Sodium Ascorbate The Real Vitamin C

The health benefits of taking Sodium Ascorbate are remarkable and have far reaching implications for many health conditions. Following a Sodium Ascorbate regime over a period of around 12 months or so, will tend to completely rebuild the structural integrity of your body via collagen renewal. This includes your arteries thus reversing the development atherosclerotic disease, helping to prevent heart attack, also resolving hardening or blocking of the arteries and helping to prevent stroke due to arterial or vascular rupture. In addition sodium ascorbate has a leading role to play in the elimination of chronic and acute infections.

Why do we need Sodium Ascorbate?

The GLO Gene is absent in many people, scientists believe that this happened around 60 million years ago. The absence of this gene makes us unable to biosynthesise a specific enzyme L- gulonolactone oxidase. This is an end stage liver enzyme that bio-converts blood glucose to Ascorbate, this means our bodies cannot produce any Ascorbate. In the long term, a lack of Ascorbate causes our bones to dissolve and teeth to fall out – in other words sub-clinical scurvy and a tendency to development of cancer.

Ascorbic Acid has mistakenly been called Vitamin C – it is actually a liver metabolite rather than a vitamin. It is produced in large quantities in almost all animals, e.g. 6 grams a day in a goat, or up to 100grams daily if the goat is stressed. But it is not Ascorbic Acid that our body requires, rather a SALT of Ascorbic Acid. A daily supplementation of Ascorbate several times a day is a simple way to make up for this genetic defect.

Ascorbate is also essential for the hydroxylation of the amino acid Proline which forms hydroxyproline – a major component of collagen. Collagen is an essential structural protein in the body accounting for around a quarter of all the protein in our bodies and is critical to the structural integrity of our bodies.

Linus Pauling PhD (Twice Nobel Laureate) stated “It is highly probable that most people in the world would only receive 1- 2% of the amounts of Ascorbate that would keep them in the best of health”. Source

Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies 528 HZ DNA Repair

hat Are The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies?

These original sound frequencies were apparently used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist, along with others that church authorities say were lost centuries ago. The chants and their special tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings when sung in harmony during religious masses. These powerful frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo as described in the book Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. I give honor to both of these gentleman for the part they’ve played in helping return these lost frequencies back to humanity.

The Six Frequencies include:

UT – 396 Hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE – 417 Hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA – 639 Hz – Connecting/Relationships
SOL – 741 Hz – Awakening Intuition
LA – 852 Hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

For example, the third note, frequency 528, relates to the note MI on the scale and derives from the phrase “MI-ra gestorum” in Latin meaning “miracle.” Stunningly, this is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA – the genetic blueprint upon which life is based!

A Little History

At the turn of the century the awareness of DNA entered the collective consciousness of the world. We have incarnated into this human experience as divine beings with a blueprint, a set of instructions. We know that a very small percentage (3%) of those instructions make up our physiology.

Carl Sagan writes that most of our genetic information (about 97%) is unused DNA. He refers to this as “genetic gibberish.” Is it possible that most of who we are still lies dormant as our human potential?

In the old paradigm of religion, “potential” remained a mystery to the human mind, therefore we coined a mystical term called “SPIRIT.” “Spirit” was something that was detached from who we were, something we didn’t have and could only be gained through the systems of most religions.

The old paradigm and its premise stated that we began as biology in the womb of our mothers. Telliard deChardin tells us that we are not a human being trying to attain a spiritual experience, but, rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. This shift in perception causes a tremendous difference in the way we perceive ourselves in this third/fourth time-space continuum.

Being a student of “A Course In Miracles” in the late 80’s, I was faced with a dichotomy in the idea that we are not a body. I never understood this statement fully until I read a quotation by Albert Einstein which stated: “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.” I believe what is being stated is that at the deepest level we are not separate, as a body, as a spirit, as a soul — we are just energy-beings. This is the level of consciousness being opened to us from which a new paradigm is emerging for the purpose of healing all separation. The popular term, “The Divine, is in me”- makes “me” separate from the Divine. May I suggest a shift in the saying to: “The Divine, AS me” to remove the separation.

As we move from genetics and concepts like Soul, “Soul Mates” and “Soul work,” we move beyond physical diagnosis, into a new field of quantum physics. In this new field, where consciousness is seen as a unified field where everything is everything else, (T.O.E. Theory – The Theory of Everything) —there are no boundaries. There is no “this” or “that;” no you or me. It is a pure field of awareness – consciousness. I solved the dichotomy about “we are not our body” by changing my perception of genetics to energetics – realizing that we are not meant to ignore our physiology, but recognize the body as energy, vibrating at a very dense frequency.

Repairing DNA

I was first introduced to DNA in 1988 when I was going through a transitional period, during which I felt that I had come to the end of everything that I believed. A tape was given to me of a gentleman speaking in an accent, (which I thought at the time, was rather boring), and I didn’t understand what he was talking about. Then all of a sudden, as I was ready to turn it off, he said: “Quantum physics has found that there is no empty space in the human cell, but it is a teeming, electric-magnetic field of possibility or potential.” That’s all he said! But whatever frequency was contained in those words, RESONATED something inside the CORE of my BEING — and I had a KNOWING in me that the NOTHING I thought I was looking at was the EVERYTHING. Much like in Zen, and the idea of becoming “as an empty bowl.” Eastern Religions (including the Bible) refer to it as the VOID – The Nothing that is EVERYTHING – The Womb of Creation. I knew that I was experiencing a re-birth! The person on that tape was Dr. Deepak Chopra.

I had never heard of Deepak Chopra in 1988, as he was just coming on the scene about that time. I credit him for a very important transition in my life, just from the statement he made on that tape. Today, in retrospect, I would call my response to that statement a “cellular memory experience.” We know that intelligence is stored within the cells of the body, and when the right resonance comes and releases that information to become inherent information or inherent KNOWLEDGE – that comes from the true Self. That is why so many of us seem to jump form one stimuli to another looking for what will resonate in us.

The work being done today with energy at the cellular level really excites me, since I had been very interested in DNA before it became a household word. In fact, I think it took me two years just to learn how to pronounce it (deoxyribonucleic acid did not roll off my tongue quickly). But, I was determined to understand this tremendously powerful energetic blueprint for life, as we know it, at the cellular level on this planet. DNA became a part of the collective consciousness when CNN produced a special on the Genome Project in 2000.

As I pursued my passion for the study of DNA, I attended a workshop by Dr. Robert Girard from California on DNA Activation. His work focused on using certain sounds and frequencies to activate DNA and I started doing DNA Activation workshops. Through those workshops, an article was given to me that reported how biochemists are using the frequency 528Hz to repair human DNA. The article stated that it was a “C.” When I read that I thought, “All I would need to do is go to a piano or other instrument and play a “C” and then, in the DNA workshops we would be able to repair DNA.”

Well, it wasn’t that simple, because I discovered that the regular “C” that we all know of in this culture (which is from the diatonic scale of do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do) was not the 528 Hz frequency “C”, as described in the article. Instead, I discovered that a regular “C” vibrates to a frequency of only 512 Hz, and that the “C” of 528 Hz used in DNA repair had been a part of an ancient scale called the Solfeggio Scale. Moreover, the difference in the scales existed because of different tuning methods that were utilized in ancient times, vs. those in general use today. Later, we will explore that difference between how we create music today vs. how we used to create it, and how that simple change has made all of the difference in the world.

How I found out about the Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

I found this ancient scale to be part of a 6-tone scale sequence of electro-magnetic frequencies called the Original Solfeggio Scale through the book “The Healing Codes of Biological Apocalypse” by Dr. Leonard Horowitz. These particular frequencies were rediscovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, who received them in a wonderful experience that some would suggest was mystical. These frequencies are not something new, but they are something very old.

When starting these first tunings, the main frequency that I knew the most about was 528 Hz – that biochemists are using for DNA repair. I realized that the right side of the body is controlled by the left-brain, and the left side by the right brain and that these correspond with our inner male and female energies. As I took the fork down each side of the body, I could get in touch with the dominate ancestral DNA that comes thru the Mother’s side or Father’s side of the chromosomes. I would many times get a tremendous imbalance in the sound between the two sides. The purpose of energy work, as many of you know, is to attain balance. For example, if everything is in balance, such as the ph level, the physical body can heal more naturally. It’s the same way in our energy bodies. If we can find that energy balance, that equilibrium, where everything aligns or everything comes into synchronization into the rhythm of the dance of life – then healing becomes the natural state. It’s nothing supernatural, or miraculous. I think a lot of spiritual texts have referred to this idea when they describe, “going home to heaven.” Heaven, to me, is the complete synchronization with higher frequencies and vibrations of creation being totally entrained. In other words, being in a state of at-one-ment. Source

Orgone Energy chips conserve Energy 25%

Orgone Energy Chips

We are on the road to free energy that is almost a given at this point from the hydrogen car to zero point energy machines, Tesla wireless technology and even spray-on solar panels. Yes, Your T-shirt or G-string has the capacity to generate power in many ways…
What to do in the interiem between 5-10 years before these products become viable on a commercial level? Well, there is always ethanol, Hemp would be best but Switchgrass is a nice alternative. Switchgrass can be ground on un-arable land and fed to cattle in addition to being used as a fuel source which is 5X more efficient than corn oil. Then there is Orgone, is it a technology or a Pet Rock as my Mother aptly named my little creations. Wilhelm Reich thought so, a psychiatrist and natural scientist who discovered the concept of Orgone is his lab when a metal bar fell into a bucket containing some form of carbon-based matter. Reich noticed that there was a blue glow that emanated from the bucket that he eventually called Orgone or life force energy. Dr. Reich later went on to develop Orgone cloud-buster technology to regulate the weather patterns; mostly to bring rain to arid regions.
Orgone chips are simply a reduction of the Orgone cloud-buster technology with a slight modification with the introduction of crystals into the Orgone. Orgone is simply a mixture of Oil-based resin and various kinds of metal; Reich used steel wool in his cloudbusters, he also said as a warning to not use Aluminum since it would attract DOR or Negative Life Force energy. Sadly a large contingent of Orgone practitioners started to use aluminum probably because it was cheap and accessible, they concluded erroneously that by adding crystals into the mix that the Aluminum became safe and that the energy phenomena that they were experiencing was good. Aluminum based Orgone creations become dead very quickly due to the addition of the aluminum into the mix. Very few people it seems have bothered to read Reich’s original works and take there knowledge second-hand from the internet.
Later on after studying Dan Winter works on Sacred Geometry and High resonance, I started to incorporate other metals into Orgone such as Copper, Silver, Zinc and mono-atomic Gold. These metals refract a different portion of the Cosmic Sea, Aether or Chi, the Orgone is subsequently able to hold a higher life force vibration. Sort of think of it like a wind catching a sail, different frequencies have different potentials. The Orgone chips when they are placed around electrical appliances, power strips, and electrical meters will polarize the current. That is less energy will be lost due to heat or friction; coherence of the electrical impulse is brought across the length of the wire. The end result being more energy actually ends up being used
by the appliance, typically 90% is lost so the potential for savings are substantial. Early results from a homegrown experiment run by Orgoneproducts have netted savings of 25-40% in one case. The more Orgone one has in the home the better the results will be in regards to energy savings With Oil shooting at $110 per barrel and Gold over a $1000, drastic measures need to be taken to prevent the fall of America into Third World Nation status. You can purchase chips here. Orgone Chips

15 Longevity Genes found- Anti Aging cure close

15 genes linked to a long life

By Roger Highfield, Science Editor
Last Updated: 12:01am GMT 13/03/2008

Scientists are a step closer to developing an anti-ageing pill with the discovery of 15 genes linked to a long life.

The find suggests that those genes could be targeted to help slow down the ageing process and treat age-related conditions.

Scientists at the University of Washington and other institutions report in the journal Genome Research that they have identified 25 genes that influence lifespan in two organisms, yeast and the roundworm, and at least 15 of those have similar versions in humans.

Finding genes that are the same in those two organisms is significant, researchers say, because the two species are so far apart on the evolutionary scale – even farther apart than the tiny worms and humans.

That, combined with the presence of similar human genes, is an indication that these genes could regulate human longevity as well. Source

The Hidden Dangers of Cellphone Radiation

By Sue Kovach

Every day, we’re swimming in a sea of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) produced by electrical appliances, power lines, wiring in buildings, and a slew of other technologies that are part of modern life. From the dishwasher and microwave oven in the kitchen and the clock radio next to your bed, to the cellular phone you hold to your ear—sometimes for hours each day—exposure to EMR is growing and becoming a serious health threat.

But there’s a huge public health crisis looming from one particular threat: EMR from cellular phones—both the radiation from the handsets and from the tower-based antennas carrying the signals—which studies have linked to development of brain tumors, genetic damage, and other exposure-related conditions.1-9 Yet the government and a well-funded cell phone industry media machine continue to mislead the unwary public about the dangers of a product used by billions of people. Most recently, a Danish epidemiological study announced to great fanfare the inaccurate conclusion that cell phone use is completely safe.10

George Carlo, PhD, JD, is an epidemiologist and medical scientist who, from 1993 to 1999, headed the first telecommunications industry-backed studies into the dangers of cell phone use. That program remains the largest in the history of the issue. But he ran afoul of the very industry that hired him when his work revealed preventable health hazards associated with cell phone use.

In this article, we look at why cell phones are dangerous; Dr. Carlo’s years-long battle to bring the truth about cell phone dangers to the public; the industry’s campaign to discredit him and other scientists in the field; and what you can do to protect yourself now.
Cell Phones Reach the Market without Safety Testing

The cellular phone industry was born in the early 1980s, when communications technology that had been developed for the Department of Defense was put into commerce by companies focusing on profits. This group, with big ideas but limited resources, pressured government regulatory agencies—particularly the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)—to allow cell phones to be sold without pre-market testing. The rationale, known as the “low power exclusion,” distinguished cell phones from dangerous microwave ovens based on the amount of power used to push the microwaves. At that time, the only health effect seen from microwaves involved high power strong enough to heat human tissue. The pressure worked, and cell phones were exempted from any type of regulatory oversight, an exemption that continues today. An eager public grabbed up the cell phones, but according to Dr. George Carlo, “Those phones were slowly prompting a host of health problems.”

Today there are more than two billion cell phone users being exposed every day to the dangers of electromagnetic radiation (EMR)—dangers government regulators and the cell phone industry refuse to admit exist. Included are: genetic damage, brain dysfunction, brain tumors, and other conditions such as sleep disorders and headaches.1-9 The amount of time spent on the phone is irrelevant, according to Dr. Carlo, as the danger mechanism is triggered within seconds. Researchers say if there is a safe level of exposure to EMR, it’s so low that we can’t detect it.

The cell phone industry is fully aware of the dangers. In fact, enough scientific evidence exists that some companies’ service contracts prohibit suing the cell phone manufacturer or service provider, or joining a class action lawsuit. Still, the public is largely ignorant of the dangers, while the media regularly trumpets new studies showing cell phones are completely safe to use. Yet, Dr. Carlo points out, “None of those studies can prove safety, no matter how well they’re conducted or who’s conducting them.” What’s going on here? While the answer in itself is simplistic, how we got to this point is complex.
Flawed Danish Study Reports Cell Phones are Safe

In December, 2006, an epidemiological study on cell phone dangers published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute sent the media into a frenzy.10 Newspaper headlines blared: “Danish Study Shows Cell Phone Use is Safe,” while TV newscasters proclaimed, “Go ahead and talk all you want—it’s safe!” The news seemed to be a holiday gift for cell phone users. But unfortunately, it’s a flawed study, funded by the cell phone industry and designed to bring a positive result. The industry’s public relations machine is working in overdrive to assure that the study get top-billing in the media worldwide.

According to Dr. George Carlo, the study, by its design, could not identify even a very large risk. Therefore, any claim that it proves there’s no risk from cell phones is a blatant misrepresentation of the data that will give consumers a very dangerous false sense of security.

“Epidemiological studies are targets for fixing the outcome because they’re observational in nature instead of experimental,” Dr. Carlo explains. “It’s possible to design studies with pre-determined outcomesthat still fall within the range of acceptable science. Thus, even highly flawed epidemiological studies can be published in peer-reviewed journals because they’re judged against a pragmatic set of standards that assume the highest integrity among the investigators.”

Key problems with the study are:


There are few discernable differences between who was defined as cell phone users and who wasn’t. Thus, people defined as exposed to radiation were pretty much the same as those defined as not exposed to radiation. With few differences, it’s nearly impossible to find a risk.

Users were defined as anyone who made at least one phone call per week for six months between 1982 and 1995. So any person who made 26 calls was a cell phone user and therefore considered exposed to radiation. Those with less than 26 calls were non-users. In reality, the radiation exposure between users and non-users defined in this manner is not discernable.

The “exposed” people used ancient cell phone technology bearing little resemblance to cell phones used today. The results, even if reliable, have no relevance to the 2 billion cell phone users today.

From 1982 to 1995, cell phone minutes cost much more than today and people used their phones much less. Thus there was very little radiation exposure.

During the study’s time frame, people likely to use their cell phones the most were commercial subscribers. Yet this highest exposed group, in whom risk would most easily be identified, was specifically excluded from the study.

There were no biological hypotheses tested in the study. It was therefore only a numbers game. Ignored were mechanisms of disease found in other studies of cell phone radiation effects, including genetic damage, blood-brain barrier leakage, and disrupted intercellular communication. The study did not discuss any research supporting the notion that cell phones could cause problems in users.

The study itself was inconsistent with cancer statistics published worldwide addressing the Danish population. This study showed a low risk of cancer overall, when in fact Denmark has some of the highest cancer rates in the world. This inconsistency suggested that something in the data does not add up.

The cell phone industry constantly guards its financial interests, but unfortunately, an unwitting public can be harmed in the process, says Dr. Carlo. “Industry-funded studies in many cases now produce industry-desired outcomes. By tampering with the integrity of scientists, scientific systems and public information steps over the lines of propriety that are appropriate for protecting business interests—especially when the casualty of the interference is public health and safety.”

To learn more about the dangers of cell phones and to read Dr. George Carlo’s full formal analysis of the Danish cell phone study, visit the Safe Wireless Initiative website at

Lawsuit Prompts Safety Studies

In 1993, the cell phone industry was pressured by Congress to invest $28 million into studying cell phone safety. The cause of this sudden concern was massive publicity about a lawsuit filed by Florida businessman David Reynard against cell phone manufacturer NEC. Reynard’s wife, Susan, died of a brain tumor, and he blamed cell phones for her death. Reynard revealed the suit to the public on the Larry King Live show, complete with dramatic x-rays showing the tumor close to where Susan held her cell phone to her head for hours each day.

The next day, telecommunications stocks took a big hit on Wall Street and the media had a field day. The industry trade association at the time, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), went into crisis mode, claiming thousands of studies proved cell phones were safe and what Reynard and his attorney said was bunk. TIA reassured the public that the government had approved cell phones, so that meant they were safe. The media demanded to see the studies, but, says Dr. Carlo, “The industry had lied. The only studies in existence then were on microwave ovens. At that time, 15 million people were using cell phones, a product that had never been tested for safety.”

Dotto Ring Dynamic Magnetic Field Generator

There is an RF version of the that Dotto Ring HTTP:// claims triggers DNA replication. Anyone interested in this device, I urge them to read up on Dotto.
The Reader’s Digest is that Gravity=Life. More gravity=More Life or Negative Entropy or Anti-aging. Dotto studied an area in Northern Pakistan called the Hunza valley where the average lifespan was over 120 years old. Most people attribute the longevity of the Hunza’s to the food and the water found in that particular area. Dotto discounted this as the reason for the long lifespans. Dotto said the region contained magnetic anomalies not found anywhere else in the world. The Hunza valley has a unique juxtaposition of a mountainous glacier area next to a hot valley. Dotto states that it is the thermal unbalance of the region that creates a magnetic field stronger than the surrounding area.
The original Dotto Ring is a Thermo-couple that creates a hot and cold magnetic field equivalent to 5X the field strength of the Hunza valley. According to the legend, Dotto reversed people’s age over 20 years. The premise is that the device created magnetic induction or energy transfer directly into the DNA. The DNA is a spiraling coil like a caduceus, as you age the coil shortens and tightens as a function of conservation of energy.
The DNA bases are proteins that hold magnetic charge like a battery. The proteins convert the magnetic energy into electrical energy to run the processes of the cells. This is known as pre-natal chi by the Chinese. The Chinese system believes you have a limited amount of pre-natal Chi and that once it is exhausted you die.
The RNA is on both ends of a DNA base, as the cells replicate pieces of the RNA are lost. The RNA strands shorten until they are too short to communicate to the DNA to split.
This essentially is also death from a western scientific point of view. In addition as the DNA coil shortens and tightens electrical impedance increases. Electricity is harder to run through the DNA coil. The replication process slows down as impedance increases. As you age you notice, you do not have as much energy and you need to sleep more. The feeling that people are growing younger around you and that you are growing older is another function of loss of energy within your genetics. The Bible has stories of people living for close to 1000 years old. We live for approximately 120, why the difference?

GRAVITY… and the use of Nuclear weapons. The garden of Eden was a heavier gravitational environment. Nuclear radiation has degraded our DNA through unhealthy mutations. Essentially genetics is a function of consciousness, higher evolved beings have longer DNA strands. There are functions within the junk DNA, that when rearranged will lead to much extended lifespans. My contention is that this can be achieved in this lifetime with the use of Bridge technologies such as the Heavy Gravity machine.
Now for the test results since I have received the machine on Feb 19th. For now all experiences are anecdotal and not the result of any medical tests. While the device is on after about 10 minutes, it triggers a response from the parasympathetic nervous system. That is relaxation, it nothing else happens it is a great meditation machine. The connective tissue in the body starts to soften and relaxation flows everywhere. Bowels movements are heavy, who needs colonics. The first two treatments my eyes were hurting while the machine was on. I am now noticing a month later, I am not squinting nearly as much. The most remarkable improvement has been my hearing, I can hear out of my right ear as well as my left now. There is surprisingly little wax buildup either even though I am a habitual cellphone user.
Over the last month I have had a tremendous amount of stress, tax troubles, family members dying and possible harassment from my new landlord due to condo conversion, yet I have held together and accomplished more in the last month than at any previous time in my life. This I attribute to the machine. Emotional detox, wow! The machine seems to work on different areas of the body almost like it is alive, quite strange. On two separate occasions, my liver was moving like a heartbeat and the rage that was coming off it was intense. I would say probably limit treatments to 30 minutes per day to start and not the 2 hours or more that I do. I have lost weight from my midsection, this may be due to bowel movements or perhaps there is a switch in the type of hormones being released into my bloodstream. I don’t need as much sleep and definitely have more energy. For now I am much more emotionally reactive, moving from vulnerable states to angry and vengeful. These moods pass quickly and are akin to the Reichian therapy sessions I use to go through. Organ pulsation is a sign of body armoring dissolving and the person becoming whole.
I am a lot less self-conscious and more spontaneous in the last month, I seem to just do things without thinking. One of the thought forms that I have been focusing on generating on the last few years is unlimited abundance, the irony of the recent problems with my landlord may lead to a buyout of my apartment, an interesting way to create abundance. What I am beginning to see is that this device creates compression, everything seems to speed up.

Baking Soda and Cancer Cu…. or?

This is an incredible video of an interview with a medical doctor from Rome, he is a trained oncologist treating children with cancer. He was suffering watching them die either from cancer or chemotherapy and unable to save them.
1. He prayed and asked God to show him a cure. God did. First he showed him thecause (fungus) and then the cure: Sodium Biocarbonate (soda)- the same stuff as is in your kitchen cabinet. The problem is that the nucleus of a cancer cell is surrounded by a wall of defense, your body trying to fight it off creates layers of white tissue causing a tumor. The Soda must come in contact with that tissue and get to the nucleous. That can only happen through several means depending on where the cancer is (sometimes intervenes, sometimes through catheter or a tube to wash out the area itself. Curing starts immediately. Some cancers are gone in 2-5 days. If you cannot view this video by all means get his book:
“Cancer is a Fungus” by Dr. Tullio Simoncini
Visit the website: where you can see his picture – although there isn’t much information there yet.
Fungus is everywhere – it comes from pollution of every kind.
Cancer shows up white in an x-ray – (fungus, yeast, (mushrooms are white)
The Host of the interview was Doug Kaufman who wrote: “The Germ That Causes Cancer” – fungus is in the grains we eat! Anti-Fungus drugs are ineffective. Biopsies damage tissue and doctors only get a smidgen of the outer edge of the tumor) Help spread the word and force the big Drug companies to back down on their chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – 2 out of the 3 CAUSE cancer and certainly cannot cure it! 2 out of 10 (probably much higher) will die from the chemotherapy itself as it destroys the immune system and the body can’t fight off anything else.
American doctors will lose their license if they tell the truth or treat with anything other than chemotherapy, radiation and surgery – your insurance company won’t pay for any other treatments – how stupid! What happened to “We the People” … to decide for ourselves! MUST SEE for everyone who believes that cancer is a mysterious disease!
Until 2007, I didn’t know Italian cancer specialist, Tullio Simoncini, M.D., nor did he know me. Seemingly worlds apart, we were on identical paths; unlike millions of cancer researchers before us, we discovered the cause of cancer. Then God placed us together and a most amazing interview ensued.
Watch now as this millennium’s most important cancer discovery is told. Then please send it to loved ones who need this information. Tell everyone you know to sign up for our free newsletter, because the information is simply too important to be without the next time you find yourself in a hospital or doctor’s office.
DrTullio Simoncini MD, Dr of Oncology t Myth of Drug “Safety

Tom Bearden Killing Us With Directed Energy Weapons

The Kaznachayev experiments (in the former Soviet Union) show that the dying cells from the infected culture emitted photons in the near ultraviolet wave length that contained artificial (structural) potential. The virtual state, patterned substructures in this photon flux directly represented the cell’s specific infection. In other words, as the infected cells died, they emitted ‘death photons’ which contained the template pattern of their death condition. When these death photons are absorbed into uninfected cells, their deterministic substructures gradually diffuse into the cells’ bio-potentials. The bio-potentials of the new cells are charged up with the integrated pattern of the disease. As the bio-potentials of the cells gradually acquire the death photon’s substructured pattern, this pattern is also diffused throughout (and modulates) the master cellular control system. All the cells in the sample (or in a biosystem) are now slowly charging up with the death photon pattern.
As irradiation by the death photons continues, the ‘death structure’ in the irradiated cells increases. It is spread throughout the cell culture by the master communications system, gradually charging the virtual state structure of the system with the death pattern (even though no virus, chemical, or radiation is present).

Bearden postulates that the possibility that such harmonics and subharmonics are directly involved in the death pattern: If so, the induction of such death patterns upon normal electromagnetic carriers is directly indicated. In that case, a large population could be bombarded, even on the other side of the Earth, with death photons whose virtual state substructures carry the particular disease pattern (being transmitted). With sufficient time, many of the targeted persons would develop the disease called for in the death photon electromagnetic template… Even if the power and/or irradiation time is reduced so that the absorbed death photons are insufficient to actually kindle the disease in the targeted population, a heightened change in the substructure of the biopotentials of the cells of the targeted persons is still accomplished. In that case, a precursor pattern — a predisposition for that particular disease — exists in the targeted persons.If the actual disease agent (viral or bacterial) is then loosed on the target population, the agent will be far more infectious and lethal than it otherwise would. In this way, even diseases which normally do not kill or seriously debilitate the infected person can suddenly become very lethal agents indeed. Source

Making Money Selling Domain Names

They say it is all in the name. The name is everything. All surface and no substance. Where else can you buy a piece of property for $7? For the price of a Tanqueray and Tonic, one can buy a lotto ticket that may be worth a million bucks. I was under the illusion that there were no more good names left, but after having a discussion with a longterm buyer of Internet Domains who is also a very successful Real Estate Broker, I came to the conclusion that no where else on the face of this globe is there a better investment than an internet domain name. With Domain parking you can buy a domain name for $7-8 at, then park it at a company like Sedo, where you can earn Advertising revenue just from parking. Worst case scenario is that all you get is about $1-$4 per month for Ad revenue. At $1 per month you make $12 per year, you just made 125% on your money. Can you get that at a bank? Do stocks yield that kind of return? This is before you even sell one domain name.
Let’s say you buy 20 Domain names and park them, you spend $160. You earn $1 per domain per month in Ad revenue. $20 per month, that is $240 per year. You have just netted a profit of of $80. That is if you never sell 1 domain, this is a worst case scenario.

Below is a list of recent Domain names I have registered that are for Sale.

Exorcism by Orgone, Dotto Ring and Anti-Aging theory

Most of you know that I have been interested in Orgone for years. Making and selling Orgone products has been one of the most exciting parts of my life. Here is one story related to Orgone that happened at a New Year’s Eve party. I went to my friend Enrico’s in the West Village overlooking the Hudson River. For Christmas I gave him a large Orgone Pyramid, which he placed on a bookshelf near the bathroom. Enrico has this childhood friend named Dave from Elementary school. Dave is a bit lost; a nice kid but no clue what he wants to do in life.
Dave’s the type of kid that still lives at home and he is 28. Well, I had the same conversation with Dave at the party that I had two years ago; about trying to do this and that, theater, film, ect. In New York you get these conversations quite a bit. I left the party shortly after midnight, places to go, people to see ect. Actually, I had nothing to do, but I was bored with the corporate types from the other side of the family. Well our main character Dave, proceeded to get a bit drunk on champagne from California which is not actually Champagne but sparkling wine. Champagne only comes from Champagne France like all French wines are named for the Region… all right I will stop.

Well anyway Dave, shortly after I left and shortly after Midnight, did a Linda Blair on my friend Enrico and Plato. Yes, I have a friend named Plato who also does weather engineering….; Dave’s head did not turn around but he did do a 20 ft blast destroying Enrico’s bookshelf, splattering the Orgone Pyramid and ruining Plato’s Armani suit. The scene apparently was so absurd that Plato burst out laughing hysterically until he realized the stomach acids from Dave innards were giving him third degree burns,… well maybe second. The corporate side of the family abruptly left, Dave although thoroughly embarrassed as he should be, remarked that he felt “wonderful afterwards”. Although I would have made him stay and clean up the mess, Enrico was a little more of a gracious host and let his future wife do the honors. There is something to be said for the heroic domestic type of chick, I will keep that in mind.

So there you have the first confirmed Exorcism by an Orgone pyramid, we didn’t even have to do any hail Marys or signs of the cross. In Reichian therapy, the bodywork variety- one uses an open-mouthed deep breathing to open up the body Armour that is held in check by suppressed psycho-sexual energy. As the muscular tension is released there is a corresponding release of emotions. The byproduct is the sensation of life-force energy in areas of the body that were dead. Organs begin to pulsate with life; one begins to feel connected to everything at once. Dave had an intense version of a typical Reichian session which will often trigger the gag reflex which frees the diaphragm. I have a similar story with a roommate but that one is not quite as dramatic.

In other news the Bush administration may be starting another war this time in Somalia, oops… sorry wrong website.

Anti-aging, age reversal, fountain of Youth, Ponce De Leon, elixir of life, the Holy Grail, the resurrection of Christ. Since I was a kid, I never understood why people got older. When I was 18, I remember my father on the driveway in a T-shirt and underwear saying if “I knew what I know now at your age”. He never finished the statement but now I know. Youth is about stupidity, you been given this loaded Magnum and you start shooting it around indiscriminately because you just don’t know any better. You approach middle age and people start to call you Sir, artificial respect, you didn’t earn it but just got the tag because you are getting old. I can’t imagine what women go through, especially if they are unmarried by a certain age.
In January of last year, my Father died a horrid and miserable death. Brain cancer, skin cancer, cancer of the liver coupled with Schizophrenia. He had been institutionalized for the last 11 years and alienated from his family due to his aberrant behavior. I have no interest in repeating the mistakes of my father, he is not a victim, he worked very hard to create his demise exactly as it happened. My father has taught me, what not to do in life which is a different type of gift, one that requires a greater resiliency and courage that healthier role models. But, I tell you what, I have embarked on a life beyond my wildest dreams as a result of having a disastrous upbringing and making different choices. If I was the star quarterback and married my sweetheart 9 which I never had), got the cushy Wall Street corporate job or was perhaps a parasitic lawyer stealing the labour of the American people, I would not be happy.

As a Youth I was rebellious, as an Adult I am Revolutionary. Wilhelm Reich said that when Man becomes “Happy”, sexually fulfilled, functional and integrated emotionally, he seeks freedom above all else. Freedom and the quest for knowledge. Nikola Tesla said Life is about gaining more Energy; the problem with life is a lack of energy. The quest for Free Energy is the quest to solve the dilemma of the “veil of Tears”. We live we mate and we die, we never reach the stage where we actually are able to utilize what we have learned. It is considered Heroic to sacrifice your life for the sake of the kids, invest in the next generation. Our kids often make the same choices that we make and end up sacrificing their lives for their kids, only a few are able to enjoy the fruits of their abilities at the heights of the physical capabilities such as athletes. Intellectual and emotional maturity however never comes till middle age when life is already beginning to ebb.

The mid-life crisis is a reduction of energy within the genetic code. The DNA tightens and shortens, the RNA shortens as well. The length of the RNA determines the length of the DNA. The DNA shortens and contorts as the overall energy level is reduced within the organism. There is a conservation of Energy taking place; the body begins to delete parts of the genetic code that it perceives as non-essential for the continual survival of the organism. As the shape of the DNA changes it loses it ability to conduct charge along the coil. It loses its electrical capacitance. When a young person makes allowances for you by giving up their seat or perhaps calling you Sir or Madam or give you that look when a Cop walks into the room; what there are really saying is someone of lesser electrical capacitance has just entered my space. The gulf between the Young, middle age and Youth is electrical capacitance and Magnetic charge.

When you are conceived it is a result of an electro-magnetic event. The father (+) and the Mother (-) rub up against each other to build up charge. The beauty and magnetic capacitance of the mother entices the father to give up a part of his genetic code thru, Sperm is an electrical release much like lightening. The mother is the incubator or the capacitor. It there is tremendous love and passion at conception, there will be a very willful and strong offspring. Good genes are another name for a magnetically charged genetic code. The key here is magnetism; we age because we lose magnetism. As soon as we are conceived we begin to lose charge and we start to age. At conception our DNA has 46 base pairs per turn of the DNA coil. In other words there is a greater magnetic charge or space between base pairs which generates a DNA coil that has a much wider sweep. This wide sweep allows for a much greater electrical capacitance. We all love babies because of there huge electrical and magnetic capacitance. We are at the height of our powers as soon as we pop out of the womb; actually we are already over the hill.

WHY DO WE LOSE CHARGE? Because the magnetic environment is not strong enough to replenish the body. There is a gradual energy reduction even after conception because of the lack of a strong enough gravitational field. When we are born there is a tremendous energy reduction because the planetary field is not nearly as strong a magnetic capacitor as the mother’s womb. All secret societies worship the Goddess or the feminine. Why? Because of Magnetism, women represent Magnetism or charge. Behind every great Man is a great woman or a huge magnetic capacitor. Women provide the inspiration for men to create, hunt, gather and even kill. Suppression of women leads to a culture that will eventually implode. Men leave their spouses or have affairs in mid-life because of the loss of magnetism. Birthing children drains magnetic charge; Men are in search of charge. How to recharge? Here’s where the good news is.

Gravity! NASA studies have shown that when Astronauts go into space, they age very rapidly, they shrink and disintegrate. There solution was to create a vibration pad that simulates Gravity. They were able to build back up bone and muscle mass and reverse some of the degenerative effects due to aging. What they didn’t understand is why not take that logic to the extreme, why not double or triple the gravitational field? What would that do?

Dan Winter a physicist that has been chased out of the US by our lovely government has completed experiments with hybrid wheat seeds. He applied continual supply of DC current to the Petri dish. What happened? The hybrid WHEAT PLANTS GREW IN SEVEN WEEKS WHAT WOULD TAKE SEVEN MONTHS! THEY ALSO MUTATED INTO SUPER-PLANTS RESISTANT TO ALL DISEASE AND INSECTS! CAN YOU SAY X-PLANTS!

Of course Dan has not done the obvious, which is experiment on you. He left that to me. I have been a massage therapist for 12 years and have worked in a few spa environments, and alternative medical doctors. I have a bionic hydro-therapy machine. A foot machine that runs on DC current for heavy-metal detox. My supposition is what if I treated the whole body? Well for the last 5 days that is what I have been doing. I do a mud pack with my newly created detox clays and jumped in the tub for about an hour. The effects have been cumulative, after three days I am sleeping better and have an abundance of energy. I feel like when I go to the ocean and do the ocean swims. The shoreline generates more negative ions and a heavier gravitational field than any other place in the world with the exception of a few sacred sites, specifically the HUNZA VALLEY in northern Pakistan. (I will speak of the HUNZAs in a second.)

Last night I added a bunch of Peat Moss into the tub. From Massage school, I remember the story of finding dead bodies in a peat bog that had not decayed even though they were over hundred years old! What is happening here? MAGNETIC CAPACITANCE! Peat stores charge, so does granite by the way. In the bath tub, the peat was clumping together, it was coalescing into matter. The electricity in the water was magnetising the peat through induction and causing it to clump together. The peat was also clinging to my body, like a magnet. Of course as I was gaining these revelations my hydrotherapy machine blew out, so I may not be able to continue the experiments. In the body the nervous system converts AC impulse into DC. The body runs on DC current, micro-currents. When we are young we have an abundance of strong energy, magnetic charge which are body converts in electricity to grow, as that charge dissipates we grow old our metabolism slows down the replication of the DNA slows down ect.

I may not be able to continue the experiment with the hydrotherapy machine to make any hard conclusions but the preliminary results are that if you re-charge you will re-generate.

Now for the entrance of the Dotto Ring, ( health section Dotto) the Dotto Ring is a suppressed technology from the 70’s that was being used to treat.. hmm Cancer. It was in Sloan-Kettering hospital in NYC before it was ripped out after six months, Dotto fled the country never to be heard from again. It was based on his observations of the HUNZA valley in Pakistan. In the Hunza valley there are inhabitants that have lived to 200 years old without any degenerative diseases. Most attribute the longevity to magic food and water, this is why you have the gogi berry craze, wolfberry or raspberry but not strawberry.

Dotto thought it was the anomalous magnetic environment. In the Hunza valley there is a clash between two temperate zones, a cold glacier area next to a hot valley. The thermal variance has led to a stronger magnetic field than anywhere else on the planet. Dotto’s machine increased the magnetic field 5x stronger than the Hunza valley, what he got were age reversal of up to 20 years treating 1/2 hr once a week. The Good news is, I am replicating the Dotto Ring electronically. I am fairly close to finishing a prototype. I have changed one component of the RF version of the Dotto Ring, I am now going with 528hz rather than the 1.9MHZ frequency. The 528hx frequency is the frequency of DNA repair used by Modern medicine, it is also the frequency with the tone MI of the Solfeggio latin musical scale as written about in Horowitz book called the Biological Apocalypse. MI is the frequency for making Miracles!
I use the VIBE machine as the industry standard for cutting edge frequency devices, vibemachine It costs $18,500. I have used the Vibe machine about 100 times, I don’t really think it does much; it is most likely just a Tesla coil with some cool looking tubes.