I started with NCR about 8 years ago, a technique using endo-nasal ballons that releases connective tissue tension patterns in the sphenoid bone. The end result is an increase in facial symmetry and an expansion of my head. It is an expensive proposition though if you wear fitted baseball caps. My head size went from 7 1/4 to 7 1/2. I have a big head now, it corrected the foreceps birth where they used some sort of appliance to pull me out of my mother’s birth canal.
Concurrently with NCR, I started dental expansion work about 2 years ago with a removable dental device. This appliance is not the fastest way to expand that would be something like damon braces that my friend plato used, but I had zero interest in having braces a second time. The advantage over braces is that it is a removable appliance; you do not need to sacrifice your social life as Plato did for 2 and half years, unless you find chicks with fetishes for braces…
The next step in the quest for perfect facial and body symmetry was the introduction of a new innovative technique that we are calling face pulling for lack of a better word. It was born out of the lack of progress of a few of the NCR patients that were not getting the relief from symptoms of chronic fatique and depression. Ian was the first patient, who had dropped out of college and not worked in 8 years. He essentially was living on his mother’s couch. When Face pulling was introduced into Ian’s life, he got off the couch and went back to school as well as started to managing his parents real estate business. Ian had been doing dental expansion with Dr. Amir in London for several years before the face pulling idea was introduced. The most remarkable side benefit for Ian was the massive influx of women into his life. Pulling the palate forward to correct wisdom teeth extractions had the added benefit of correcting hormonal imbalances. His body shape became to change dramatically, he went from tall and skinny to more of a meso-morph with the V cut back.
When Ian visited me in NY, I took him out to bars and clubs and told him not to expect much from NY women as they are a nightmare to deal with. Within 5 minutes of going to the first club Ian was picked up by one woman, who is still his girlfriend today when he comes to the states. The next night we went out to aa different bar, the same thing happened with a different girl. He was picked up within 5 minutes again. On the third night God rested, actually he went 3-3 in NY, something that really got me interested in Face pulling.
With Face pulling we now have the ability to create 3D symmetry without plastic surgery. The advantage with this is true hormonal change and the birth of real confidence. Confidence is born from symmetry and balanced structure in the face and well as the body. With plastic surgery, you still feel the same way even if people are superficially treating you differently. In reality since the hormones have not changed your scent has not changed and you realize that you do not feel different on the inside. It will heighten the feelings of being a fraud, since you have visually changed your appearance yet your feelings are telling you a different story. The in-congruency between the inside state and the external world may accelerate any mental breakdowns.
As the palate is pulled forward, the lower jaw will begin to release and come forward in conjunction with the movement of the palate. The cheekbones will begin to become prominent and deep set eyes with disappear. Mental functioning, emotional health increase as well as physical strength, because of the relaxation of the nervous system from chronic stress due to asymmetrical systemic imbalances within the body. Understand this is an ongoing process and you can get off the train and any time and say I had enough. Correcting generations of bad diet and skeletal degeneration is a life long process that will cost some dinero, but well worth the gains in mental, emotional and physical functioning. This is the pursuit of happiness as described in the declaration of independence. It begins and ends with the holy temple, your physical body.
There are also nutritional supports to accelerate the changes in symmetry, but that is a topic for another day.
Kevin Orgoneproducts1@gmail.com We can help you restructure your face and body which will radically change your life. Change your face, change your karma…