Orgone Jewelry



green orgone jewelry
clear orgone jewlry pendant
orgone jewelry pendant
Orgone Jewelry: Heart, Square, Rectangle & Shamrocks

Orgone Necklaces- Hand crafted, sanded & detailed Orgone Jewelry with gold flake, sterling Silver, copper, gem stones and Mono-atomic Gold. Each necklace is unique and has been pre-treated with the Miracle frequency 528Hz from the Original Solfeggio musical scale.  The Necklaces comes with a 16 inch sterling silver chain and clasp. These gifts are more than a piece of Jewelry, they are actually Talisman that will bring Spiritual Protection, Abundance, Luck and enhance the human Aura. Also will help negate the harmful effects from ELF waves and microwaves from cellphone use. Currently, we have Hearts, Rectangle and Squares available. Traditional colors are Green, Blue and Red. Other colors can be done on request. Pieces are handmade so they may be a slight delay on orders the best place for Orgone Jewelry on the net!









Orgone Keychains



blue orgone jewelry
Hand crafted Orgone Keychains

Orgone Keychains are for the guys as well as the women. Well, maybe not the hearts. Wilhelm Reich, the founder of Orgone was thrown in Jail by the FDA for selling Orgone Accumulators across State lines. You can become a rebel too by purchasing some Orgone. Reich also said that a Healthy individual was a natural Revolutionary who sought Freedom and Independence over Security. Orgone will provide protection against Spiritual Attack as well as subtly boost the immune system. Remember to specify a color for the Keychains, normally comes in Green, Blue and Red as well as natural Amber color.





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