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     Rebuilds Massive Testosterone Levels in Men       

  We are going to get a little less esoteric for a change and deal with the physical plane. You have the etheric body, the mental body, emotional and last, but not least the physical. All these bodies interpenetrate one another to create the human aura/hologram. The human aura is a byproduct of all the interactions between all of these systems. The physical plane is the end of the line, the last stop like Montauk point. To complete the circuit and trigger Physical Regeneration, we need to pay special attention to the physical body.
    After-all that is where we want to see the results. You can find them by looking in the mirror. As we get older, we stop looking in the mirror, we don't want to see our progress down to the recycling bin. Is it possible to Age Regress and actually return to a full state of Youth? Yes, that is my belief and goal and I will die trying to find all the solutions. I recently have created an Age Reversal device which I have named the Xcalibur Machine. You can find it as a part of the What the Xcalibur Machine does is recharge the Aura with magnetic resonance. The Chinese talk about Pre-natal Chi, this is the energy that we are born with that is created from the point of conception. The pre-natal chi was created by our parents making whoopy; when they rubbed up against each other, the friction buildup eventually led to the explosion of the male into the female. The greater the Orgasm of the male and the female; the stronger and more energetic the child will be.
   That is why we breed horses that are winners. We are looking to improve the genetic stock of race horses that will run faster than the previous generation. We do this with humanity as well. The male will look for the highest quality female based on a series of attributes, like hip to waist ratio, nice firm round breasts. Symmetrical face, feminine features. Intelligence, we often determine intelligence by the eyes. We look into the eyes to see the nature of the person on the inside. Now in this modern world of heavy metals, chemicals, flouride, chlorine, pesticides and excessive estrogen from the use of plastics; the subsequent consequences has been a complete decimation of the endocrine system of the whole food chain. William Cooper in his book Behold a Pale Horse,  talks about the illuminati attack on the American people through the corruption of the food and water supply. Stanley Kubrick did as well in the movie Dr. Strangelove when J.T Ripper says he only drinks rainwater and vodka to prevent to corruption of his bodily fluids with the introduction of the communist plot of flouridation of the water supply.
   Did you know the Nazis introduced Flouride to the prisoners in WWII to break the will? I learned that from Dr. Strangelove. heavy metals, bind with receptor sites and shut down glandular functioning throughout the endocrine system. Detoxification of the endocrine system can be achieved with the use of Puridine, the purest iodine formula in the world, Sodium Ascorbate and Organic Sulfur, otherwise known as MSM. I will be selling Organic Sulfur shortly and it is a completely different animal than MSM, that is for another day however. Let's say, you have done a pretty good job, the metals and chemicals from your system. Now what? You have to rebuild, live foods of course is one way, another is the use of herbal formulas to re-build the glandular system. 
    The Modern diet has decimated the American male, he is now a total whimp because of food chemicals especially an excess of estrogen in the water supply from the overuse of plastics. and birth control pills. Obesity, B-male compliant behaviour and chronic depression in Men are often associated with Low Testosterone levels. When America was at it's peak, it's male population was lean, mean fighting machine. They were for the most part, had great Symmetry, highly intelligent and very willful. They took matters into their own hands and got the job done; they did not wait for instructions to the FEMA camps; if you want to go there you can google them, but hey if you are low on testosterone you may not even have the ability to do that. I sure they may have a car service to pick you up. If you lack courage as a male, you most likely have a massive lack of testosterone. If you have trouble attracting or holding a girlfriend, you have low testosterone. With the mating ritual we all still respond on a primal level, that is how our bodies are wired, we are much less evolved than we think we are and what we call political correctness, I call low testosterone.
   Any Man can tell you that being overly nice is the kiss of death in regards to finding a woman, but being a jerk is not the answer either; it is about correcting the problem which is hormonal. The cause of the testosterone deficiency can be complex. For instance in the world of Weston Price, generations of modern grain diets in Western culture have led to collapsed Facial and Body Symmetry, we have narrow palates, foreheads and rampant scoliosis in both Men and Women this has been correlated to incredibly unproductive and unhappy lives, failed or non-existent relationships, poor earning power, chronic health problems and financial problems. Poor structure leads to poor hormone production or excess production of hormones such as cortisol. Correct the physical Structure and begin to correct the hormone production problem. Plato and I have been both working on correcting our physical structure for over 8 years now and he has a little blog on one of the procedures that we use for correcting collapsed facial structure from teeth extractions and bad diet.
   High testosterone levels in Males are needed for Happiness plain and simple, the ability to hunt and gather, that is what we are function is society is supposed to be, make really strong babies with potent seed. If you have low testosterone, this ain't happening. Attract the highest quality mate, modern culture is about settling we all seem to settle for less than what we desire. Settling puts us in the grave that must faster, because nature has no use for us, we are not driving the evolution of the species. If you want a strong immune system and a world that is expanding, high testosterone levels are a must for men. As a Man you will never be truly happy without it. Lastly high Testosterone is Anti-aging in Men, it is the basis for Age Reversal, a symptom of it. It causes regeneration of the whole body, the muscular system which produces high levels of the amino acid group L-Carnosine which has been shown to completely Age Regress cells back to adolescence.

Have you seen Slyvestor Stallone lately? In his last film the Expendables, the guy has a body of a man in his late 30's, early 40's. Imagine if this guy had a way of recharging his pre-natal Chi? We are on the cusp of solving the Aging problem, through a combination of technologies and the shedding the false beliefs that we cannot extend the lifespan.

Tongkat Overload is comprised of Tongkat Ali an Indonesian herb famous for it's legendary effects on virility. Indonesian men coincidentally have the largest penises in Asia, not that there is a correlation, hmm...  Tongkat Overload is the best supplement on the m

With 800mg of 100:1 Indonesian Tongkat Ali Extract Per Serving… Tongkat Overload Is So Aggressive
It Demands a 2-Day Cycle!

I'm sure you’re aware that there are lots of supplements out there that contain tongkat ali. Sadly, those supplements all contain way too little tongkat ali to be worth anything. Tongkat is simply too expensive for our "competition" to put into their product at dosages that will turn you into the type of man who is a law unto himself.

You also may have noticed that these other tongkat ali products will tell you:

1. To cycle tongkat by using it for 5 days, and then stopping for 3.

2. To cycle tongkat for any length of time you desire, as long as you stop taking tongkat for half the time you were on it.

3. To cycle tongkat is not necessary.

The problem here is those spreading this disinformation don’t understand the way the body works…

When you are still in the womb, your body determines how much testosterone it will tolerate and creates a “set point” in your endocrine system to reflect it. When your testosterone levels exceed this set point, your endocrine system will get the message to temporarily shut down testosterone production until your levels fall back within range. This is what endocrinologists refer to as a “feedback loop.”

This is why bodybuilders and powerlifters who inject testosterone end up shutting down their natural testosterone production. It isn’t because their body “forgets” how to make testosterone or gets “lazy,” is it just because injecting testosterone in the manner in which they do raises their testosterone levels beyond their individual biological “set points.” They’ve effectively “red-lined” their “endocrine engine” for too long.

This ignorance about cycling is incidentally the reason why some people think tongkat ali doesn’t work. They just didn’t cycle it correctly!

So while other tongkat ali products suggest a 5-day cycle to avoid triggering this feedback loop, Tongkat Overload is so aggressive that we suggest a cycle that only lasts 2 days.

Used in this manner, Tongkat Overload allows you to enjoy higher testosterone levels every day – without jeopardizing your natural testosterone production.arket to raise testosterone levels in Men.

Nettle Root For Even More Testosterone!

Stinging nettle extract interferes with estradiol activity by also inhibiting the conversion of testosterone to estadiol through inhibition of aromatase, which supports prostate cells against excess levels of estradiol that have been shown to contribute to the pathogenesis of BPH. This is important because testosterone converts to estradiol at higher rates as men age. Prostate cells are sensitive to the growth stimulatory effects of estradiol. The reduction of aromatization (conversion) of testosterone to estradiol also enhances free testosterone levels.

Stinging nettle extract also binds to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which prevents it from binding to testosterone and on prostate membranes. This is also important because SHBG increases with age, binding up more free testosterone. Thus, stinging nettle extract, while promoting prostatic protective activity, increases beneficial free testosterone levels by inhibiting aromatase and by binding to SHBG.

You Can Feel Our Tongkat Ali Working.

Because Tongkat Overload contains 800mg of 100:1 Indonesian Tongkat Ali extract per serving, there will be no doubt in your mind that it works!

Tongkat Cycles That Are Easy To Manage.

A 2 day cycle is easy to keep track of. No more guessing or having to write down how many days you have been taking or not taking the product.

    TKO Test Tongkat Ali an indonesian herb is the best supplement on the market to rebuild testosterone levels in Males. It is the highest potency of Tongkat Ali product on the market 800mg per pill @ 100:1 extract.

Can Women take TKO Test?

 Many women use TKO TEST to help cut down on cellulite and other consequences of excessive estrogen. If one is pregnant with a male child, having high in-virto testosterone levels will cause the male child to develop larger sex organs and have a higher testosterone "set-point" throughout his life. Women's Sex drive is also contingent on testosterone levels, if a woman has no testosterone, she will not like nor want to have sex. The dosages for females are about 1/3 of those for males, about 1 pill per day.

 The Benefits of higher Testosterone levels:

Increased Muscle mass, reduction of fat.

No more depression

General increase in overall wellbeing, "Happiness"

Increased immune system functioning

Antiaging, the increase in testosterone will also lead to an increase in L-carnosine levels systemically, mostly in the muscles and skin which will lead to Age Reversal results. Results will be enhanced if combined with body-building regimen.

  ****Remember always to cycle any supplement as the body will stop registering the effects of the nutrient after 50 days of continual use.  


Tongkat Ali TKO Test Testosterone

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