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MonoAtomic Gold


MonoAtomic Gold functions as a superconductor within the brain, aura and nervous system. It fundamentally over time, will build up in the three systems and generate wormhole type of events. On a practical level what does this mean? It will increase the experience of magical events, either positive or negative. It is not a substitute for spiritual purification, but will speed the process up.
Theoretically, it could lead to dimensional shift types of events, it has been both used by quote dark and light occult societies, so by itself it will either tune you into God or the Devil, depending on your level of integrity. The super-conducting capacity is increasing information transfer, that opens and synchronizes both sides of the brain. It the initiations of the Great Pyramid, one would sit in the Sarcophagus found in the King's chamber and travel to Orion star system to recover the knowledge of the Gods. They have found residue of MonoAtomic Gold within the Sarcophagus that is secreted by the Pineal gland when it fully awakens..
   Monoatomic Gold elixir is designed to interact directly with your energy body. As such, the effect is immediate; as can be demonstrated by the instant change of brain wave patterns once the elixir is taken. This product is for experienced meditators or occult practitioners; it is pricey. If you are a beginner, I would suggest bypassing until you understand the value of Monotamic Gold.
It is a tool to reach expanded and sublime states of consciousness easily and effortlessly. Gold is a super-conductor, it vastly increases the processing power of the nervous system, allows for the smooth integration of the Merkaba (light body) with the physical.
In Alchemy, we see gold as the representative of the sun, which rules the fourth seal or chakra of the human energy body and rules the heart and the arteries, as well as the skeletal structure of the human body. Based upon this knowledge, it is not surprising that we can observe the following effects of gold: On a physical level, monoatomic gold increases stamina and hormone production while balancing the endocrine system; thus it is useful for the purpose of physical rejuvenation. Monoatomic gold also strengthens the heart, and increases the growth of red blood cells and semen. In general it serves as an aphrodisaic for both genders.
MonoAtomic Gold will increase and balance hormone production. The number one attribute of gold is that it seeks to create perfect balance, within the endocrine system brain synchronizations and emotional health. If you are having mental health problems, I would simply not take this product. It can create a massive healing crisis from the acceleration of information transfer that takes place within the consciousness of the person. In the Bible Manna is called Manna from heaven, made by Moses and probably was the meal at the last supper of Christ.
This product is made with modern laser refraction technology, 20PPM with nanometer sized particles..


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