Kryon: Age Reversal with Applied Dynamic Magnetic Fields

I have listened to Kryon on and off for about 20 years. I have utilized some of the concepts in the development of my technology and use of the mind. I have thought for a long time that it was possible to actually fully reverse the Aging process rather than just slow down or delay the aging process. In this video Kryon, talks about the extended lives of the Prophets in the bible, who lived in excess of 600 years; right after the fall from the garden of Eden. The key point of this video is that Kryon touches upon the spontaneous remission cases in terminal illness. Kryon claims there is a blueprint for the complete regeneration of the physical body contained not within the body itself, but in the aura of the individual or the Merkaba field. The youthing template, can be activated with enhanced magnetic fields and pure intent. Quantum phenomena is a function of high level magnetic fields generated by an open heart and a bi-cameral mind. This is the miracle making power that Christ was talking about was possible for all humans. The planetary fields back in the time of the prophets was much higher that currently today. The Xcalibur machine acts as a substitution for the lack of magnetic energy, necessary to activate and run the Youthing template.
This is still theoretically at this point, but I have seen the potential at times, with the continual use of the Xcalibur machine. The hardest part is overcoming the belief in death, since this is a fear carried by the collective consciousness of Man.

Hopi Prophecy of the Coming 5th Age: Blue and Red Star Kachina’s

This video explains the Mandela effect of merging timelines and portals opening up from the past. The phenomena of soulless people living in the cities, like here in Manhattan. Miraculous signs in the clouds and the stars which I have been seeing on a regular basis. I really urge you to start thinking beyond the material world and look at life in terms of qualitative emotional experiences. I have many tools that can move you very quickly through the spiritual process, even if your life is a bit of a four car pileup. Orgone is the best thing that you can do to help your neighbor, by opening up the environment to the Great Spirit