Hormonally Enhanced Orgone Chembuster/Cloudbuster


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chembuster / cloudbuster 4

Hormonally Enhanced Orgone Chembuster/Cloudbuster

New! Orgone Chembusters are now larger with 25lb base and Hormonally enhanced! The net result is a Chembuster that is 44X stronger than the earlier version due to the addition of very powerful hormones and the increased strength of the Ascension Energy Technologies. Back in the day when we had Kings and Queens and fair maidens with no indoor plumbing; whether peace or tyranny reigned was a function of the strength of the King. A strong high hormone King, ruled with a firm grip but was fair to most and cruel to but a few. It is the high testosterone levels that allow a man to see clearly and make rational decisions under great pressure. The coward the one that pees in his pants or runs at the first sign of trouble, most likely has no hormones running through his system due to repeated trauma and poor facial and body symmetry. Women are attracted to very high hormone men ,because they can create balance in a female who operates mainly through the creative brain rather than the rational mind. The value of a man is his hormone levels, it allows him to go out and conquer the world and bring security or peace. The evil King is the low hormone beta- male type who operates covertly through deceit to obtain power. He is incapable of handling this power so he collapses under its weight and the kingdom becomes rampant with crime, deceit and debt. Debt is an energy deficit that builds up as a function of the energy depletion within the people. The enhanced hormone function of these Chembusters will help clear your local neighborhood of all sorts of negative energies including Chemtrails. I believe Chemtrails are neutralized by vibrational shift within the chemicals themselves as well as the whole surrounding area. It raises the vibration of your neighborhood, where you live in this world, but are not a part of it. New Postive synchronistic experiences will arise from these chembusters in your life.

This is based on the Don Croft model of Wilhelm Reich’s cloudbuster. The difference between the Croft model and Reich’s essentially lies with the addition of Quartz crystals into the Orgone mix. Dr. Reich’s original cloudbuster needed a running source of water to clear the unit. I make my Chembuster / CloudBusters a little different from Don Croft, I do use the crystals, Quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, jade and turquoise. I do not however use aluminum, I follow Reich’s warning not to use Aluminum. Most Chembuster’s use Aluminum as the main metal. I use steel shavings Reich’s traditional metal; as well as Copper, Zinc, Silver, and a bit of Monoatomic Gold. I prepare the resin with a crystal singing bowl, and a Schauberger water implosion coil to create structured resin. I will also add in some herbs such as garlic and pure carbon in the form of charcoal.

The crystals apparently neutralize the Dor that the Chembuster / CloudBuster pulls in from the atmosphere. Chemtrails are the weapon of choice for the New World Order for population control. Chemtrails are embedded with Aluminum-Barium and different biological diseases. They are sprayed from Commercial Airline jets, they create artificial clouds that disrupt the weather patterns as well as saturate us with the Aluminum and barium. The HAARP project based in Alaska is a massive microwave project that blankets the Earth. The Aluminum and Barium create a shield that blankets the ionosphere. The microwave radiation bounces off the Aluminum shield and rains down over the whole planet. All Corporate food companies saturate all wheat based food products with Aluminum. Why? We now have enough Aluminum in our bodies where the microwaves can influence our thought patterns as well as our genetics.

How does Orgone help? By sucking in the DOR field into the Orgone unit and pumping out a healthy Orgone energy dispersing the HAARP grid within a few miles. There are claims by Carol Croft that a Chembuster / CloudBuster that clear a 50 mile radius, I am a little more conservative in these estimates. The Chembuster / CloudBuster is essentially a radionic machine, it will amplify thought-forms, it is a magical weapon in the fight against the New World Order.

Ron Paul has recently stated that there is a plan to create a Global Government with a single worldwide currency. The end goal is to place a chip in every person that can be controlled by satellite in conjunction with the HAARP project. The technology is getting to the point where dissidents will be killed by a projected beam from a satellite. Human thoughts run at 350 hz-400hz according to Preston Nichols of the Montauk project.

You can pump in thought forms on those carrier frequencies to influence an individual or steer a population to a desired outcome. Stay silent, pay your taxes and rat on your neighbor, oh yea just die when we tell you. The good news is Orgone will break up the HAARP grid and allow positive influences into your life. Buying a Chembuster is not only helping yourself it is also helping your neighbor and Humanity as a whole.

The Good News: Orgone Now Radionically Enhanced with Bio-resonance. What does this mean?  Orgone is a radionic device that is powered by the operator/owner of the machine. It couples with the mind of the owner. You can drive it will your will to accomplish an action. If you want to clear the skies of Chemtrails; simply imagine the skies clear, blowing air out of your mouth with gold energy will help accelerate the process. You have more power than you realize. The radionic enhancement with bio-resonance comes from my sister site; the Ascensionenergyprogram.com. Bio-resonance removes negativity out of an auric field continually since the machines are on 24/7. The technology is based on the work of Burkhard Heim, who created a Unified Field theory that operates in 6 dimensions. Heim's theory explains the properties of gravity and his calculus metron, opens up wormholes in the time-space continum. The chembusters are now tied to the machine that is based on Heim's theories through the symbol of the Ascension Energy Program which are embedded in the Chembusters. Subsequently they are continually boosted in power and cleared. This increases the power of the Orgone Chembusters exponentially into the realm of reality creation. We are dealing with very high level esoteric operations. With Unified Field energies; negativity becomes a fuel source for the field effect. Darkness is turned into light. The Energy field is so strong that negativity needs to convert to light or it needs to flee the premises. What we are talking here is not just nuetralizing the Haarp project; but creating a new reality that over-writes Haarp. The Unified Field becomes the dominant force or reality. Maybe McCarthy was right; All you need is Love.
Hurricane Irene Update:
   Hurricane Irene was another artificially generated Haarp Hurricane, it’s purpose was to create another event similar to 9-11. The hype prior to the hurricane was insane as the NY media was calling it the worst Hurricane in 100 years. The city was on lockdown as the entire NYC subway system was shut down for the first time in history. As I walked down 14th street the whole block was closed from 1st ave to 8th a day before the hurricane was even supposed to hit.
Even on Saturday night as I was watching the Lions beat up on the Patriots; the TV had the gall to turn off the game in the third quarter. As if we did not have the weather on the other 150 stations. The storm turned out to be just a mediocre rainstorm that is in NYC where I lived. I woke up the next day and the ground was dry no flooding as if it just was a brief summer storm. The winds expected to be over 100mph, never gusted about 25 mph. In preparation of the storm I went down to the East river and prayed to the moon god and sacrificed two chickens. No, actually I didn’t do that, I hid a mini Orgone Chembuster in the shrubbery, was throwing some broken cones and damaged chips in the bushes and forgot to pray to the moon god.
In addition I had sold an Orgone Chembuster to a client in Brooklyn and asked him to put it out on his roof in Brooklyn. I meditated for about an hour projecting the skies to be cleared and the storm to be broken up before going out to watch three quarters of the Lions game. Like a said before the Hurricane became a over-glorified rainstorm here in NYC and Brooklyn; but not in Vermont, New Jersey and Upstate New York which were declared Federal disaster zones. I had another guy in upstate New York order an Orgone Chembuster a few days before Irene, but I was not able to finish it before the Hurricane showed up. I ended up driving to meet him two days later because he said I-87N had been flooded out. Well next time, he will be better prepared. Orgone does more than just change the weather, it actually changes the dimensions vibrationally so that negative events like acts of terror, do not happen. This is high level magic or the secret if you like that better. Quantum changes within the matrix occur when we project and maintain high energy states.
All the fear and noise generated by the babble-box was meant to attract the Hurricane directly into New York City in fact the epi-center was supposed to be Times Square, where they drop the ball for New Year’s Eve. The illuminati practice the secret too, they understand how thought and emotions generate realities. Take control of your mind and your emotions and you take control of your life. That is why I suggest people sign up for the AscensionEnergyProgram.com; it will put you in consistent high energy states to manifest the ideal world that you want to exist in. With the addition of the new Xcalibur Machine, we have increased the power levels about 100x what they were with just the bio-resonance machine. The power continues to go up because of the feedback loop that has be created between the Xcalibur machine and the bio-resonance and Orgone technologies. Mitigating Storms is fairly easy at this point, there are real tangilble benefits such as the lack of say a billion dollars in damages from flooding, torrential rains and winds; but the real benefits of Orgone are the acceleration of consciousness. You can do a real service for the planet and mankind with the use Orgone outdoors.
 This is an additional energy input to the operator. Machines are an adjunct they are not a substitute for your willful actions. The same clearing techniques of the Chembusters still apply here of washing down the units with a hose every two weeks for 10 minutes and moving the Chembuster around your property, even if only a few inches.


International shipping is extra and there may be an import tax in your country. Contact me before purchasing a Chembuster / CloudBuster for International delivery.


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Hormonally Enhanced Orgone Chembuster/Cloudbuster 25lbs $475



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Mini CloudBuster / ChemBuster

Mini ChemBuster

This product is designed more for an urban environment, where there is not much access to a yard or a rooftop. It can sit as a flower pot outside a window. Although size does matter to a point with Orgone, more mass usually equals more potency. These mini chembusters should do nicely as a supplement to a full size Chembuster / CloudBuster. They are made with high-quality epoxy resin, steel, copper, sterling silver, gold flake and mono-atomic gold. All the materials are now charged with the Miracle frequency of 528 hz as well as a crystal singing bowl. The unit is designed for both asthetically as well as functionality. To the best of my knowledge, Orgone nuetralizes chemtrails by changing the nature of the environment, moving from 3rd dimensional conciousness to the 4th or perhaps even the 5th dimension. Chemtrails seem to just dissapear rather than be nuetralized in a more alchemical sense; it is a bizarre phenemona to experience. I am still scratching my head after 5 years of making Orgone.

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Mini Chembuster / CloudBuster $275