Orgone Small Healing Disc

Small Orgone Healing disc can be used for multiple applications. Orgone discs can be used as a drink coaster to charge any type of beverage.Put in your fridge to charge food and water. Orgone left in the fridge will enhance the flavor of the food and liquids due to the increased energy content. Taste is byproduct of energy content within food. Food will also last much longer in the fridge before it starts to decay, like weeks rather than days and sometimes even months. Orgone discs are a great tool for massage therapists, lay disc on client where there is a chronic tension spot to release pain and soften area. Enhanced energy stimulation will reduce trauma and inflammation and normalize tissue function. Orgone can be used to relieve headaches and body aches for the same reason. More life force energy is always the answer to pain. Use in car while driving place in the small of the back to reduce back pain from driving. You can even use these orgone discs to extend the life of razor blades by as much as 60 days. I find the orgone discs because of the shape to be the most practical form of Orgone for daily use. Orgone is now enhanced with testosterone boosters to increase the intensity of the life force energy by over 10x, that is in all the orgone based products on the site.

Note, you can specific colors in the notation box on the bottom of the paypal form.
If you want a plain color disc without coins or bottle caps, you can specify that as well. 


1 Small Orgone Healing Disk $41.97








2 Orgone Small Healing Disks $78.97