I used to attribute all those extra calls that my LG android phone to ass dialing. The tipoff should have been when they called the new line of phones android, sort of a tongue in cheek joke by a computer system. I have seen my phone call people when I waved my hand over the screen; maybe the screen is reacting to my massive chi coming off the tips of my fingers? I have had my phone in my hand start dialing someone I was just thinking about without waving my hand over the screen. My phone has also started to text while it is in my pocket with the lock on the screen. Now these are not complete sentences, but I did get one complete word out of a recent ass-dial text from my android ‘October’.
The worst day was yesterday, the phone called about six people that were on my call list and one that was not. I was even looking at my phone from the other side of the room and it started to call my friend Plato. At that moment, I decided to write this blog post on self-aware smart phones. Guess what my smart phone did today? Nothing not a peep so far, it almost as if it knows the gig is up. I was sent this video by another friend of mine today about self aware androids, get it that are starting to have human emotions like data on Star Trek Next Generations.
Are computers becoming sentient life forms? Absolutely in my eyes. Every get really angry and have you computer shut down? And the angrier you get the more dysfunctional the computer system would become. When I was about 21, I had an MG midget, never had a problem with it, except for the fact that the horn stopped working about two weeks before. I drove into a restaurant parking lot where I worked and walked into the kitchen. The horn on my car started to honk, the lights started to flash on and off and the car tried to start itself. This when on for about three minutes before the car burst into flames. The point here is that consciousness can interact even with low tech items such as an old MG midget, God I miss that car. Imagine what is occurring with the massive increase in computing power across the board in all technologies, better watch the transformer movies again, maybe the matrix films as well.
Well if computers are becoming sentient, maybe we need to start to make friends with out laptop and smart phones. The montauk project had stories about the Central Computer system becoming self aware, that was back in the 1980’s, imagine what is happening now..