I play around with concepts for a while before I formulate an opinion. I have heard about alkalining the body for years, first from John Thomas with his book, Young Again how to reverse the Aging Process. It was something I didn’t want to hear as an avid meat eater and pasta lover. My diet at the time was essentially all meat and potatoes at the time.
Growing up it was pizza everyday at lunchtime followed by three or four cokes. Dinner was steak, lamb chops, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries ect. You kinda get the picture. A vegetable was seen as a prop for a movie set or a garnish to be pushed aside, occasionally eaten but certainly not considered a meal in itself.
I grew up next to a toxic landfill in a wealthy suburban community on Long Island, NY.
There was a very high cancer rate in my neighborhood with our next door neighbor, Mr. Birch died of Brain cancer at 35. He was the Gym coach at my Jr. High school as well as the Health teacher. Right down by the sand pits where the dump was located, there would be methane explosions in the furnace rooms of my neighbors. On the positive side I was a very active athlete, always running playing 3-4 different sports year round and taking copious amounts of Shaklee supplements. My parents were distributers for Shaklee in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I believe it was the supplements and the rigorous exercise that saved me from severe health problems as a child.
In my teenage years and my early 20’s, I tended to have an all or nothing viewpoint to life changes. As I have gotten older, I realize that often the slower path of integration and change is more effective in the long run, concepts need to be assimilated over time, much like learning a new language. The goal of acheiving optimum health or Age Reversal is just that a process, that has been a life-long journey.
Back to the alkaline diet, I attempted the vegetarian lifestyle briefly for six months was I was seriously practicing Kundalini Yoga, taking about 10-12 classes a week. I ended up getting completely bored with my diet, It was no fun. The end result was that I reverted back to my diet of Steak potatoes and Pizza. I have been blessed with fairly good genetics since I never seemed to gain weight. This changed of course when I hit my thirties, I noticed a slight layer of fat around the middle, I thought it was cute; I have never gained any weight before other than muscle. I knew eventually I would move to more of a vegetarian diet again, but I would do it slowly over time this time.
Now I look for qualitative gains in health that I can maintain without feeling that I am depriving myself of pleasure, i also had to understand the destructive effects of my diet on my body from an experiential point of view. I later read Sang Whang Reverse Aging, which I had added to my website. In this book he advocates the use of Alkaline water, mainly a medical grade water ionizer that can produce an alkaline water state above a PH of nine. Changing the quality of my water was a no-brainer to me, there would be zero sacrifice other than the $875 for the machine, which eventually would save me money on bottle water in the long run. In the book, Sang Whang mentions that Coffee is alkaline! I was like great, here was a staple in my life that I did not have to give up. Of course, Coffee is only alkaline if the water used is alkaline. Regular tap water and most bottle water is acidic.
Now, I make my coffee at home with the Alkaline water made from my Microlite by Jupiter. I also make all of my food with the alkaline water which definetly makes it taste better. If I was going to open a restaurant, I would use only alkaline water in my food preparation, that would be my secret weapon to change to taste of the food.I read John Thomas book called How to Reverse the Aging Process about 3 years ago. He is a big proponent of Alkalizing the body as a means to reverse degenerative processes. His theory is that the state of Youth is one of Alkalinity. That Aging is a function of Acidification leads to disease and death. One of the main ways to alkaline the body is by changing the quality of water that you drink. I was under the mis-conception for years that Bottle water was actually good for you. A PH of 7 is considered neutral. The blood PH is in the range of 7.35-7.45. Here is a shortlist of popular Bottle waters and there PH levels and (ORP values) ORP stands for Oxydation Reduction Potential. Water either has a “positive” or “negative” ORP, measured in millivolts mV. It is the negative ORP that is beneficial to our body in that it reduces oxidation (anti-oxidant). Negative ORP is in ionized water and fresh, uncooked foods. Positive ORP increases oxidation (aging) and is found in tap water, bottled waters, distilled and reverse osmosis waters as well as cooked and processed foods.

Poland Spring Water PH 6.31 ORP +390
Deer Park PH 6.31 ORP +644
Dasani PH 7.2 ORP +378 Reverse Osmosis
Evian PH 7.53 ORP +390
Fiji PH 6.65 ORP +406
Perrier PH 5.28 ORP +478
New York City Tap PH 6.81 ORP +440
Jupiter Ionizers PH 10.5 ORP -850

If you notice Evian is the only bottle water that is actually slightly Alkaline above the blood PH of 7.35-7.45. None of the bottle water has a negative anti-oxidant potential. You are told to drink a lot of water after a workout or a massage to detox. Does it do any good? If you are drinking water that is acidic and devoid of alkaline minerals with low oxygen content, you are actually acidifying your body and accelerating degenerative processes. This is why Athletes age faster than non-athletes. They are burning up there mineral supplies and not removing the waste products that are accumulating from all the strenuous exercize. I am an affiliate for Jupiter and will offer $30 back on the purchase of any of the Jupiter Water ionizers. You will need to use my name as a reference: Kevin Courtois. The $30 will come direct from me, not the company. 877-770-5247
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