshop that tangle things up when you close the bag.
It also works great with pockets, they must have a subsidiary for pockets. Can we sell off the pocket team and get some cash to pay the debt down to create cash flow to buy inventory? Would it not be easier to burn the banks down and call a debt Jubilee. What is so bad with Lynch Mobs anyway? I will stop there and move on… Entanglement theory is a function of resonance, we become entangled as a function of thought and proximity. Everything generates frequency, the world will begin to harmonize together if placed in the same location or it will self-destruct as a result of a certain part of the enegy spectrum that refuses to harmonize. In our world this is the elite, they separate themselves from the rest of mankind thinking that they are superior when in reality they are identical to everyone else.
America has been called the great melting pot; all of these different races have been plopped down together causing massive chaos. What is happening is forced entanglement, the energies now are beginning to harmonize as the differences in cultures are becoming less significant as we find the cause of the disease of separation which is the elitist mentality. The 1% are causing 99% of the problems. What will happen? What do you think will happen? The energy of the 99% is moving at a very fast rate towards unification, it is unstoppable at this point. It is a Tsunami size energy ball that continually sweeps the planet like the famous waves a few years back at sporting events.
Time is speeding up as a result of energy compression similar to a file that has been compressed. Our genetic code is being compressed with ever increasing high frequency energy to stimulate an awakening of all the cool DNA programs like Immortality, mental telepathy, bi-location, invisibility. Everything that you have read in a comic book is about to become real as we shift the hologram into a baseline 5th dimensional experience. Ascension is a process of overlapping holograms, we are creating a new world where reality is no longer so solid and changes within matrix are lightening quick. The 1% are losing control because the joystick for the matrix are now in the hands of the 99%. The 99% still are now aware that they have the power so they march on wall street and occupy the world thinking that the bankers need to surrender when all they really need to do is change the matrix with focused thought, will and emotion. The chicken head has been cut off and we are waiting for the realization that the wicked witch is dead. Ding Dong the wicked witch the wicked witch is dead.
The one great test that we have not conquered is the separation from the creator or creation. This immense emotional pain of abandonment is what Mankind as a whole has been avoiding feeling to close the circuit and bring completion. In women the split manifests as the Madonna/Whore personality, there is also a male version in the priest/gangster dichotomy. We usually live in one or the other but never both at the same time. We think it is bad for a woman to be whores, but men will sell their souls for a night with a high class hooker. We think that this is bad, but is it really? The man is chasing after an ideal, a woman that can bring him to divinity through sex that his safe wife is unable to do so; because she is trapped in the Virgin Mary archetype. She has a secret side that she will either act out by having an affair on her safe boring Beta-male husband or create a fantasy world in her mind where she cheats on her husband mentally and emotionally. This Nicole Kidman demonstrated brilliantly in Kubricks last film Eyes Wide Shut. Kidman told her husband about a man that she briefly encountered as being able to deliver the ultimate sensual experience. You are left in doubt whether she actually had an affair or just wanted to have the affair. Tom Cruise was driven crazy and went off the deep-end exploring his own shadow side. Men primarily cheat on their spouses because they do not have a whore in the bedroom, a woman that they would kill for. In the extreme split you can have a man or a woman that has a secret active dark side, like Dexter. We love Dexter because we need a venue to vent these tremendous built-up electro-magnetic frequencies that are seeking completely.
In a perfected Divine mate relationship, the man and woman contain both archetypes active modulated by the Spirit. When this occurs we will see the rippling or true coupling around the world as we find our Divine mates en mass. We need to complete the circuit and experience love that en-compasses the whole energy frequency from Lust to Unconditional Love. A true mating includes Lust, you will want to kill for your partner or perhaps kill them if they wrong you. It is the volitility in relationships that needs to be balanced by enlightenment. Light balances power, light without power leaves one sterile and powerless. You bring your cock and pussy up to the 5th dimension, you don’t leave it behind they are the source of your power and are god-given and absolutely essential to becoming an Ascended Master.
Becoming Ascended is about coupling, it is not the lies propagated by religion that we need to do this on our own. We can’t that is what I have found. A man and a woman come together to create something greater than themselves which can be a child but it can also be high Magick or reality creation. The separation of the male and female is the source of all the conflict in the world. In an Ascended world Rick Blaine gets Ilsa Lund and Victor Laslow is left holding the bag, because the world is healed by lustful Divine mate couplings not false matings based on logic. If there is no happiness only obligations then there is no love and that causes more destruction than George Bush on a bender with unlocked Nuke codes. In the sub-atomic world every electron has a paired opposite, what happens below happens above. The micro and the macro are interwoven. The only thing that can save the world of the coupling of true divine mates, we stand at the precipice and we able to entangle enough from the feminine to fuse with the masculine. Unity is a fusion of oppositions, the joining of polarities to trigger the evolution of the human condition beyond the limitations of the 3rd dimension.
We are in the end battle to find true love and everlasting happiness, may every tear be wiped away.

Orgoneproducts Newsletter: Hurricane Busting with Irene and TKO Test New Male Testosterone Supplement

Weather modification is one of the main benefits of the use of Orgone. Orgone will balance out the Chi between heaven and earth. Hurricane Irene was another artificially generated Haarp Hurricane, it’s purpose was to create another event similar to 9-11. The hype prior to the hurricane was insane as the NY media was calling it the worst Hurricane in 100 years. The city was on lockdown as the entire NYC subway system was shut down for the first time in history. As I walked down 14th street the whole block was closed from 1st ave to 8th a day before the hurricane was even supposed to hit.
Even on Saturday night as I was watching the Lions beat up on the Patriots; the TV had the gall to turn off the game in the third quarter. As if we did not have the weather on the other 150 stations. The storm turned out to be just a mediocre rainstorm that is in NYC where I lived. I woke up the next day and the ground was dry no flooding as if it just was a brief summer storm. The winds expected to be over 100mph, never gusted about 25 mph. In preparation of the storm I went down to the East river and prayed to the moon god and sacrificed two chickens. No, actually I didn’t do that, I hid a mini Orgone Chembuster in the shrubbery, was throwing some broken cones and damaged chips in the bushes and forgot to pray to the moon god.
In addition I had sold an Orgone Chembuster to a client in Brooklyn and asked him to put it out on his roof in Brooklyn. I meditated for about an hour projecting the skies to be cleared and the storm to be broken up before going out to watch three quarters of the Lions game. Like a said before the Hurricane became a over-glorified rainstorm here in NYC and Brooklyn; but not in Vermont, New Jersey and Upstate New York which were declared Federal disaster zones. I had another guy in upstate New York order an Orgone Chembuster a few days before Irene, but I was not able to finish it before the Hurricane showed up. I ended up driving to meet him two days later because he said I-87N had been flooded out. Well next time, he will be better prepared. Orgone does more than just change the weather, it actually changes the dimensions vibrationally so that negative events like acts of terror, do not happen. This is high level magic or the secret if you like that better. Quantum changes within the matrix occur when we project and maintain high energy states.
All the fear and noise generated by the babble-box was meant to attract the Hurricane directly into New York City in fact the epi-center was supposed to be Times Square, where they drop the ball for New Year’s Eve. The illuminati practice the secret too, they understand how thought and emotions generate realities. Take control of your mind and your emotions and you take control of your life. That is why I suggest people sign up for the; it will put you in consistent high energy states to manifest the ideal world that you want to exist in. With the addition of the new Xcalibur Machine, we have increased the power levels about 100x what they were with just the bio-resonance machine. The power continues to go up because of the feedback loop that has be created between the Xcalibur machine and the bio-resonance and Orgone technologies. Mitigating Storms is fairly easy at this point, there are real benefits from the lack of say a billion dollars in damages from flooding and wind, but the real benefits of the use of Orgone is the acceleration of consciousness, you do a real service for the planet and mankind with the use Outdoors of Orgone.

We are going to get a little less esoteric for a change and deal with the physical plane. You have the etheric body, the mental body, emotional and last, but not least the physical. All these bodies interpenetrate one another to create the human aura/hologram. The human aura is a byproduct of all the interactions between all of these systems. The physical plane is the end of the line, the last stop like Montauk point. To complete the circuit and trigger Physical Regeneration, we need to pay special attention to the physical body.
After-all that is where we want to see the results. You can find them by looking in the mirror. As we get older, we stop looking in the mirror, we don’t want to see our progress down to the recycling bin. Is it possible to Age Regress and actually return to a full state of Youth? Yes, that is my belief and goal and I will die trying to find all the solutions. I recently have created an Age Reversal device which I have named the Xcalibur Machine. You can find it as a part of the What the Xcalibur Machine does is recharge the Aura with magnetic resonance. The Chinese talk about Pre-natal Chi; this is the energy that we are born with that is created from the point of conception. The pre-natal chi was created by our parents making whoopy; when they rubbed up against each other. The friction buildup eventually led to the explosion of the male into the female. The greater the Orgasm of the male and the female; the stronger and more energetic the child will be.
That is why we breed horses that are winners. We are looking to improve the genetic stock of race horses that will run faster than the previous generation. We do this with humanity as well. The male will look for the highest quality female based on a series of attributes; like hip to waist ratio, nice firm round breasts, symmetrical face, feminine features and intelligence. We often determine intelligence by the eyes, we look into the eyes to see the nature of the person on the inside. Now in this modern world of heavy metals, chemicals, flouride, chlorine, pesticides and excessive estrogen from the use of plastics; the subsequent consequences has been a complete decimation of the endocrine system of the whole food chain. William Cooper in his book Behold a Pale Horse, talks about the illuminati attack on the American people through the corruption of the food and water supply. Stanley Kubrick did as well in the movie Dr. Strangelove when J.T Ripper says he only drinks rainwater and vodka to prevent to corruption of his bodily fluids with the introduction of the communist plot of flouridation of the water supply.
Did you know the Nazis introduced Flouride to the prisoners in WWII to break the will? I learned that from Dr. Strangelove. heavy metals, bind with receptor sites and shut down glandular functioning throughout the endocrine system. Detoxification of the endocrine system can be achieved with the use of Puridine, the purest iodine formula in the world, Sodium Ascorbate and Organic Sulfur, otherwise known as MSM. I will be selling Organic Sulfur shortly and it is a completely different animal than MSM, that is for another day however. Let’s say, you have done a pretty good job, the metals and chemicals from your system. Now what? You have to rebuild, live foods of course is one way, another is the use of herbal formulas to re-build the glandular system.
The Modern diet has decimated the American male, he is now a total whimp because of food chemicals especially an excess of estrogen in the water supply from the overuse of plastics. and birth control pills. Obesity, B-male compliant behaviour and chronic depression in Men are often associated with Low Testosterone levels. When America was at it’s peak, it’s male population was lean, mean fighting machine. They were for the most part, had great Symmetry, highly intelligent and very willful. They took matters into their own hands and got the job done; they did not wait for instructions to the FEMA camps; if you want to go there you can google them, but hey if you are low on testosterone you may not even have the ability to do that. I sure they may have a car service to pick you up. If you lack courage as a male, you most likely have a massive lack of testosterone. If you have trouble attracting or holding a girlfriend, you have low testosterone. With the mating ritual we all still respond on a primal level, that is how our bodies are wired, we are much less evolved than we think we are and what we call political correctness, I call low testosterone.
Any Man can tell you that being overly nice is the kiss of death in regards to finding a woman, but being a jerk is not the answer either; it is about correcting the problem which is hormonal. The cause of the testosterone deficiency can be complex. For instance in the world of Weston Price, generations of modern grain diets in Western culture have led to collapsed Facial and Body Symmetry, we have narrow palates, foreheads and rampant scoliosis in both Men and Women this has been correlated to incredibly unproductive and unhappy lives, failed or non-existent relationships, poor earning power, chronic health problems and financial problems. Poor structure leads to poor hormone production or excess production of hormones such as cortisol. Correct the physical Structure and begin to correct the hormone production problem. Plato and I have been both working on correcting our physical structure for over 8 years now and he has a little blog on one of the procedures that we use for correcting collapsed facial structure from teeth extractions and bad diet.
High testosterone levels in Males are needed for Happiness plain and simple, the ability to hunt and gather, that is what we are function is society is supposed to be, make really strong babies with potent seed. If you have low testosterone, this ain’t happening. Attract the highest quality mate, modern culture is about settling we all seem to settle for less than what we desire. Settling puts us in the grave that must faster, because nature has no use for us, we are not driving the evolution of the species. If you want a strong immune system and a world that is expanding, high testosterone levels are a must for men. As a Man you will never be truly happy without it. Lastly high Testosterone is Anti-aging in Men, it is the basis for Age Reversal, a symptom of it. It causes regeneration of the whole body, the muscular system which produces high levels of the amino acid group L-Carnosine which has been shown to completely Age Regress cells back to adolescence.
Have you seen Slyvestor Stallone lately? In his last film the Expendables, the guy has a body of a man in his late 30’s, early 40’s. Imagine if this guy had a way of recharging his pre-natal Chi? We are on the cusp of solving the Aging problem, through a combination of technologies and the shedding the false beliefs that we cannot extend the lifespan.
TKO Test Tongkat Ali an indonesian herb is the best supplement on the market to rebuild testosterone levels in Males. It is the highest potency of Tongkat Ali product on the market 800mg per pill @ 100:1 extract. It is combined with 450mg of Magnesium Chloride,Zinc Picolate and Stinging Nettles for the maximum production of Testosterone possible.
Your body needs zinc and magnesium as a foundation for testosterone production. ESPECIALY magnesium! Otherwise, the addition of a “gas-additive” like Tongkat will not allow you to reach optimal testosterone levels. Now you may say: “I already take ZMA.”
The problem with all these “ZMA” formulations is that they ALL contain magnesium oxide which is nearly worthless. The only magnesium your body can really use with optimal efficiency is magnesium CHLORIDE. Go ahead. Look for a “ZMA” formulation that uses magnesium chloride… You won’t find one! Except for TONGKAT OVERLOAD!
So we combined magnesium chloride with zinc picolinate, to create a solid foundation for the 200mg of 100:1 extract of INDONESIAN Tongkat Ali that is in EVERY tablet. You’ll take 2 tablets, 2 times a day Monday through Friday, and on Saturdays and Sundays you don’t take any TKO TEST at all. That’s 800mg of 100:1 for 5 days in a row followed by 2 days of rest!
Stinging nettles extract is added to suck up any excess estrogen that may be floating around your body and keeping you from achieving your maximum potential. The stuff was used by the ancient Roman gladiators who led a revolt against Rome herself! They lived a testosterone-fueled lifestyle to say the least!
But the real secret is magnesium chloride. Magnesium is used in hundreds of reactions in the body, and insures that the there is no slacking at any point in your endocrine system as testosterone is metabolized. This will prevent any hormonal irregularities like too much DHT or too many bad estrogens being produced.
Can Women take TKO Test?
Many women use TKO TEST to help cut down on cellulite and other consequences of excessive estrogen. If one is pregnant with a male child, having high in-virto testosterone levels will cause the male child to develop larger sex organs and have a higher testosterone “set-point” throughout his life. Women’s Sex drive is also contingent on testosterone levels, if a woman has no testosterone, she will not like nor want to have sex. The dosages for females are about 1/3 of those for males, about 1 pill per day.
The Benefits of higher Testosterone levels:
Increased Muscle mass, reduction of fat.
No more depression
General increase in overall wellbeing, “Happiness”
Increased immune system functioning
Antiaging, the increase in testosterone will also lead to an increase in L-carnosine levels systemically, mostly in the muscles and skin which will lead to Age Reversal results. Results will be enhanced if combined with body-building regimen.

Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator- Age Reversal Device

I finally got the elusive mythical machine.On Wed afternoon, June 15th 30 minutes before the full lunar eclipse, I heard a knock on the door and a clump outside the door as boxes were being dumped on the floor, like a scene out of the matrix, the Xcalibur machine had arrived. It is an Odyssey that has taken 5 years, a bunch of dead ends and three engineers in total, not to mention many cold hard De-facto debt notes created out of thin air. The Xcalibur Magnetic field Generator is based on the Dotto Ring technology that was developed in the 1970’s by Giovanni Dotto as an Age Reversal Device. It mimics and amplifies the frequencies found in the Hunza valley in Northern Pakistan, where the inhabitants as opposed to the citizens live up to 150 years according to more legends. The original Dotto Ring was a big bulky Thermo-couple that generated a magnetic field with both heat and cold at the same time on a copper-nickel ring that would move vertically up and down. The magnetic field would increase the replication rate of cells and also re-grow the telomeres the aging clock of the bodies cells.

On Wed afternoon, June 15th 30 minutes before the full lunar eclipse, I heard a knock on the door and a clump outside the door as boxes were being dumped on the floor. It was like a scene out of the matrix, the Xcalibur machine had arrived

The Xcalibur Magnetic Field Generator has more flexibility than the original Dotto Ring and is much smaller and more portable.This is the second generation device, the first one I had briefly in the summer of 2007 for six months. That device could only be run for about 15 minutes at a time before it would over-heat. Even with the limitations of the original device, I noticed during that brief period that both my eye color and hair color changed from hazel to blue and auburn to a brighter red. Eventually, I left the first Dotto Ring prototype on in my apartment for 6 hours and fried the circuit board. This unit however can be used virtually around the clock, although I reccomend shutting it off when you go to bed. I think that it is unnecessary to have on 24/7 from the little that I have used it which is now a mere 4 days.

The Xcalibur Magnetic Field generator has three settings, the Dotto Ring frequencies 1.9-2.1Mhz, the Schumann resonance 7.83hz which is the planetary field and a external music subliminal function, where there is a microphone that will pick up either external music or a IPOD or a MP3 player. The Music/Subliminal function then converts the music into a magnetic field. Russian studies have shown that DNA can be re-programmed with common language. This is the best device on the market that I am aware of for DNA activation and can be used re-motely as a radionics device. I have added it to the and it is being included in the price of a general subscription. I will have the Xcalibur Magnetic field generator for sale shortly, but it will not be cheap, this has taken 5 years and a bit of coin to develop, not to mention the hundreds of hours that I have spent on the project. You could say it is a sum total of all my experiences over the last 21 years, starting with my relationship to Preston Nichols of the Montauk Project fame. I will be doing extensive testing of the unit over the next few weeks to see what I actually have on my hands. We are in un-charted territory here and if you are looking for something, that has a lot of research behind it, then check back with me in three years. Dave the current engineer is one of the best engineers in the game and I was lucky to find him, via a craigslist posting about 2 years ago. The few experiences that people have had with the machine so far are a sense of timelessness and a return to innocence. There is a feeling that life is again unlimited in potential similar to one had in youth. The Xcalibur magnetic field generator is the beginning of a new world.

It is ideal for Spa’s or a Yoga center, Night club or Sports team. Based on my experiences with the other energy devices at the, this device will boost your business significantly, higher energy equals more traffic and sales. It is fairly elemental, not to mention the possible benefits for Age Reversal and enhanced energy levels. It will take about 3-4 months to build the production models and I will make deals with people who are willing to make down payments and wait for delivery.