This newsletter will be short and sweet. It is action oriented to transforming, diverting the plethora of Hurricanes lined up like batter’s waiting on deck to hit the East Coast. The Banking Cabal plans to teach us a lesson to fall in line with the dying Quail known as the Federal Reserve petro-dollar financial system. The scorecard reads the players as; The UN, IMF the City of London and the Vatican’t.
Bitcoin is on the March with Silver soon to follow. what is about to transpire is our liberty from these blood sucking parasites. Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild was quoted as saying, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” Now just apply this to the entity known as the Federal Reserve Banking system which has issued the world currency known today as the Federal Reserve note misnamed as the U.S. dollar. A dollar is 371 grains of silver. A dollar is a silver coin that is what we know as money. A debt note is not money, but a private instrument that derives its value from your birth certificate issued on bonded paper and traded as a monetary instrument on wall street. The birth certificate is a bill of lading, tied to your social security number which is a bank account at the Federal Reserve Bank. Your signature is monetized by Bankers to create debt and then loan that back to you with interest. That is the whole game.
All taxes are use taxes based on the use of the Federal Reserve note. This system is world wide since 1972, when the Federal Reserve note was completely de-coupled from Gold by Richard Nixon. The flow and accumulation of this debt register’s as a flow of electrical current which influences our thoughts and feelings. All the atrocities done behind closed doors and in the dead of night by these Satanists creates what we know as the matrix which is unseen layers of black magic that blind us from the truth.
Over the last 26 years or so, we have been breaking down these layers of dark magic and creating psychic and emotional space to generate alternative possibilities such as free energy, extended life span, and a life free from the bondage of debt. The pursuit of Happiness is the third part of a cipher found in the Declaration of Independence. A constitutional Republic represents is the end goal of a civilization that ensures our freedoms and liberties; the right to life, liberty, and property. Under the current system we have no ownership, that is held by the state, which is why we need to get all forms of licenses, we have been operating under the codes are regulations of a corporation, not a true unincorporated state Republic. On paper the original Republic was restored January 6th of 2017 and the marching orders to restore that Republic were issued on July 4th of this year.
What we are experiencing now is the blowback to this event via Weather Manipulation with the use of the HAARP project in Alaska and other installations around the world. The people though have a counter measure in Orgone technology to divert or transform storms into non-events or re-direct them to areas that are in need of water such as Nevada, Arizona, western Washington. 911 was a successful attempt by the Globalists to stop the return of America to the Constitutional Republic. The implementation of the new financial system is at hand and I would like to give the nameless heroes known as the White Knights a helping hand in distributing Orgone all along the east coast of the United States for the set of Hurricanes that are coming towards our shores. I am recommending two items in particular, an Orgone Chembuster/Cloudbuster and Orgone Cones. I will be running a 2 for 1 special on Orgone Cones until the end of the year. If you know anyone on the east coast and would like to donate some orgone, now is the time. All anyone needs to do is to put the orgone in the yard with an unobstructed view to the sky.
Even 1 or 2 small pieces will help, would it not be better to avert a disaster or mitigate its effects than to donate to several more Hurricane relief funds.
The damage from Hurricane Irma was much less than expected to the Frustration of the media who are aiding and abetting these crimes by the Globalists with their predictive programming techniques to get you into a state of fear to increase the power of the hurricanes. The magic trick of the banking cabal has always been to create doom and gloom images and then saturate us with it over the years. Hollyweird is especially guilty with all those apocalyptic films that they have hit us with over the years. You have within your power to reject these images and create a different outcome such as a Utopian society.
Views these Hurricanes as an opportunity to propel us back to the original timeline and reconnect us with our benevolent creator who has been trying to gain access to our hearts since the fall of Man. The whole arch of the Bible was to prepare us for this moment where we can choose a different path and reject fatalism to create a different outcome, not seen in the ancient texts. We stand on the precipice of an unwritten story, a; blank slate where we can live a life without the perpetual cycle of war and violence. What stands on the other side is a financial reset and an ushering in of a new Golden Age for mankind. The oncoming Hurricanes are simply a big ball of energy that we can collectively create Heaven on Earth through a series of miracles by reversing the intended of effects of these technologies. We have all at some point learned techniques over the years to create our own realities. Now is the time to implement these techniques with focused intent every day. Contrary to what we are told we are not going through Global Warming but the restoration of the original Firmament found in the book of Genesis. The firmament was a weather regulated environment of 72 degrees all over the earth.
Below is an email conversation from a woman that just purchased an Orgone Cloudbuster in Lithia, Florida for Hurricane Irma. I tend not to post testimonials but this email dialogue started right before the hurricane Irma hit till the aftermath a few days later.
Hi, I just received my Orgone cloudbuster. Thank you for mailing it out on Saturday. I knew you did this because I’m in Florida and Hurricane Irma is lurking. I didn’t expect it so quickly either. I had a real breakthrough last night with my mental state. It has been down for some months since I started doing research on topics you touched on on your site. As an empath it was causing me great anxiety to the point of pain. But last night I had a real breakthrough and knew as I woke up today my vibrations are much higher, my thoughts are clearer and my outlook is great. Must be because the package was in my town and headed to my hood today. I’m going to slide this bad boy out into my backyard. Really looking forward to seeing the effects of this and so glad I found your site. So again, I thank you for getting this to me so quickly and look forward to seeing some positive effects raining down on my beloved hood, or as we have aptly named it, The Fishhawk Bubble.

Andrea, That is great news. Sometimes there is a collapse in time and space where things arrive faster than expected. You want to have the cloudbuster with an unobstructed view to the sky, not just on the screenporch. If you meditate with it, project the energy into the coming hurricane to disperse it.
You can also try creating a portal out to Reno area and Nevada to send the rain there. Let’s move it to the dry areas that are on fire….

On Sep 6, 2017, at 9:02 PM, Andyz wrote:

Wow! I’ve been telling Irma to head north and asked for rains for the fires out west and it rained in cali where one of my fb friends posted a video of a storm that came out of nowhere.

Well it worked. I just kept meditating on it and asked it to weaken and send rain where it was needed. And it came right over us and our whole hood did fantastic. Everyone helping everyone in a heartbeat. Everyone all over Florida with tornado warnings and tornados touching down and not 1 in Fishhawk. And I’ve had one come through my backyard neighbors yard 3 years ago and suck up their trampoline. We get wild weather out here, which is why there is so much weather equipment on the cell towers, but this was fantastic. The Orgone Chembuster did not budge. The Orgone Cloudbuster filled to top with water but held strong. Absolutely no issues to my property, not even a broken branch or torn screen. Only 2 houses lost power in my hood even though power went out everywhere else. This thing is a miracle. I was not nervous or scared at all. Just ready to see what happened. Money well spent!

Andrea S Lithia Florida