Physical Restructuring: Pulling Palate Forward Update#6

It is now going on over 3 months since I started the experimental treatment to pull the palate and maxilla forward to correct facial collapsed from wisdom teeth extractions. The procedure requires a static modified dental appliance that you attach rubber bands to a helmet and wear for 30 mins a day. The results have been astounding, there has been a correction in my eyesight that went bad right after, I initially had my wisdom teeth pulled when I was 19.
My vision has improved to the point where I am able to drive at night without glasses. I suspect that my vision will return to 20/20 after a few more months as the eyesight improvements seem progressive. The palate treatment is changing the shape of the ocular segment as it relieves compression that was caused by the initial wisdom teeth extraction.
Other changes have been an increase in physical height of about a 1/4 inch. An increase in muscle mass of 12 lbs since the treatment began 3+ months ago. A removal of low grade chronic depression, an increase in oxygen uptake as seen by improvements in sleep patterns. I have had a bunion on both of the little toes on both feet. Those bunions have disappeared over the last three months. My short-term memory has substantially improved as I am able to remember larger pieces of data without resorting to repetition of the information. An improvement in my speech patterns as my voice has changed in tone and well as clarity. Physically, I am much more limber; my legs seem connected to my body as the musculature armoring from postural imbalances are self-correcting. A decrease in lactic acid buildup that was caused by prime muscle movers being used as postural muscles to create stability.
I am simply better looking as my palate and maxilla have moved forward; the cheekbones are now coming out very prominently. The response from both men and women are very dramatic. Men respect me more and are more likely to strike up a conversation, seek to be-friend me. Women are coming right up to me and flirting in a very direct an obvious way. My self esteem has increased tremendously just from the increase in facial and body symmetry. The mind is stressing less and I am able to hold high states of emotional and mental highs; there is an increase in optimism. In fact, you could say I am becoming an eternal optimist. The support therapies to the palate device have been palate expansion through the use of removable dental appliances, as well as NCR short for a technique that releases the connective tissue in the sphenoid bone. For more info, feel free to contact me.