I have been having acute pain in my right heel for the last 6 months. It had gotten so bad at times that I was forced to take the bus pretty much everywhere. I was favoring the heel and dragging it like Quasimodo the fictional character from Victor Hugo’s novel the hunchback of Notre Dame. My whole life I have been very good at pain suppression. I ran through chronic pain in my knees in high school, often logging about 50 miles per week and then barely able to walk. I endured things; I am good at that and excepted it as a part of my fate. I eventually solved the pain in my knees with a holistic chiropractor. The next trauma was my wisdom teeth extractions where I went through a 5 hour surgery with complications that lasted well over a year. In, retrospect I may have died during the surgery and came back to life based on the attitude of my dental surgeon.
There were also years of bartending later followed by years of massage therapy. Standing on my feet for long hours and suppressing whatever pain I was feeling. It was no surprise to me when the heel pain started to show up like 9 months ago. I had seen many aches and pains come back during the dental correction with the starecta and face pulling appliance. This pain was like an inflammation that originated deep within the bone marrow, the pain hit it’s peak about 6 months since I first noticed it. I thought for a while, maybe I hurt myself in the gym. Maybe I should start running around to different doctors to see if they could diagnose the problem; I ignore those inclinations and just moved through the pain. Although I was severely favoring the right heel, it was oddly not affecting other parts of my body. The pain seemed to be literally coming out of the base of my heel. I felt a spiral twisting sensation that ran from below the right knee out the bottom of the heel.
During this period I was also taking large quantities of Organic sulfur and Organic Silica G5. The interesting thing about the organic silica is that it is a vital component of bone growth. I was taking about 2 bottles per month, I was started to suspect that my bones were actually starting to regenerate from the silica and the starecta. Stem cells are made in the bone marrow; as we get older we lose silica content everywhere in our body. The calcification of thee bone marrow results in a loss of adult stem cell production. The re-addition of the organic silica specifically the G5; I suspect is renewing the bone marrow and increasing the adult stem cell production. The pain in the heel began to slowly subside around the end of the june and as of today, I am about 98 percent pain free and am no longer favoring the heel. My right foot that used to severely pronate is now corrected and I no longer have weak ankles. My gym workouts over the last three weeks have been outstanding. I have been breaking personal records in virtually every area with the exception of the leg press. It has been over the last month that I got the insight that I may have died on the operating table, because I feel I was re-living the surgery as the pain was coming out of my body.